Vital North Korea Background Info

I've been practically begging everyone to watch this special on North Korea from CNN's Will Ripley. It's now available via YouTube and, given today's events, you should be sure to watch it as soon as possible.

Again, Will Ripley has been to North Korea something like 14 times. He was given unprecedented and uncensored access to film and produce this documentary. With today's statements by the North Korean Foreign Minister, it is very important that you watch this today so that you may gain some critical context for what appears almost certain to be coming.




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Second viewing of CNN video

Why can't we just get along?   Maybe because some people's vested interest is that we don't get along.  It's much more profitable to not get along. Conflict is the biggest profit center since Moog made a club, smacked Og in the head, and took his cave, women and food. Peace just ain't that profitable.  There's no percentage in peace.   People will sell others out for a slice of the profits so why get along.  Even at the most elemental level, like Black Friday or a BOGO at Toys R Us brings out the ugy side

The Dialetic is working very well; almost flawlessly. The Puppeteers don't even have to hide behind the curtain anymore.  The pols, generals, banksters and others flaunt their actions, brag about them, line them up and have us genuflect to them.

Kneel before me you ignert varlet!

The stirrings of animosity and the dialect of them vs us or US vs someone else is out there for all to see.  Too bad most people are so wrapped up in their side of things, their view of the world, their idea of who's the bad guy and who's on our side, they don't notice the people on the sidelines betting, cheering and promoting them vs us.

NORK declared war on us today. Trump declared war on the NFL.  NASCAR becomes Switzerland in the fast lane of knee takers and  those few who understand what is really going on are shellshocked in a way, trying to catch our breath and worrying about what's next.  Not that we've had much more than a New York second to catch our breaths.  

If'n given half a chance most people would like to get along with their neighbors in comity and amity.  The North Koreans would probably prefer that as would Average Joe and Jane.  

BTW  The jailbird said----wink

Nah-never mind. I'll post that later

I got some scruffy Morgans to clean.  First things first

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Great update Turd

I can tell you guys without doubt, largest Naval Presence I have seen ever

Wish I could say more

Stay alert next month

I am watching the CNN report too

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Communist news network

The North Korean youth do have some correct information. America does invade countries and kill the innocent (whilst installing puppet governments worldwide) although without desired results in Ukraine and Syria recently.  

I understand the US just tried to start a war by flying into their airspace.  Despite CNNs depiction of the NK citizenry as being deceived by their evil leaders, the same can be said about us.

The USA cannot just fly into another countrys' airspace at will, no more than the BLM can trespass and take cattle from a private ranch. This piece is indeed propaganda, which is why I don't watch the communist news network.

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NK is a cult

Lets call it what it is.

On the special, you can hear and see for yourselves what average North Koreans have been indoctrinated to believe.

If you don't want to believe your own eyes and ears, I don't think anything will convince you.

It appears some are sooooo infected w Trump Derangement Syndrome, that they are now willing to whitewash all of the horrible things North Korea stands for.

Can you imagine for a moment how isolated from the truth the citizens are - no internet etc. It is very sad, but it has been going on for decades.

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Isolated Citizens

No reason to kill them.

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One thing that struck me ...

while watching the video is that after the reporter spent one-on-one personal time with those North Korean people, not of them said they would want to kill him since he is an American. These are people who have been heavily propagandized and indoctrinated since they were children. Similarly, I found myself thinking that I didn't want violent deaths for the North Korean children, men, & women shown.

There is a common shared Humanity. We're manipulated by psychopaths who rule over us. This has gone on for thousands of years. I have no idea how we might stop it.

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This won't end well

given that I am glad I live in the USA and not North Korea 

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My heart goes out to the North Korean people (and to the common man and woman everywhere), but not to their government (never to their government, or any government). The US should just back off and let them be. The regime of Little Kim poses no threat to anyone, except his own people, and it will eventually collapse in time. Yeah, I know it sucks to stand by and watch the innocent being crushed and persecuted, but is the alternative of a regional (perhaps international) war, involving nukes, a better scenario?

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Well said Marcus!


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The problem with starting anything with North Korea is that they have Seoul completely covered with artillery. There are estimates online that give amounts of explosives per square meter that the Norks will be able to deliver in the first artillery barrage. Essentially Seoul and its 14 million inhabitants, would be mixed rubble, hamburger and mud stains within 20 minutes of hostilities commencing.

There has not been an effective way of destroying those emplacements to prevent or even mitigate the loss of life that would be suffered as a result of the firing of one shell from each of the batteries.

Unit now.

The U.S. has a new and improved system of non nuclear weapons that can penetrate the concrete fortifications and bedrock that protect the Nork artillery positions that have been such a problem up until now.

The only hold up is the manufacturing process to get the numbers necessary to effectively double tap every one of those positions giving the margin of error and significant survivability boost for Seoul.

If you get ready now you wont have to suffer as much later when this shit show kicks off.

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Tough situation

Lets say North Korea is an existential nuclear threat to the US, or might become one. Can you ignore that ?

At the same time, Russia & China have been that kind of threat to the US for decades. And the US poses such a threat to every other nation and people on the planet. Just think about it - the US can kill every person in any nation targeted within an hour of missiles being launched from subs, land silos, and/or bombers.

There was the opportunity to lessen this threat to the world after the fall of the USSR. And then the damned neo-cons took over and the peace dividend went out the window.

Jim Willie thinks space aliens would neutralize any nukes that were launched. I don't think we can count on that !

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What about Israel and its nucs JW?

are they a threat to anyone in the world? should they be ignored? never discussed?

NK has asked for simple imo terms stop military exercises and stop THAAD

building in SK..and they stop nuc development..

that happens and the NK ag sector won't have to stop working when a possible

threat is on their coast line ...

meanwhile, anyone going to ask or is it challenge Israel about its nucs? who

really is the most dangerous?  repeat a lie often enough and it's believed..

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yep, I agree. Israel is supposed to have hundreds of nukes. They allow no inspections of facilities and don't even acknowledge having them.

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Anyone else think this is a propaganda piece?  The east takes control of the gold and thus the power.  We need a scapegoat.  How about the Norks?


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