An Important History Lesson from Batchelor and Cohen

Sometimes I feel like I'm attending a graduate level Russian History & Studies class as I listen to Batchelor and Cohen. Last evening's program was another valuable lesson as the history of NATO was discussed.

How did NATO come about? Why was it formed? How did it expand over the years? What promises has it broken and why does it even still exist, anyway? These questions and more were addressed by John and Steve last evening and, as usual, we strongly urge you to give this podcast a thorough listen.



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An Important History Lesson from...

In another thread I mentioned...
"It’s fair to say we’re already in the midst of the New Dark Ages. We can only hope this New Dark Ages is shorter than the last"

The last time we came close to the Dark Ages  was back in the Fourteen hundreds, when the Turks took Constantinople and proceeded northwest all the way to Vienna, which they besieged until the Polish King Jan Sobieski attacked them from the East and drove them back, although they still controlled the Balkans and Constantinople (re-named "Istanbul"), turning the St. Sophia cathedral into a Mosque. The West had a close-call then.

This time, indications don't seem to  favor a similar conclusion...we have a difficult time enough with our own people--especially the highly-impressionable young folk.

I wonder what our present historians would have to say now about this "Decline-of-the-West" (maybe more appropriately "Suicide of the West")? Unsurprisingly, they seem to stay silent.

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Thanks Craig.

As always! One of the most important hours you could spend, in a week.


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Please Keep an Eye on Ukraine

I'll look for the link but I read late last night that George Soros had an 18 billion dollar backed NGO getting ready to overthrow the Poreshenko Government. Using the notorious meth snorting Oligarch, Mikheil Saakashvili. He was the guy that started the fight with Russia and got his ass kicked. Professor Cohen mentions the Georgian conflict in his interview with John Batchelor. Professor Cohen mentions as well the build up of arms and troops on Russia's borders. When you take into account the situation in North Korea, on Russia and China's borders. The situation in Syria. The plight of the EU and what a collapse of the Banking system would entail. As well as Yemen and Somalia. It's getting very very surreal.

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