This Week With Batchelor-Cohen

In this week's episode, John and Steve trace the origins of the Trump-Russia story and connect the dots to The American War Party's rush to exacerbate The Cold War with Russia.

Recall that this narrative of "Trump as Putin's puppet" first materialized in the summer of 2016, around the time of the Democrat National Convention. Here are two old links for you to review:

Now, with Cold War inching toward Hot War in Syria and Ukraine, recalling and understanding this narrative becomes even more important. 

Please be sure to listen this week and every week to these podcasts. Again, nowhere else in western media will you find a more fair and balanced discussion of the facts in this situation.



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recently I had on a couple of occasions mentioned

Russia and they had nothing to do with the election..

lol sadly, people that watch msm believe the repeated lies..and

when asked about proof, can't answer and don't want to talk

about it anymore..

Russia is East...Russia will not stay w/West

and Germany will join Russia..after their election, I expect

lots of changes....shaking my head at all of this including the mkts...

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