The Latest From Batchelor and Cohen

Professor Cohen and Mr. Batchelor got together again last evening for their weekly discussion of The New Cold War. Events are once again moving quickly so please be sure to give this a thorough listen as soon as you can find the time.

With Russian influence and activity widening in The Middle East, you can be certain that a new wave of Russophobia will be forthcoming from The War Party and their sycophant media. Therefore, it remains extremely important that you stay on top of the situation by listening each week to these informative podcasts as they are the only fair and balanced discussions that you'll find anywhere in the western media.




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Batchelor and Cohen...

One of the highlights of my week...

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And I was first!

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Silver good.  Bronze bad . . .

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Hi marchas


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Sorry user with no name

I am laughlaughlaugh Keep Stacking

See abaove. double post.


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The only way to be able to speak to Putin is....

the back door;

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Third Time's The Charm - The Neocons Want Another Sunni....


They just can't help themselves. Now the Neo-Con Ziotards are tripling down with a pair of Clubs ! God Bless the Kagan's.

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The Despicable John McCain

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Honestly, this is unbelievable


Each week, Batchelor and Cohen discuss the "new McCarthyism". From the link above, you simply MUST WATCH this video of the despicable John McCain....totally in line with the red-baiting activities of the House Un-American Activities Committee of the 1950s.


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John McCain

About 3 years ago John McCain stated in an interview: "We just screwed up over there. We screwed up in Czechoslovakia and didn't support our guys, our friends.. I don't know, but we should go back. We should go back, using the back door, and see how we could help them over there."

I don't mind that he doesn't remember some details in his age, I mean -- Czechoslovakia doesn't exist for 25 years already, but can't we try something new next time? For example, using the front door when approaching other countries and states? It might work better, long term.

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Wow McCain

Not so many years ago when I still had feelings the Party's had differences that really meant something I voted for that bastard. Yes, I still think he may have been better than Woody then but lately he has gone complete "retard". Uh oh did I say a wrong word in a safe space? Just kidding, but this new McCarthyism thing in D.C. is an example of how whacked out things are back there. I really hope it doesn't gain more steam.

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John McCain War Pig

War Pig is clear evidence that insanity exists in the Senate and is allowed and  encouraged.

There are a lot of paths to the Senate and White House.  

Spending 7 years as a POW isn't one of them

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That is stunning.  I've never

That McCain video is stunning.  I've never been registered a Democrat or Republican, but these days it's become impossible to loath one less than the other.  One of the dark periods for Republicans was the McCarthyism.  The revival of this tactic as surveillance becomes total is so caustic it's difficult to guess how it will play out.  I'm with the professor hoping that Trump is more adept than he often appears and is portrayed.

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