JBSFC Discuss Stalin and Charlottesville

This is a fascinating discussion and, once again, some perspective that you won't find anywhere else in the "mainstream media".

After nearly four years of weekly discussions, you'd think that John and Steve might run out of topics to cover. Nope. Not in the crazy world of The New Cold War, Russophobia and political correctness. In light of last weekend's events in Virginia and Trump's impromptu press conference yesterday, you should be sure to listen to this podcast.




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Thanks Craig.

I would rather have a 100th place than a First; it would be much better if many were commenting, suggesting that many were listening.

What does just me commenting suggest, other than the usual Waiting for Godot?


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Year Zero...

Excellent discussion.  So the SJW idea is that if we ignore and delete all the bad things that went on prior to the end of the Civil War and pretend that they did not happen, then they did not happen????  1866 is now year zero? 

Orwell really knew what he was talking about.

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Thanks Turd

For keeping JBSFC on the TFMR. Its invaluable. 

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Your history is your history

Hiding aspects of it from the public eye and from living memory just means you are waiting for second helpings.

Own it & learn from it. It's best that way smiley

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How long will we have to wait until they go after Mount Rushmore?  That kind of iconic standoff could start the next civil war in the U.S.

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had wondered the same Hans-Dieter eom


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