Another Week With JBSFC

Last night's program was an excellent history and political science lesson.

With a temporary lull in the fighting in Ukraine and Syria, John and Steve take the opportunity this week to discuss the current state of affairs between the US and Russia as well as the occasional history of détente between the two countries. Recall that Professor Cohen is profesor emeritus of Russian studies, history and politics at NYU and Princeton so this week's program is your opportunity to take a one-hour, graduate-level course in these subjects.

Be sure to give this a listen.



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This one was very good

So much to look at underneath the covers...

Seems double speak and misdirection is the order of the day. And to think I actually voted for McCancer in 2000 against Bush 2... I am so glad I grew out of that Full Retard self!

So much shit, so little toilet paper... and a whole world to flush it in.

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Don't feel bad. The choice was between herpes and anal warts. Not your fault.

I don't see how this ends well. Why would Russia trust the West ? why would anybody trust the West ? We've broken every Treaty and every promise for a hundred years. You would be foolish to trust the West. The USSR collapsed because we crashed Gold and Oil prices which were two of the USSR's main sources of income. There were other reasons but these were two very important reasons. Fast forward to today and we don't know how much Gold we have. But we do know Russia has a lot. And they have a lot of Oil. Does anybody here believe the same strategy that helped to defeat the USSR is being used today ? Look at Oil prices for the last 1.5 years. Look at Gold prices for the last 1.5 years. Now who has the the most debt and who has the stronger hand ?

The freaks that have been running this planet for the last 100 years are in trouble. The debt based monetary system that has served there purpose is done ! You can't get any more blood out of this corpse.

So what is left ?

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Angry Chef - what is left?

BTW, loved the rest of the response. Glad I didn't have coffee when I read that first line!

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You Can Rent Crimea

I love that line where the Russians were told we might allow you to rent Crimea from Ukraine. The Russians were paying 90 million per year for access to the ports in Crimea to Ukraine. Ports that Russia built and paid for. But once the coup d'etat took place in Ukraine and Soros and McCain and Nuland and the Neo-Cons had Yanukovich overthrown and replaced with hardcore Nazi's. The Russians turned around and handed the 90 Million that was going to Kiev to pensioners in Crimea.

That was a nice way of are we going to pay for this mess ?

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