The Last JBSFC For A Few Weeks

A thorough update last evening ahead of a multi-week break for Batchelor and Cohen as both prepare for some vacation time. Please be sure to listen so that you are fully caught up before the break.

For some reason, John's website broke up this week's show into two segments. The first segment primarily details the meetings last week between Trump and Putin. John and Steve also attempt to summarize again the actual facts surrounding the entire "Russiagate" controversy.

Part Two deals with the current comings and goings of The New Cold War. Please be sure to listen to this entire update.

Again, it will be August before John and Steve get back together for another show. Let's hope that the overall situation cools in the intervening time.



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This is the best news in a while

If you listen closely it sounds like the professor believes that there are opportunities here for peace. If we could possibly get through this time of geopolitical turmoil whole and work out and a friendship or even begin a relationship ending in some trust with Russia it would go along way towards helping us to get back a path  we so desperately need. I have to be an optimist. The other options are too terrible to contemplate.

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Well I'll Be, I'm


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Thanks Craig!

One of the most important hours of the week.


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