Visiting with X22 Report

Recorded back on Tuesday of this week, you might this discussion to be useful and helpful as 2017 continues to unfold counter to what was put forth as The Generally Accepted Narrative.

It's always a pleasure to be on with Dave as he's a very smart guy with astute observations of global events. To that end, in this podcast, Dave and I discuss:

  • The US dollar and that Generally Accepted Narrative
  • US tax policy which has forced so much manufacturing overseas
  • Trump's "protectionist" policies and how they might impact trade and the global economy
  • Physical gold demand in 2017, particularly in Europe
  • The dynamics of the silver "market" and how this effects supply and demand
  • And a whole lot more

Again, I think you'll enjoy this discussion and I hope you find it helpful in making your plans for 2017.



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for the Gold

X22 is awesome

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Great Interview

Well Done Craig.

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The coveted 4th?

Great stuff to keep the mind working while on the treadmill.

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