Russian History with Professor Cohen

For much of this week's program, Professor Cohen speaks to his expertise and as a professor of Russian history. This is a free, one-hour course that you should be sure to take sometime today.

Could you have afforded (or been admitted) to Princeton? Not me! Therefore the opportunity to learn from Professor Cohen is a rare privilege and I promise that you won't be disappointed in this "class". Not only will you gain an understanding of the scope of Russian losses in WWII, you will also learn how these experiences shape Russia today. Understanding this will help you to recognize the danger of The New Cold War and this insane Russophobia and neo-McCarthyism that dominates the political landscape in America today.

So, please be sure to carve out some time and give this week's discussion a thorough listen. You'll be glad you did.



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Now to read...

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make it 17 down days in a row...

Oroville dam looks on the verge of failure... and they are opening the spillway again, today, in 2h40min.

they are blasting at the top of the spillway, wtf.

full moon today... seems approraite.

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3rd - Bronze.

More from Cohen. Always catches my attention.

Thanks Craig!


P.S.  Come on, Charlie!

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First on my phone. KEEP STACKING

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Marcward the best reporting on Oroville has been coming from;

a guy on You Tube named Blancolrilo here;

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gotta love the plane created artificial cloud in the background at the beginning... epic

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Russia's Victory Day Parade 2017: Best Moments

Thanks Mr. Cohen for pointing out the fact that Russia won the War in Europe and America won the War in the Pacific. The only reason we don't cooperate with Russia is because our rulers want everything for themselves.

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