Neo-McCarthyism with Batchelor and Cohen

Your graduate-level History and Foreign Affairs course continued last night as Batchelor and Cohen discussed the growing Russophobia in Washington and how the current situation is beginning to resemble the McCarthy, "red-baiting" days of the early 1950s.

I'm not going to give you a summary....just listen to this podcast. The entire thing! And then compare and contrast what you hear with the disinformation and propaganda coming from politicians and their like-minded "media". 




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I cannot stress strongly enough


It is extremely important that you listen to and fully consider this podcast.

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Love the accompanying photograph of McCarthy. 

Another witch hunt, another enemy to be created, all for the purpose of PROFIT AND CONTROL !!!!

Can we not think of better uses for our time ?  I am SO tired of hatred and propaganda.

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WHAT is up with the miners?

WHAT is up with the miners?  Gold at 1250 and miners down????

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Hatred & Propaganda

It gets the peeps to chase the wrong bear...

We have serious internal corruption which many of our leaders profit from...

Hatred and propaganda prevents regulators from digging in the right file cabinets.

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Subbing For Charlie


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passing it along..and imo, before it can

escalate to real war, the pedo ring will be revealed...

and imo, Russia said the war will not be on their country...and I will bet my pm's, it won't

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