This Week's Batchelor-Cohen

Another great show last night where Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen provided a dose of essential information in regards to Syria, Russia, Ukraine and the New Cold War.

We've been posting these podcasts every week since February of 2014, as the New Cold War began in earnest with the "Maidan Revolution" in Ukraine. Events have moved from Kiev to The Baltics and now to Syria but the battles remain the same as The American War Party seems ever determined to drive a potential conflict with Russia. Russia has its own "War Party" and events such as the American missile strike in Syria have them clamoring for increased hostilities, too.

All in all, the New Cold War has reached a very dangerous pivot point. Can the Trump Administration limit the rush to conflict or will the US continue to slide down a path toward direct military action against Russia?

As always, these podcasts are essential listening as the message propaganda emanating from both sides is making the fog of war more dense by the day.



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America today

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@ Two additional links Plus 1

1st for the first time...laugh

Here's a site Professor Cohen also mentioned in the interview..

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Hundreds of military combat vehicles moving out

of Las Vegas yesterday evening, via a very long train to California.

In 10 years I've not seen anything like this. If they are being shipped to the middle east or the Korean peninsula, they might make it there by early May.

All I could think of while watching. Hundreds of poor youngsters will probably drive these vehicles into a hell on earth.

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The Strange Case of Tulsi Gabbard and other Tales of Terror

“Suffice it to say, the real Syria under Assad is a complex place. Assad is hardly a brutal dictator. He is popular with a majority of Syrians and could well lead a nation as part of a coalition government. He inherited power after his brother was murdered by the Mossad in a “Lady Di” car wreck, what the CIA refers to under the code name “Boston brakes.”

Assad is a political moderate and reformer who never sought public office. He is a trained physician who worked in London, had many Jewish friends there, was rather popular and is married to a former bond salesperson who worked for a Rothschild controlled bank.

What Assad found in Syria was dictatorship, corruption and inefficiency. What he also found was a nation assailed on all sides, a situation that got only worse as time got on. In fact, no leader has survived this long under this kind of pressure. This could only be possible with massive publicsupport  “

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Be sure to read this

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