JBSFC on the New Russophobia

With the insanity of the post-election media coverage reaching a fever pitch, Batchelor and Cohen chimed in last evening with a fair and balanced discussion of the facts. No half-truths, insinuations or guesswork here. Just the facts in a summary of what has transformed the New Cold War into outright Russophobia.

At the end of the day, the US media is still so shocked that their preferred candidate failed to win the election that they are desperately grasping at straws for any nefarious explanation. They've settled upon Russia interference and "fake news" for two reasons:

  1. It gives them continued and unprovable cover for hiding their shame after fully backing one candidate over the other.
  2. It builds a platform for the media and Democrat party from which they can question and block every possible move soon-to-be President Trump makes on the grounds that he was not fairly elected.
  3. It gives voice to The War Party which is desperate to continue along their dangerous path of Cold War.

Much, much more is discussed in this latest JBSFC and all of it is covered within the framework of The New Cold War. Please be sure to listen this week and every week. And if you run across someone at your holiday party...someone regurgitating the nonsense and speculation of the mainstream media...you'll now be armed with the facts, if you choose to engage them. However, rather than a useless debate, perhaps you should just simply point your adversary to this podcast and hope that they listen with an open, objective mind.



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best morning of the week

JB and SFC rock !

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Is the metal 

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I couldn't resist...

Hoping for an up day...come on Marchas45....

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I Am Marchas

like in the Spartacus movie.

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This is great


See this link: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-14/tucker-carlson-takes-idiot-huffpo-columnist-over-russian-hacking-claim

And watch this:


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Again, in the end this is all about delegitimizing the Trump administration. Just as "Bush was selected not elected" became the mantra, even though EVERY recount of Florida gave him the victory. In 2016, it's that he only won those key states by 80,000 votes and those 80,00 votes were only his due to Russian "interference".

The thought process is...If you can legitimize the president, then you can build public support to STOP any potential legislative moves that you don't like.

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Craig, agree with everything you wrote, but . . .

. . . that’s only half the picture.

By trying to de-legitimize Trump, they are trying to inoculate themselves against some of the legal retribution that is sure to come for the illegal acts committed by many of those about to lose power. I think we have seen from Wiki-leaks and other sources that many crimes and misdemeanors have been committed by a number of people who are on their way “out”.

Not even taking into account the subject you have asked us not to speak about on this blog, there are still plenty of questions that we will see Congress, the DOJ and FBI pick up the pace on investigating and exposing after January. Wonder why a certain campaign has come out and endorsed recounts and security briefings for electors when they know these actions have no chance of success? They want to be able to cry “foul” and claim they are being pursued because of their trying to stand up for the voters in this country. By aligning themselves with these actions now, they hope to gain sympathy when the hammer starts coming down. “We’re just being punished because we tried to do the right thing”.

Some people have gotten their asses in a real sling.


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Did I miss something there?

So....I watched

Did I miss something there?
It seems that pompous PoS successfully got Tucker stuck on the 'influence of the e-mails', when in fact the whole argument is based on the very very false premise that Russia had, and then released the e-mails.

There is NO evidence for that, the actual sources have been identified. And even more importantly (this has been said many times already~!), it's not the release source that is the issue - who shives-a-git ---  IT'S THE FREAKIN CONTENTS.

Sleaze, pedophilia, corruption, pay-offs and treason, just for starters. And, where is the prosecution on all this?

I do not question Tucker's intelligence or debate skills, so now I have to ask; has FOX accepted the line-in-the-sand re; pedophilia/elites, just as they accepted the line-in-the-sand re; O-bomb-ya's incredibly sorted past/lineage/sexual orientation/aliases, and just mysteriously focused on the poorly faked birth certificate, which was the tip of the iceberg?

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maybe Sgt. Schultz needs to wakeup, fox news is run by the "same guys' as all the rest...

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61.8% - The Golden Ratio

I'm seeing this Fibonacci number crop up all over the place recently.

Silver, GDX, HUI and XAU all hit and bounced off their 61.8% levels.

Gold is the exception as it is below it's Fib level ($1270)

30 out of 40 miners that I track all hit and have bounced off their 61.8% levels.

The really interesting ones though are;

The Yen uptrend - (Low May 2015, High August 2016) = 87.3

As per TFM charts on Friday.

POSX downtrend - (High 2002, Low 2008) = 101.97

USD/JPY downtrend - (High May 2015, Low August 2016) = 115.9


Seem's like the POSX has been trying to break this level for a year and a half now. I'm not convinced the rambling's of Mother Fellen today is going to change things that much........but I could be wrong.


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Schultz is not snoozin in da bushes

Dr. P .....I hope that's understood, by some majority here. I guess I was hoping for some other explanation. But, having been told to watch said video, I did what I could w/o mentioning the white elephant in the room, which clearly extends across party lines, ie. thin bread with ketchup and meat-sauce.......................

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Yes, I don't think I recall Schultz sleeping much on the show, unless it was at the "right" times. wink

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I hear ya


The interview gets bogged down in the minutiae of one single point. I just included it here in the hopes that visitors to the site for this thread will click the link and watch the video.

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The Changes already evident in the "news"

Since the election the change in the drums of war "news" has been a total drop in the "prepping for nuclear war" narrative.

We live with noise being called news.  The louder or more stickier it gets the more I see the indication that there was a nefarious power play that got interrupted, and someone is trying to salvage it. 

The USA and the entire globe has some real problems, yet I'm thankful that enough people are paying attention. 

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It's the content, stupid!

It's more than passing strange that there is virtually NO discussion about the content of the Wikileaks emails that were allegedly leaked (with zero evidence) by Russia/Putin/Snowden that allegedly gave the election to Trump.  As if it doesn't really matter that there is massive corruption and criminality at the very top of the DNC (big deal, we all knew that); the only issue of importance is WHO hung this dirty laundry out for public inspection?  Yeah, off with THEIR heads!  Also zero discussion in the MSM about massive corruption uncovered in the phony election recount that indicates that a very large correction factor is necessary for the imaginary Clingon popular majority.  Maybe 25-50%?  The Trump regime will be a disaster but he won the election, any way you look at it.

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The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

Stocks down, gold down, dollar up ... the Russians are behind all of this. Let's go to war! Let's nuke 'em. We can not tolerate their interference any longer! 

Oh, wait, the Fed raised rates and promises more in the future? Hmm, they must have an insider on the FOMC.

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@abguy4 - re: Did I miss something there ?

I've watched a few programs with Tucker. He's far better than most of them out there. But, am I the only one who watches the screen, and maybe even yells a little, - "Go for the freakin' juggler !"  He did mention the false WMD hype surrounding the Iraq War. Oh Yeah, lets trust the intel types. Didn't mention that many retired US intel officers said it was an internal leak source. Said nothing about how strongly obummer pushed the clinton campaign. Even to the point of telling a Mexican national that if she voted in the U.S. election, she is a citizen.  Oh yeah, this administration and its agency heads have all sorts of credibility.

Fox may seem better than most of them, but they are still the mainstream media. Ruppert Murdoch is a big time globalist - pushing open borders, the obummer trade deals, etc.  Does anyone really think a 'news' talking head is gonna be allowed to fully tell the truth ?  They say enough to avoid blowing their credibility with their target audience. Tell conservatives what they want to hear 80% of the time so you can slip in 20% subtle lies. The subtle lie here - - that this is anything but the political class doing CYA and trying to undermine Trump. If he succeeds for the American people, they will be exposed as frauds & parasites.

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What If

What if its the Ruble that gets backed by gold not the yuan.  Would this demonization make more sense? Maybe some threats have been made between the East and West. Are the chinese not locking themselves into the SDR's from the IMF?  I doubt the chinese Govt will switch to a gold backed currency due to this.  Western Countries locking people into digital money to prevent divesting of local currency into Rubles makes alot of sense to me.  The first Country to back it's money with a physical asset immediately becomes the world currency now.  Or am I on the wrong track?  Just me and my hadicapped thoughts.

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Or Russia demands gold for it's oil. (via J Rickards)


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