This Week With Batchelor and Cohen

Though The New Cold War and Russophobia have been temporarily displaced from the front pages of the news, John and Steve still checked in last evening with another informative and helpful show.

For once, the news flow has been rather slow this past week...if only because the brewing conflict with North Korea has supplanted the New Cold War in short-term importance. This will very likely flip back in the weeks ahead so it remains important to stay on top of all recent developments and, as you know, these weekly podcasts are the single best way of doing just that.



p.s. And if you're looking for a discussion of North Korea, Mr. Batchelor covered that last night, too. Here's his interview of Gregory Copley, editor and publisher of Defense & Foreign Affairs. (For our Aussie and Kiwi friends, it begins with a little history with which I was not familiar.)


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there are not many of us

but the ones of us that listen hope you will keep it up

thanks  your friend


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Great Speech By Trey Goudy !

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