Guest Post: "The Debt Cartel's Weakness: Its Algorithms", by Marc Ward

Tue, Sep 12, 2017 - 10:31am

Most TFMR regulars will recognize Marc Ward as a site regular. Following the launch of his venture, MetalZoom Energy, he has written this excellent and informative guest post for us.

We first in introduced Marc and his company to everyone last month. So, if you'd like more information, please be sure to listen to this brief podcast:

Any help we can get in the fight against The Bullion Banks is appreciated so it's a pleasure to provide this guest post today.


The Debt Cartel's Weakness: Its Algorithms

by, Marc Ward

I was born in Mountain View, California in 1983 under the shadow of Mt. Diablo and in the heart of Silicon Valley. I attended Phillips Academy Andover during the height of the "dot com era" and graduated from USAFA in May 2008 immediately following the debacle which resulted in Bear Stearns' capitulation.

Ironically, I was cut from the De La Salle high school football team my freshman year for "not knowing how to tackle" then contributed to the greatest upset in college sports history 4 years later when I paralyzed my right arm tackling a CAL Rugby player in the Semifinal leading to the Zoomie's collegiate rugby national championship in 2003.

I scored an 800 on the quantitative GRE and have passed level I and II of the Chartered Financial Analyst Course of Study. I earned a Masters of Science in Operations Research in 2014 immediately before volunteering for separation pay from the Air Force due to the generals' reaction from the sequestration.

In early 2015, I was studying for the CFA level III exam while forecasting company sales as a data scientist at The Sports Authority when a classmate from USAFA approached me with a gold mining venture in Africa.

My entire life prior to age 30, the precious metals were depicted more as crayola crayon colors than stored energy for survival. I had no desire to acquire or even price my time and effort in these elements due to the schooling I accepted as the leading sources of education for my generation and my social network that valued stocks as a source of wealth generation due to the concept of compounding interest.

My first experience with the CME Group Inc was in early 1987 when my father, a lawyer by trade, picked up our foundation and moved our family to Evanston, Illinois in order to become a floor trader at the CBOE. We returned to California in 1988 as my father's first experience as a trader did not result in the expected accumulation of "money" he had hoped for.

I participated in the Interactive Brokers' Trading Olympiad as an independent study during the fall semester of my senior year at USAFA. I created a simplistic autonomous trading algorithm that would make trades dependent upon recent moves in the Nasdaq 100 futures market. I earned an "A" in the class but was unable to trade due to network restrictions put in place by the USAFA staff.

In 2012, after 4 years conducting Space Operational Test and Evaluation, I was accepted into the USAFA Faculty Pipeline to teach in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. All instructors need to have first earned a Masters degree prior to teaching so the Air Force sent me and my family to Ohio where I attended the Air Force Institute of Technology.

After learning and studying advanced predictive algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks in the fall of 2012, I combined my experience with this new knowledge in a goal of generating income by creating machine learning algorithms and deploy them to trade the CME Group futures market.

To my delight, the Artificial Neural Network I created was 88% accurate over 4,000 times per day predicting the next move in the Nasdaq 100's futures market given my posterior probability cutoff.

Making a prediction every second, this Artificial Neural Network was able to determine in a highly accurate and precise fashion where the CME Group's Nasdaq 100 ticker would move next.

At the time, in 2013, I had visions of private jets and large yachts. Although my assumption of being able to "scalp the market" by making a trade at the last price and the next price did not hold due to the queue of contracts and conducting trades through a brokerage firm, this algorithm I created stands on its own demonstrating statistically significant evidence of CME Group fraud.

I left the algorithm alone to finish the Masters program and continue to grow my young family (currently my wife Cat, also a USAFA graduate, and I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, baby Marc Rome joined us in May of this year). The expanding Central Bank Bubble continued into 2015 (and today) but my acceptance of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA's policies which I was groomed and trained to support with my time and energy faded rapidly as I uncovered fact after fact proving I was involved in a Psychological Operation (PSYOP) against my decisions and desires.

I quit Sports Authority to start a gold mine in Ghana with the financial support of my family and closest friends. At that time I inherently saw the inability of the CME Group's Gold price to remain at depressed levels given the exponentially expanding global debt levels.

After returning from Ghana unsuccessful in sustaining operations, I quickly picked up a new position as a Senior Consultant for Data Science and Advanced Analytics with a boutique firm but dug deeper into the understanding and importance of precious metals to the human network.

My first consulting task was to lead a team of 6 data scientists to review and critique the documentation for each and every financial model at USAA for its Chief Risk Office. With over 330 models, the documentation ranged from customer acquisition to modern portfolio theory and from anti-money laundering to life insurance actuarial models. Of course the VP of Quantitative Risk who oversaw my project never asked my opinion, he was a PhD from CAL Berkeley who worked at the non-federal no-reserve anti-bank for 7 years, I realized there is one underlying assumption that exists across every model but no document writer or reviewer ever discussed: the psychological desire of the population to obtain a unit of account that is infinite in supply and growing at an increasing rate.

During this time in early 2016 I read The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, joined TFMetalsReport to become a Turdite and came across Bix Weir's Road to RootA Theory (I found out Bix is an old friend of my brother-in-law).

Compiling all this data, information and experience through my own neural network (my brain) I came to the realization that I was born into a conspiratorial PSYOP against my desire to price my time, effort and energy in silver. Most importantly, to give these debt dollars, mathematically only redeemable only for other debt dollars, I worked for exchange value today I would have to manipulate my children to desire them tomorrow, in finance this is called the "going concern assumption".

Unwilling to manipulate my children I searched for a solution. Unable to discover any solutions offered which would end this debt psychosis of the collective population I worked to create an alternative that would enable my family and all humans to find the true exchange value of their effort not measured in infinite and fictitious units controlled by a cartel: the non-federal no-reserve anti-banking cabal.

Having a background in data science, military operations and gold mining I see an opportunity to combine the competitors of debt currency to set the collective human network free of debt psychosis we were all born into and enable the equitable distribution of energy globally where choice and knowledge would reign supreme.

Partnering with Brian Barrett, a South African Gold Mining Executive and Private Equity fund manager, we propose the creation of the Crypto-Metal Exchange to establish a transparent yet private open bid auction platform of cryptocurrencies for metal scheduled for delivery based on a modified Linux Foundation open source Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. In addition to the auction of metal for immediate delivery, our goal is to establish the Crypto Metal Mining process to enable all metal miners to access globally viable cryptocurrenices of their choice in exchange for contracts of future metal delivery. The utility of cryptocurrencies can prove themselves with the manifestation of metal miners unwilling to work for debt currency issued by debt cartel franchises with the resulting exchange rates dictated by algorithms operating on the CME Group Inc's servers.

The problem is identified: closed loop algorithmic control of debt dollar for energy exchange rates.

We propose a solution: The Crypto-Metal Exchange on a private and transparent blockchain.

Metal miners and metal investors should no longer refer to the fraudulent algorithmic dictated exchange rates of debt currency for energy produced by the CME Group and withdraw their energy from this psychological complex everyone in algorithmic psychosis adheres to without question.

This is the way Brian and I propose to set metals free of the debt dollar stranglehold robbing the future from our children which enables debt cartel owners to consume today without any energy input.

Let us leave the past to the past, end the energy thieves and bring about The D3, Debt Dollar Death, by discussing the cabal's weakness: its algorithms.

The algorithms are not intelligent, are indefensible and cannot be turned off.

End these evil algorithms which give debt currency its artificially constructed going concern and bring about the auctions of cryptocurrency for metal.

Marc Ward

Founding Partner, MetalZoom Energy


About the Author

turd [at] tfmetalsreport [dot] com ()


Sep 12, 2017 - 10:45am


When the reset occurs, will it be a surprise?

Sep 12, 2017 - 10:45am

And I thought I took the red pill

As Turd would say Riiiiiight!

Breaking the back of the CME and the DEBTFIATPONZI paradigm is paramount to our survival as free humans. It's accomplished on an individual basis, not group think, not some denovo SkyNet opposition army lead by a Terminator, a hot chick and a bratty young kid.

It's taken down scientifically, with pressure applied to the weak points.

Fight AI with AI.

Fight neural net algobots with your own neural net insurgency.

Hit them with your humanity, your soul and spirit, linked with others of the same spirit who will not allow the jack boot of statism to press on their neck any more

Hit them at their weakest points; their power supply, their codings, the obedient human servants doing their bidding.

Or just smash the metal motherfuckers to junk with your own humanity.

Take no prisoners. They don't



Sep 12, 2017 - 10:56am

Thank you Marc

We do not often get to know one of our members this well.

Your claim, "The algorithms are not intelligent, are indefensible and cannot be turned off" is significant. I think I get it. they follow their programming orders, rather than have their own mechanisms to evaluate, synthesize, and respond to significant changes in market actions. ther indefensibility comes from their rigid programming. I recall a Star Trek episode (or movie) where a robot was turned on itself through Kirk's logical argument and it self-destructed. I was unaware that hte algos cannot be turned off.

Can they be adjusted (reprogrammed) in real-time, buy an intelligent human to adjust to market changes? Why can't they be turned off? Will metals head for the moon if they are turned off? --with no way for the CME to regain control over price?

What is your handle/avatar here?

Sep 12, 2017 - 12:30pm


Read this 3 times and still do not understand what Marc said.

Without higher learning, no wonder us Minions are losers when investing in the Metals markets.

Like I have said before, the machines are NOW in CONTROL and with no one able to turn them OFF. The SLED DOGS will NEVER Race again.

hope everyone can read and understand the above.


Sep 12, 2017 - 12:45pm

Thank you turdville

I would not be who I am today without the guidance and insight provided by each and every turdite.

Turd's pattern recognition of these algorithms helped me put the pieces together.

Get cnbc to mention the algos and we can create a Streisand effect.

All the best.

My opinion is theses closed loop algos have been in place for a long time. They turn off debt exchange rates are stagnant and humans would question this occurrence.

Math proof:

Take the Limit as time goes to 0, how many debt dollars (mathematically only redeemable for more debt dollars) can be exchanged for energy (food, metal, gas, etc).

Well as the Limit as time goes to 0, you remove all assumptions of future behavior.

With no assumptions of future behavior the non-federal no-reserve anti-bank note has no reason to exist.

This equation Diverges!

This also proves the need for humans to be reminded continuously, that it Converged...

These algos suck our lives,

Look at the 40 years silver chart and tell me it's not designed to strip human desire to acquire silver. Another data point showing these algos in plain site.

Sep 12, 2017 - 12:51pm

Dr Jerome

The Math Proof listed above would indicate that the debt cartel would always need an algorithm to control human behavior.

Unbound it and the herd of humans moves as one after giffen goods.

Currencies are giffen goods, your desire to obtain them relies on the social constructs desire to obtain them.

If we can discuss the algorithms then humans would quickly realize they live in a pseudo matrix, and would want their excess energy stored in items with known scarcity.

Debt dollars are infinite in supply and growing at an increasing rate...

Not very smart to store anything in debt dollars, especially life!

Sep 12, 2017 - 12:56pm

There is no AI

As a data scientist there is no intelligence in these artificially constructed algorithms.

Yes, let us use our intelligence and give this debt cartel new data inputs which were not foreseen at the algorithms' creation. You will see how fast these Non-intelligent algorithms run off into the past.

Sep 12, 2017 - 1:22pm

These algorithms maintain the psychosis

These closed loop algorithms maintain the psychosis of the humans around you.

If they are turned off, what percentage of people see them for what they are? Artificial.

With debt death guaranteed, what are the Energy thieving cartel setting up to heard people into?

What is the Gematria of "money"?

No joke and cannot be a coincidence,


This is the reason MetalZoom Energy will not raise crypto capital in btc.

Pandora's box has been opened, and better decentralized cryptocurrencies have arisen.

I like PIVX, Zcash. Privacy and speed.

I will never lose my love (discovered last year) for the element Ag in my hand!!

Sep 12, 2017 - 1:59pm

Neo figured it out the hard way

I will speak only for my own experience as a human battery in the matrix. My life energy was plugged into the Matrix for decades, siphoned off regularly like a sheep sheared.

The more I think of it the more it becomes clear. We've lived in the closed loop algorithm world created 40 plus years ago by people who wrote the mother code for what we see today. Everytime I think I've gotten shed of the connections that bind me to the Matrix, I find more tentacles embedded deep under my skin like some parasite or Lyme's disease.

I don't pretend to understand the math of it, or the complex formulas that built the edifice that Neo faced at the end of the series. That edifice was at least the 5th or 6th iteration of the original Matrix.

Knowing it's there via the penumbras of its influence and energy field; seeing the ripples on the surface of a pond, tells me that it's never far. It's like looking at a sewage settling pond. In the right light, it looks like sweet water fit for drinking. But it's still merde viewed any other way. Drinking that water is hazardous to your health.

Trading life force for FIAT, like some pig in a feed lot, fattened for slaughter then sent off to the Soylent Corporation's abbatoir, appears to be gaining speed as the war on cash, the war on businesses, the war waged against precious metals and their adherents is ultimately the final war on humanity.

Whether a person is seasoned and trained to win through combat-by-trading, the algo bots and HFT systems are faster and smarter than us. The favored few allowed to feast at the prime trough are still pigs fit for slaughter; 3 levels down from the Puppeteers who control the game. You can't fight the Matrix from inside. You can fight it from the outside, either through direct assault or, better yet, not playing the game at all.

There's really no way to be half in and half out. Half in means you're half slave. Half Slave is still slave.

I failed to note in my comment above

There's all of us and then there's Marc.

Cogito ergo bellum

Sep 12, 2017 - 2:04pm

Attack from an unforeseen angle

With momentum.

I have done it before, I will do it again.

(10 minute clip)

2003 Rugby Division 1 Semi: AFA: 46 vs CAL: 28

But it's not about me, it's about the team. Pick up the ball when they drop it and go!

Sep 12, 2017 - 2:34pm

My avatar

A picture from a placer mining site in Ghana that was down the road from our operation.

They had 4 excavators and 2 wash plants in a rudimentary setup that worked more efficiently better than our 1 excavator.

We setup wrong and had to go study what others were doing. Followed the wrong advice.

Live and you learn.

Sep 12, 2017 - 3:51pm

Be careful marcrward

You'll end up like Sadam or Mommar? If this is a true answer to the problem?

Sep 12, 2017 - 3:52pm

Would be great if someone

Would be great if someone could throw a monkey wrench in the algorithms!

AGXIIK pabste
Sep 12, 2017 - 4:20pm

I heard Bix volunteered

Cliff diving into the belly of the beast, horn of Zeese in one hand, a silver dollar in the other

Sep 12, 2017 - 5:46pm

Currency and money

"I realized there is one underlying assumption that exists across every model but no document writer or reviewer ever discussed: the psychological desire of the population to obtain a unit of account that is infinite in supply and growing at an increasing rate."

I'm really not sure that there is such a psychological desire. Continued expansion of currency issued at interest is a necessary feature required to generate some of the currency to repay the debt. Mike Maloney's videos show this and a mathematical proof was published in the late 19 th century. But this is conveniently obscured and the inherent defaults that happen because of this system of "money" are blamed on a deficiency of the individual. I agree with Mark Carney, who in 2011, claimed that the global Minsky moment had arrived. Thus we are at global peak debt, it can never be repaid, the system will collapse either slowly or violently and the only issue left to be decided is who will pay the price.

The population might well have a psychological desire to have a gradually improving lifestyle but such could have been achieved by the classical gold system with the devaluation inherent in technological improvements. Wages would be stable but stuff would gradually become cheaper.

IMO the debt cartel's underlying weakness is due to the global Minsky moment. I look at the algorithms as akin to the levers in the Wizard of Oz which are being flipped in a vain attempt to maintain system stability. As us older folks are aware Forex never used to wobble the way it does now.

So Marc I don't have the hands on ability or understand algorithms as you do, but I see them not as their weakness but as the only remaining method to keep the global monetary system at least metastable.

EDIT: Don't forget this system was established so that the moneyed elite could live an elegant lifestyle based on a broader working population whose labours generated the currency that flowed upwards to the capital at the top.

Fred Hayek
Sep 12, 2017 - 5:56pm

Algos in gold and silver trading since the early 90's says Speck

Marc. Thank you for being so open about your background. That was very interesting. Of course, I wish you the best of luck. In your post a few above this, you suggest that the Algos have been used in our markets for a long time.

In his book The Gold Cartel, Dimitri Speck says that starting in the early 1990's the trading patterns he saw in the gold markets started to look suspiciously like expressions of something other than human psychology. So, at least in the gold market (and undoubtedly silver as well) we can probably say that computer algorithm control or partial control of the markets dates back around 25 years.

Sep 12, 2017 - 11:56pm

Loco Bastard Johnson

Publicly said as much as guberment controls gold price & market....Can't remember when and where bastard said it...Someone here pointed it out a while back. Gubermint had 'puters before we did. Probly using them right after NASA.

Sep 13, 2017 - 12:01am

Makes Sense

That the only thing that'd bring CME down was a hands down better trading system/currency for Joe Public. That's when the hammers will start pounding out the competing system....with laws against competition, protecting the monopoly, jailing the ppl running the competition...or worse. Cat will be out of the bag by then, though, won't it?

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