Russian Fever With JBSFC

As the Neo-McCarthy Era steams forward in Washington, Batchelor and Cohen this week provide historical context to help you understand the gravity and danger of the current state of American politics and media.

"Orthodox media coverage always requires an orthodox storyline", so says Professor Cohen as the show begins. And this where we stand today in The New Cold War. The American Media has been handed a storyline of "Russian hacking in the election" and the endless, morphing coverage has led to hours of breathless "analysis" on cable networks and even a congressional hearing.

But what about that initial storyline? Did the Russians "hack the election" or, more specifically, the Democrat National Committee? Our pal Mike Krieger has done terrific work in exposing the holes in this story and I strongly encourage those, not blinded by political dogma and instead simply in search of the facts, to read the three links below:

War Party favorites such as Dick Cheney and John McCain are now claiming that "Russian interference in the US election was an act of war". But what if the Russians didn't actually do anything of the sort? Can you now see how this entire episode plays directly into theme of the New Cold War where Russia is made into the boogeyman everywhere from Ukraine to Syria to now the US?

And one more thing. During the program, Professor Cohen expresses incredulity that FBI Director Comey would be unfamiliar with Gazprom, the Russian energy giant. I have to admit that I was flabbergasted to hear this, too, so I went in search of the link. How can one of the most powerful men in America...and the one supposedly in charge of "the Russia investigation"...NOT even have a basic, background familiarity with his subject? That's downright astonishing but here's the link:

As always, please be sure to listen this week and every week and The New Cold War darkens and deepens.



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The anti Russian fake news is running rampant in the mainstream media.

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Gold Charts

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Metals holding well -- time for some more Fed jawboning . . .

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Are there any significant

Are there any significant changes in the United States under Trump?

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boy, scary yet not...powerful interview

..I live in a mostly dem county...mostly...

and know most just watch the news for their info..the tv news or

the newspaper..I get the neighbors newspaper bags for dog poop..

I have decided it's the best use for the nyt:)

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video from this evening


Here's Tucker Carlson interviewing Professor Cohen:

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