Trump and The New Kremlin-Baiting

A thorough update last evening from John and Steve where the primary topic was the continued "Kremlin-baiting" by the American War Party.

And this is more complicated and devious than you think. As Professor Cohen explains, by linking Trump to Putin and The Kremlin, the American War Party is seeking to delegitimize his authority when it comes to Russia. Thus, if The War Party is ultimately successful in marching the US and NATO into a war with Russia, the American President will have only a fraction of his usual political power to halt or slow the process.

This is insidious and evil and you simply must take time to understand the hows and whys of the big picture. The only fair and balanced discussion of these issues is found in these weekly podcasts. We've been posting them every Wednesday for the past three years and, sadly, it's impossible to envision a time in the near future where posting them will no longer be necessary.



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Numero Uno

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Screw the War-Party !

These archaic bastards who feel the need to keep the war mongering up are ruining the world, as are the self anointed wealthy overlords who feel they can control our destiny.  Screw them all ! 

Thank goodness for truth sites like this one, and JB/SFC !!!!!

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Should I stay or should I go...

I just wish I knew when to sell and when to buy... I just don't know... I feel a gout attack coming.

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Ist 4th For The Day

Keep Stacking

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Stay or go

Sell half 

then you can't be 100% wrong!!!

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B52s bombing ISIS

Ooops missed the ISIS leader though, having known about this camp for 4 years, the damnest luck huh?

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Clinton Charity is Massive Global Swamp-Charles Ortel

January 25, 2017 

Wall Street financial analyst Charles Ortel has applied the same research skills he does to see if a company has sound solvent accounting to the Clinton charity machine. Ortel has called the Clintons the “Bonnie and Clyde” of charity fraud.  What does Ortel say now that the Clintons are shutting down there so-called global charity?  Ortel contends, “The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) was a fraud from the very beginning.  It started in September of 2005 as an interesting idea that you would convene around the time of the U.N. General Assembly in New York.  You would convene world leaders, former government officials, investors, corporate officers and members of the media in closed sessions where you would talk about high sounding topics, and noble people would stand up on stage and say how much good they were going to do under the guise of charity.  The trouble with that is . . . the CGI was an activity so distinct and so different than the main authorized activity of being a library and being a presidential archive based in Little Rock that it should have sought approval from the IRS . . .  and it never did that.”

How big is the Clinton charity fraud? Ortel says, “I fear what happened here is, this fraud in the very beginning, it wasn’t caught.  It was like cancer.  The tumors got bigger and bigger and bigger, and it spread from Arkansas to every state.  Then, it spread around the world.  It touches the Bush arm of the Republican Party, and it certainly touched the Obama wing of the Democrat Party.  It began to touch different countries around the world who watched what Bill (Clinton) was doing.  Bill was bankrupt, and they walked out of the front door of the White House stealing as much furniture as they could get away with.   People around the world saw how Bill, Hillary and Chelsea used their marque name and their celebrity to garner riches.  Other government leaders started to emulate them. . . . You are creating a massive global swamp.”

Why is the Clinton charity shutting down now? Ortel, who has analyzed the Clinton charity for more than two years, says, “I think, in part, because nobody wants to contribute to it.  That’s one reason.  Unfortunately, they are going to learn the hard way the way charity laws actually work.  You can’t simply shut something down and not answer any questions. . . . The laws are such that before you liquidate, and that is what they have to do here, you must make full disclosure, and they have never made proper disclosures here. . . . Going back to the Clinton Global Initiative, narrowly, what the (Clintons) tried to keep from public view are all the crooked side deals. . . . There are multiple private deals concocted out of the CGI, and every single one of them is what’s called ‘illegal private gain.’ . . . What they don’t seem to understand is, with charity fraud, the burden falls on the targeted charity to prove that it was lawful. . . If you destroy these records, which is what I fear they are doing, you are only compounding your problems. . . . Many countries are looking into this, and I think what you are going to find is a cascading mountain of new evidence. . . .This is a text book case of charity run amuck. . . . I think the case is overwhelming.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial analyst Charles Ortel.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

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America Is Not Going To War With Russia

...or China. Period.

A. You don't have the money.

B. They have a Military Pact in place. You may defeat one...though I doubt it. But you won't defeat both.

C. The MIC has to be torn down and America's position needs to be re-thought. America needs to find the cajones to lose Israel, European Royalty, and the Vatican.

That's the real War.

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War ?

America could easily destroy China AND Russia....but nobody would 'win'.

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