A New Batchelor-Cohen Podcast

John and Steve returned last evening with another comprehensive update on The New Cold War. You won't find a discussion this thorough anywhere else in the western media so please be sure to give this a thorough listen.

We've been posting these weekly conversations since February of 2014 and it's now more important than ever that you listen each week. The New Cold War is at its most dangerous extreme yet and is reaching levels of potential conflict not seen since The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

As always, please be sure to listen this week and every week. You simply MUST stay aware of this ever-changing situation.




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when discussing CNN


Prof Cohen: "Everyone in Stalin's terror also resigned before they were arrested."

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Dangerous Times

An alarming discussion of the current situation, to say the least.

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HRC still harping on the 17 agencies

but Stephen F Cohen finally summed it all up very neatly in this broadcast.

In reality - 14 of those agencies merely echoed the 'findings' of the 3 most influential agencies - the CIA, FBI and NSA.  Of those three, only 2 stated that there existed evidence of Russian intervention in the DNC selection process, the 3rd agency (NSA) only stated that there might be some indication of it having occurred.  It is noteworthy that those 3 agencies depended on only one primary source of information to draw their conclusion, that being a private agency (CrowdStrike) employed by and answerable to the DNC  (the FBI was refused similar access to the DNC servers, to which Comey responded.... 'ok' and acquiesced).

Since those original findings, the CIA and FBI have recanted and publicly stated that there exists no evidence at this time of any interference by the Russians in the DNC process.   Since the NSA made no initial declarative statement, that leaves no agency declaring or presenting any proof the Russians hacked the DNC.  This however, changes nothing.  The MSM continues to pursue the Russian angle, possibly at the bidding of the Clinton's DNC because it's good for ratings (or for reasons even more nefarious).  The MSM appear less concerned that it might not be good for our health (irradiation by nuclear holocaust).

That someone in high office (HRC), could place at risk our very lives for the sake of her own political ambitions is beyond any kind of  conscionable behavior.  Not in my living memory has there been an American villain so deserving of exposure, public outrage and destruction.

BTW - I am of the personal belief that HRC was as much Obama's 'boss' as she was his. 

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Who Was The Boss ?

Well that would be the Queen of course. Have you never played Chess before ?

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