An Update from Batchelor and Cohen

After skipping last week, John and Steve returned last evening with an update on military buildups along the Russian frontier as well as further diplomatic breakdowns between the two sides of The New Cold War.

Though concerns surrounding North Korea currently dominate the headlines, The New Cold War remains the primary threat to world peace in 2017 and going forward. We've been posting these weekly conversations since early in 2014 and we'll continue to do so for as long as Batchelor and Cohen continue to offer them.

Last evening, the discussion ranged from NATO and Russian troop movements along Russia's western periphery to the worsening diplomatic chill between Russia and the US. As always, we urge you to listen to this program in its entirety. Nowhere else in western media will you find such a fair and objective discussion of the ongoing and building crisis.



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Meanwhile in the Middle East

It seems that tensions are ratcheting up on several fronts. Some expect expanded conflict in Syria. Here's a broader perspective by someone on what may be going on there. At minimum, it provides another point of view. As a note:  Israel is a nuclear power. Like with Americans, the average Israeli has very little say, much less influence, on actions taken by those in government. In any case, Israel isn't going anywhere. Personally, I would like the U.S. to withdraw from being policeman of the world. This may force the various parties to work out their own lasting solutions to ongoing conflicts -

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Some consolation...

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