Comparing The Colds Wars

Along with John Batchelor, a grim and somber Professor Cohen discussed last evening the latest twists and turns in The New Cold War which, according to John, has finally reached the point where we "blame Russia, at least in part, for everything that is disrupting to our (the American) version of peace and sanctimony".

We've watched over the past four years as Russia is cast as the villain everywhere from Ukraine and Crimea to Syria. Now some are even suggesting that Russia supports neo-nazi groups in America and thus can be blamed for the events in Charlottesville:  All the while, the US arms and trains ACTUAL NEO-NAZIS in Ukraine:  This is madness!!

Again, we thank John and Steve for their ongoing efforts to bring objectivity and fairness to this crisis. Please be sure to listen this week and every week as, sadly, The New Cold War only continues to worsen.




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Ukraine on Fire

Not sure if this has been discussed here before, but I just became aware of an Oliver Stone-produced documentary titled "Ukraine on Fire".  I listened to an interview yesterday with the film's director, Igor Lopatonok, and even though it only got a 6.1 on IMDB, I still plan to watch it (and it's available to stream on Amazon Prime Video). 

Currently I'm eyeballs-deep into Stone's 12 hour series "The Untold History of the United States" and having my mind blown that it ever found a distributor.  Granted, the series is biased (but it's Oliver Stone after all and what documentary isn't) and leans slightly left, but having all this outside-of-the-mainstream, non-GAN information in one easily-accessible series on Netflix is astonishing to me.  Since the film has been out for several years, and hasn't caught much buzz AFAIK, it needs some evangelists to get the word out.  It needs to be shown and discussed in every US high school (like that'll ever happen).

IMDB's Storyline is an understatement:

"Oliver Stone's re-examination of under-reported events in American history."

Under-reported indeed.

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Most of America has already made up its mind

They're 'comfortable' with the truth they believe they possess.  They are very sensitive to being "propagandized" by alternative views. 

Be careful who you share this with.  America is not far from lynching people with views other than those provided by the MSM.

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Neo-con 20yr Plan

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