Batchelor-Cohen Begin 2017

It has now been nearly three years since we first began posting these weekly discussions between John Batchelor and Professor Stephen F. Cohen. Sadly, as 2017 begins, The New Cold War has led to a deterioration of diplomacy to levels not seen since before The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Since 2010, TFMR has discussed monetary and economic threats each and every day but never did we think we'd have to consider threats to humanity's very existence. To that end, as long as Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen continue their discussions, we'll continue post them every Wednesday. You should be sure to listen.

Last evening's broadcast was designed to bring everyone up-to-speed on all of the events that have occurred over the holiday season. What makes this such an extraordinarily dangerous situation? As mentioned above, the level of diplomacy between the U.S. and Russia has receded to levels not seen since the late 1950s. At the same time,

  • US and NATO troops/advisors stand against Russian-backed military in The Donbass and Crimea.
  • NATO troops are being positioned along the Russian borders of the Baltic States. This places potentially hostile forces directly upon Russia's western border for the first time since 1941.
  • US and Russian forces are flying and fighting in close proximity...and against different Syria.

We've often mentioned that 2017 is going to be a wildly unpredictable year and events in The New Cold War are foremost in our concerns. Again, please be sure to listen to Batchelor-Cohen this week and every week. There is no better alternative for a fair and honest discussion anywhere in the western media.



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The Best !

What a great listen !

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Thanks Turd!

For continuing to shine the light in this dark corner.


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how much more mischeif can Obama do

in NATO countries until Jan 20?

will it make a difference with a Trump President? I hope so!

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A Hack a day keeps Trump Away.

Propaganda: In a world turned upside down. Perhaps most Sheeple are too lazy to verify and simply accept MSM BS. When handling any firearm to another "Trust but Verify"- MSM news the new weapon of war that get's little verification in a complacent populous. 

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We have some understanding

We have followed this buildup of the New Cold War and it seems 99% of Americans or more have very little understanding what has happened since Ukraine, only what the MS media states as the case. My 34 year old son who told me some years back he did not want to listen to me about anything like this did finally have a discussion about it. I was at least surprised that he   We didn't get into the depths of all that I have learned from the Cohen/Batchelor shows and my c


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For Now

$HUI, $XAU, GDX and GDXJ all above their 50 day MA's and apart from the latter, all flirting with their trendline resistance.

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......just failed to break near term trendline resistance and is moving down again whilst gold and silver move to new highs for the day.

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Awesome quote at 15:18

"Oh come on now, the Washington Post and New York Times editorial pages make talk radio look like university discourse"  ..Stephen F. Cohen

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USD/JPY and Gold seeing a lot of volatility. 0.5 span on the USD/JPY candle a few minutes ago.

Algo's effecting gold still in play.

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The Real Issue With Russia

Is that they're largest bank is clearing all trade with Russia, China, Iran, and soon to be Turkey. This is a direct threat to the Petrodollar. I wish they would go into more detail regarding this aspect of the conflict.

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Is skepticism treason?

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