Comex Crime Scene Mechanics

Tue, May 2, 2017 - 3:30pm

Perhaps you should consider the following information before entering The Comex Casino next time? Or, if you still can't help yourself, there's always 1-800-BETS-OFF.

Through late March and into April, we tried...and tried...and tried again to warn/educate as many as possible that The Silver Bullion Bank Cartel was once again up to their evil, criminal tricks. Here are the relevant links:

So now, here we are. Comex Digital Silver is in the midst of its worst "losing streak" in years, having fallen for eleven, consecutive days. And why is this happening? For virtually the same reason that it has always happened before. Namely, and as stated in the introduction of link #3 above:

"The Cartel Banks are simply playing their same old, tired game where they pull the rug out from under everyone after patiently flooding the "market" with new open interest, waiting for buying pressure to exhaust itself."

Evidence of this is shown below in one, easy-to-read chart. Just click it and it will expand:

Between March 24 and April 20, JPM and their criminal pals (deceptively called "Commercials" by the criminally complicit CFTC) issued 42,128 new silver contracts and fed them to the hungry hedge funds and other "speculators" wanting "silver exposure" at The Comex Casino. At 5,000/oz per contract, these 42,128 contracts represented the potential obligation to make future delivery of 210,640,000 ounces of silver. This was silver that JPM et al did not own nor did they have it immediately available. And this "silver" was sold to speculators who had no intention of taking/demanding delivery! (Again, how this passes for some form of relevant "price discovery" of physical silver is beyond me.)

As you can see, these 42,128 contracts were issued with prices ranging from .90 to .70. Though issuance wasn't evenly distributed across the time period, for the sake of simplicity, let's just call it an average price of .30/ounce.

Price has now been maneuvered lower through the "contract expiration" period of what had been the front month May17. Unless standing for delivery, positions in the May17 needed to be closed out and/or rolled into the July17 or later by the Comex close last Thursday. The Banks used this natural selling pressure against The Specs and the resulting chart below has all the earmarks of a deliberately rigged "market":

Though it's impossible to calculate how much trading profit JPM et al might have realized through this latest price capping round trip, let's give it a try anyway...

Price closed on Monday at .84. If all of the recently added open interest was withdrawn as price fell to that level from .10, maybe we can assume an average Bank short-covering price of .30 to keep the math simple? If that's the case, then JPM and the other "Commercials" netted a tidy profit of /ounce on 210,640,000 fraudulently issued paper ounces. It's likely that just about everyone reading this can do that math: THAT'S A PROFIT OF 0,640,000.

And thus today's latest lesson. If The Banks made 0MM, then it's reasonable to assume that The Specs lost 0MM. As WOPR says: "A strange game. The only winning move is NOT TO PLAY."

Will next time be different? Probably not. As long as JPM and the other Cartel Banks have the unlimited and unchecked ability to create and issue a nearly infinite amount of paper "silver" contracts, the game will continue. ONLY physical delivery and the strict avoidance of The Comex Casino will be effective in drawing power away from The Banks and ending their fraudulent system.

If you, my dear reader, continue to validate The Comex Paper Derivative Pricing Scheme by accepting their terms and gambling in their lair, then you are a part of the problem...not the solution...and you deserve every loss you incur in the future.


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May 3, 2017 - 4:14pm

fiat debt

debt currency

fiat debt: energy IOU created from nothing through the dictate of someone.

why do these digits have value? - b/c you desire them

what happens when noone desires them? - no economic value

Is it guaranteed to occur? - Yes, because every digit that comes into existence is owed back plus interest, this makes the debt grow exponentially, exponential growth in debt means an ever increasing (to infinity) amount of energy IOUs that those who desire them must exchange their current energy for.

what is the value of 1 over infinity??? that's what 1 FRN will acquire for you.

May 3, 2017 - 2:03pm

I'm thinking miners leading in day of transition

Miners are up 1.26% while silver remains down 1.55% could be we are seeing the beginning of the turn around. Now if you were one of the criminal Bullion Bankster types in the know when the switch is turned off for shorting miners with metals physical price coming soon you would feel like SUPER TRADER wouldn't you.

Much like the jawboning Fed goons must feel after one of their speeches when the financial press cranks out their story, the algos pick it up and the circus continues.

May 3, 2017 - 1:39pm

One of the comments on ZeroHedge was that Trump

had “given the North Korean problem to China”. I think that is a pretty good observation and the Chinese and the Russians are the ones that should be solving the problem with Little Kim. Remember the role the Chinese played in the Korean fiasco in the 50’s when they provided so much military support to the Norks? China is a totally different country now and their interests are different than they were then. They are in a much better position to deal with Little Kim militarily, politically and economically than the U. S. is and I think they are going to resolve the problem without the U. S. making hollow threats against the Norks. I think that position, if it is Trumps position, is the wisest position he could take in the area and is far more likely to have a positive effect for the world than anything else the U. S. could do. Let’s face it; we can do nothing militarily in North Korea unless we are willing to totally sacrifice Seoul. Granted, the U. S. arms manufacturers would like to see us intervene militarily but that certainly is not in the best interests of anyone other than shareholders and CEOs. I think Craig’s observation about the Sampson Option is appropriate.

Just my 7.425 grains worth and Keep Stacking.

May 3, 2017 - 1:14pm

@AGXIIK Re: Ag price suppression

I think tptb want nothing more than to keep the spot price of Ag at a marginal amount more than the cost of production, because they are scared sh1tless should Ag ever take off again as a store of value, or worse, a medium of exchange.

The moment investment demand for Ag returns with a vengeance is the day their criminal ponzi scheme comes to an end. I think they would rather see the spot price for Au increase by 100% than to see the spot price for Ag increase by 50%...

If I'm right, we could see a GSR >>100.

CC Horses
May 3, 2017 - 12:47pm


Bitcoin Rockets to $1437, 1602

4 minute video

May 3, 2017 - 12:41pm

D'ya suppose there's any chance...

That this disconnect between our two 'preciousss's' is related to that HOARD of physs silver that JPM has stacked and stacked over these last years?

I've always wondered about that silver hoard. What are they up to?

Could it be? Is this the capitulation/result of cartel manipulation only, or is there something more?

Something like the grandmaster's sacrifice that immediately precedes the 'mate. (and the global economic meltdown)

There are those that simply practice jiu-jitsu and then there are those that create jiu-jitsu by taking it to the next level, displaying skill of the likes which has yet to be seen and gathering oohs and aahs from all stackers. More than just a practitioner, JP Morgan is a true artist. Not only are they the best when it comes to the takedown, they're so good at it that they could do it in reverse. Yes, that’s right, they’ll finish all the other (commercials) in one grand heartbeat with a reverse omoplata! The casino goes wild! The only survivor takes a bow...

A guy can hope, right?

May 3, 2017 - 12:30pm

A couple of thoughts

1. The utter rapacity with which the banksters are continuing their Sherman's March to the Sea--Rapist style, tells me that either Trump is oblivious to the crimes or does not care. Goldman Sachs banksters cronies, including son in law Jared( I love Soros soooo much) Kuchner, know they have free rein now that Trump's distracted by his generals and the MIC/CIA/Mossad/Deep State and their never ending quest for war and moar war in the middle east and North Korea.

Mr President--"Look, squirrel--over there. See the squirrel--good doggie"

2 As for the Gold to Silver Ratio. I am of the belief that it's no longer relevant to prices. 75% of silver is used for industrial purposes thus now a commodity like zinc, tin copper or lead. The manufacturers now 700,000,000 ounces a year and like any company that wants to keep costs down, they will do whatever it takes to keep the price of silver in an easily controlled range so that their product costing can be predicted with reasonable accuracy.

Like crude oil, crushed by 75% and then rebounded by 100%, presently resting at $50 a barrel, these savings are huge to the manufacturing world and they will use any stratagem to maintain cost controls including bald faced mechanisms to supress the price of silver. Goldman Sachs did it with aluminum and the Chinese did it with iron ore and steel. Silver is pennies on the dollar compared to those commodities so controlling it's price is child's play. Gold is another thing and it could split higher as silver languishes

I could be wrong and it's quite likely I am wrong but my gut tells me silver as being bitch slapped for these reasons

Anyone else see this differently? I'm all ears

May 3, 2017 - 12:10pm

I Don't Know How Many Times..

This has happened..

Gold price held extremely tight range for two to three days then BLAMO !It's smashed big time, it's like they need a little time to line up their naked shorts for the take down.

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May 3, 2017 - 11:52am

Comey hearing (Now)

So far this this Comey hearing is nothing but a "make Comey and the FBI look good" hearing. A bunch of softball questions, FBI glorification and more Russia Russia Russia...

More hearing to come.. Sen. Judiciary and Sen. Oversight hopefully they get the truth.

May 3, 2017 - 11:41am


for a bad FOMC

kill the silver & gold first before the bad comes out... pre-management

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