Total G-3 Central Bank Control

There's a lot of amazement and wonder at how the "stock market" can be up today with the devastating news out of Texas and the latest North Korean missile launch. Longtime readers of TFMR know exactly how this market levitation is accomplished so this post is designed as a public service in order to better educate and inform everyone else.

Let's just keep it simple...

In 2017...and, actually, since 2008...the "markets" don't actually exist. Oh sure, there are trades and prices but in terms of what the markets were 20 years ago?...those days are long gone. Instead, what we have now is total HFT domination. Over 90% of all volume on the NYSE and NASDAQ is now done through HFT machines that swap positions back and forth. This is common knowledge and if you and I know this, then you can be assured that The Fed, The ECB and the BoJ (known henceforth as the G-3) know this, too.

To that end, since the G-3 are dedicated to market stability and the wealth effect, these central banks clearly seek to influence the direction of the equity markets by influencing the two key drivers of the HFT machines. And what are these drivers? The currency pair of USDJPY and the volatility index known as the VIX. Simply stated, if your wish is to drive "the stock market" higher, all you need to do is buy the USDJPY while at the same time selling the VIX. It truly is that simple.

To that end, daily observation of trading patterns allows us to observe a clear and obvious, algo-driven program in the all-important USDJPY. Because of the sheer size of the forex market (up to $7T/day), any algorithm put in place to manage this pair could only come from pockets deep enough to make it happen....namely, the G-3.

And what does this computer-based, G-3 buying program look like. Again, in the simplest terms, this program sets up a USDJPY floor at some pre-determined or even random level. Once a bounce is initiated, a buy program then follows after the pair have come back down to a newly-discovered double bottom. For today (Tuesday, the 29th), it looked like this:

By driving a rebound in the USDJPY and selling off the VIX, the G-3 get the desired impact of a recovering "stock market". These screenshots were taken earlier today as the equity bounce was in progress:

Now, lest you think this was some kind of one-off and that my tinfoil hat is on too tight, please check the charts below. Here's a chart of the USDJPY from last evening after the Nork news hit:

Here are three charts from last week:

Here are just four from earlier this month:

And here are just a handful of occurrences where we caught the G-3 redhanded in July:


What you see is an illusion and a mirage. Since the financial crisis of 2008 and particularly since 2012, the global central banks have moved to assume nearly full control of the global markets. They do this through influencing the key inputs which drive the HFT machines that control nearly every "market". So going forward, when you're perplexed as to how the stock market could be up on a day when the news is all so bad, just simply check the all-important USDJPY and VIX and you'll have your answer. And yes, we have now reached the point where the stock market won't decline even in the face of a nuclear event or natural disaster. So long as the USDJPY and VIX are unchanged, the S&P will be unchanged too, regardless of a nuclear bomb in Times Square, an earthquake in Tokyo, a massive bank failure in Europe or any other type of "disaster".

Lastly, what does this have to do with Comex Digital Gold? Well, as we first discovered and reported back in 2014, The Bullion Banks have their own algorithms which have tied the price of "gold" to the USDJPY , as well. Simply put, if you want the gold price to go higher, you need the USDJPY to fall. Period and end of story. All other technical and fundamental factors are largely meaningless. See the charts below where the inverse USDJPY is plotted in candles and Comex Digital Gold is a blue line.

One day (Today, Tuesday 8/29):

One week:

One month:

Six months:

One year:

Five years:

HFT now controls everything and the global central banks (but primarily the G-3) seek to control the HFT. Once you admit and understand this, the daily action of the "markets" will no longer confound you.



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When the elites want to crucify Trump, they will do so by punishing the people.  The stock market support algos will then be turned off.

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It's a conspiracy, I say! Once again, I refuse to accept the results of this comment chain! #resistance #putindidit

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Last two days of data science consulting job...

Turdites! It's just the algos dictating decisions

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YES the G3 control everything for now.  How much longer who knows.  That day where they lose control is near.  There is a great scene in the movie Crimson Tide where LT hunter( Denzel Washington) says we have to get the message transmission from central before we can determine what to do.  One of his leuitenants argues we don't have time for this Russia is fueling there nukes.  Hunter argues and the Leuitenant says you don't put on a Condom unless you are planning to F__k!  China and Russia didn't buy all this gold for nothing.  They have a plan and it is very close.  The comex can only hold on for so long.

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I babysat one of my stepdaughter's friends pug for many months and fell in love with her.

(Oh, I mean I fell in love with the pug, not my step daughter's friend.)

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Denver Dave weighs in...

"The financial exposure to the tragedy in Houston is conservatively estimated at several hundred billion.  Insurance companies off-load a lot of risk exposure using derivatives.  The potential counter-party default risk connected to this could dwarf the defaults that triggered the AIG and Goldman Sachs de facto collapse in 2008.   The stock “market” should be down at least 20% just from the probability of this occurrence. "'s picture

Great stuff as always TF

I discovered two things recently that literally made me laugh out loud:

  1. The JPYUSD traded on CME Group also has a "fix" - similar to the London Gold Fix.  One of the times - you guessed it - is the same time as the London afternoon fix - 10 am EST.
  2. Each CME Group contract on the Yen-dollar pair is structured to be in lots of 12.5 million Yen.  That sure simplifies the "value at risk" for bullion banks - especially if they want to oscillate around a gold value of $1,250 per ounce . . . they can buy a JPYUSD each time they sell a gold future, and significantly reduce their VAR.

Maybe *my* tinf0il hat is on too tight . . .

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I agree, Russia and China found themselves levitating

in a financial sense from 2007-08 and didn't like it.  The pertinent question to ask back then is what can be depended upon?

So I suggest that all asset classes are going to be tested again for the "values" that they are currently being assigned.  If the word "value" can be attached to something, it will be tested.

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And Just How is it all Controlled?

My thoughts and prayers for all the Houstonites really suffering at this time. Aussies know something of the devastation of these storms (we call them Cyclones here). Cyclone Tracey levelled one of our capital cities ( seen in the movie 'Australia') on Christmas Day 1974. It took decades before the city recovered and rebuilt. 

Sometimes, it is difficult for an outsider to understand how the US Govt is controlled and what are the consequences for local and overseas markets. This ex CIA insider presented one of the best explanations I've heard yet.

Apparently, there's a difference between the 'deep state' and 'shadow government'. The whistleblower explains it exceptionally well...accompanied by a very useful power point presentation.


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There are no markets

There's only Bit Coin   In Bit Coin we trust.  All hail Bit Coin  The almightly and powerful Bit Coin rises 6.35% today.   Bit Coin Bit Coin uber alles. It will make the blind see, the dead arise from the grave, the savior of all humanity

Ok, Ok  I'm being an ass.  But reading this article after seeing BTC shoot up 6 plus % when everything we hold near and dear is going into the shitter, including what little sanity we/I retain, I think I got just a tad unhinged half an hour ago

A knock at the door.  Wifey answers.   I hear a male voice--"I'm from the Internal Revenue Service'   Shit fire and save matches, sparky, they's come fer me.

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Something serious is up with our neighbors.  That said,  if you get a visit from a field agent the next call is to your attorney and CPA  Pronto

Just saying but being that close to a tentacle of the Beast is unnerving to say the least.

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The Mole people could be the local laundromat?

They could be "soveriegn" people?  They might be a recent ICO?  A coven of witches in direct competition with the IRS?  Now I'm in th realm of conjecture.

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Yes Jack

Or they might even be Turdites!

By the way, when is the big day?  Does your wife know about your plan to elope with a pug?

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Jack Putter Whoa Dude! You are way to close to truth

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NEO (antcoin) and bitcoin

So how much of todays bitcoin rise is due to the 20% fall in NEO (antcoins) due to China's ICO decision?

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Issues with pugs, and friends of the step daughter

"Lady" the pug hasn't come to visit for many years.  I've been wistfully thinking I might go find another energetic partner, but I have to measure my priorities carefully nowadays.

I keep finding people to rescue.  Many are kind of beyond help as they can't seem to generate better choices for themselves.

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Thanks for making this public

You are able to communicate what I try to explain and simply can't get it out as clearly as you.

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The big question

is.... how long can this go on?  In reality it could be another 10 years. Wtf knows?  The wolves are in charge of the hen house. 

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OK - it's a new paradigm

OK - it's a new paradigm

Stock markets are controlled by HFTs
HFTs are just machines programmed by the G3
HFTs programmed not to respond to external events (operate in counter point to any surge either up or down).
(ie the nuclear holocaust takes place on Monday, New York in light trade on Tuesday closing flat on the day)


Even a major black swan event may not be sufficient to drive up the paper price of gold.
As I see it, only one thing can do that..... demand for physical delivery outstripping warehouse supply. The machines are dumb-struck outside of the 'virtual' world and will continue to trade paper as always but the price of physical will soar and the scales will fall from the eyes of even the most ardent skeptic of market fixing (are you there Trader Dan?).

Can it happen? Absolutely!  The question is when (I'm not getting any younger).

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The new paradigm in dog years

Every year we tolerate this bullshit is the equivalent of 7 years off our emotional and psychological lives.  

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We've been watching this 2-point range be enforced all month. As anyone can see, the sudden spike yesterday allowed it to continue.

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