On with SGT Report

Back on Wednesday, I had the honor of connecting once again with the SGT Report. We had a lengthy and detailed conversation about a whole host of topics that are near and dear to TFMR so please take the time to give it a listen.

Here's how Sean described the discussion on his site:

"TF Metals Report Craig Hemke joins me to discuss the increasingly constant bankster paper gold and silver raids – and the decline in effectiveness of those attacks. We also cover the Comex fraud and the meltdown of the silver fix at the LBMA."

I'd say that pretty well sums it up but I felt the need to post it here because we also cover a number of other topics that we don't usually get to spend much time disucssing here on a daily basis. So, when you have the time, please give this a listen.




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More audio


Here's my weekly conversation with Eric...it was actually recorded late yesterday. He covers a number of topics and addresses again the pending changes to GDXJ and JNUG.


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First (after "Da Boss")

Letz get on with the  day... get something going with gold and silver.... still looks "locked down" ... lol

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Is getting ground lower.  Soon, we can stack more. 

Loved the George Bailey reference.  

I like Sean from SGT a lot, one of my favorites.  Scratching my head, however, on why he listens to webbot predictions.

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Gold Looks Like .......

........it wants to move up.

Silver less so

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Just as gold looked like it was going to break out of it's recent trading range it just got slammed down again. How many contracts this time. Mo Fo's.

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If there was a massive Slam down . . .

I would probably be concerned that they planned to launch a major war very soon.

It seems now that the 'markets' are about politics & propaganda, rather than anything close to legitimate supply & demand. 

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Thanks TF for all you do.

The silver market is a bigger con than neck tattoos.

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Question for TF

I listened to the silver forum yesterday with SRCRocco, Dave Morgan, you and Any Hoffman.  Great stuff.

Here is the question:  

IF:   there is truly a limited amount of silver in circulation (2.5 Billion oz?) and TPTB (including the Fed and Treasury) seeks to: a) suppress price, while b) periodically running out of physical silver,

THEN:  why would any government mint silver coins??

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Face Tattoos are the 3X leveraged ETF of Neck Tattoos, just FYI.

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10:48am: GDXJ +.43%; JNUG -.87%

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Us (Foreman) against them (Frasier). laugh

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Oh man -"QT quantitative tightening"

Apparently, according to KWN, QT is the next Orwell newspeak buzz phrase. I guess it makes sense. If the Fed can covertly print money and not admit it on their "balance sheet", why can't they wind back their official balance sheet by increasing an unofficial balance sheet? Why pretend to follow any constraints at all? Only a few nutty gold bugs out on the fringe would ever question it. Most other people will swallow it hook, line and sinker. Keep stacking. This might take a little longer to play out. It's a better option the WW3. Peak stupidity is just around the corner - so won't be long now!

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Slammed.......Not So

Gold has recovered and looks like it wants to continue up.

USDJPY is gonna fold.

Fuck them.

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Anything is preferable to WW3.

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is now wearing a 108 handle. Could we be setting up for a nice finish for CDG?

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@Danforth Re: USD/JPY

Ha! Yes, a 108 handle... for about as long as it takes one to wash one's hands!

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Great conversation with Sean

(Wow, this post got out of hand. Skip if you want. Lost a battle to rumination.)

Very real conversation.  Because we live with the corruption of the US Finance-Government-Military-Media complex daily, you really do forget just what a confidence game this current modern world all is. The artifice permeates reality like a stench in an old trailer home: the two now inextricable from the other. But when you step back and look at it objectively, as Craig and Sean did, it really is astounding to what degree everything we now see and hear and are sensorially bombarded with daily, is increasingly one grand imposture since the turn of century. 

I often tell my kids that they are growing up in an unreal world; none of their generation actually has any experience of the real. They haven't grown up in it. I tell them how hope they can one day live in a real world, with a virtuous feedback cycle. And I've shown and discussed with them videos of how CGI is composed from green screen and motion-capture suit actors to the "artificial real" image on the screen. They know we are saturated in artifice, they instinctively sense it. We truly live in the Matrix now. 

I guess the great question is: will Humanity itself capitulate and fully embrace the Bezos-Musk con game of transhumanism, and the eternal, post-natural humanity? Wil they give up and buy-in? Will Humanity actually prefer and choose to live fully in a fabricated world a la the Ready Player One universe? (I have a brother who yearns for the time of virtual living, complete automation and medicinal advances that mean no major illnesses or death. He is all-in on this Bezos-Musk fever dream.)


Will reality and the world of physical and moral substance win out? Will the deep well of truth that constantly whispers from within our being finally return to control? Will our instincts kick-in and expel this current, imposed artificial reality like the 24 hour virus that it is?  (And don't mistake me for a Luddite. I work in technology and am all for technological progress, I just think you have to balance it with the very real limitations imposed by nature.) 

Personally, I have hope in humanity. Brexit, Trump(I know, I know) and soon-to-be Le Pen tells me that they still, at some level, remember their deepest selves. Wake up, dead men of the West. Wake up. I hope. But it feels like the exhausted hope of this underrated U2 song. (And hey, it is Easter week.)

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Hah! That figures. Virtual Lemonade article.

I just finished posting that above unwieldy comment about our increasingly virtual and artificial world. I go to investing.com to check out USD/JPY and look down the page to see this:


Bartender, I'll have a shot of irony along with my virtual Manhattan, please.

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