Silver Manipulation In Detail

Tue, Dec 13, 2016 - 10:12am

Nick Laird and his service, GoldCharts 'R' Us, has long been an ally in the battle against Bank precious metals manipulation. In light if the recent revelations from Deutschebank, Nick has compiled some of the data into charts that you simply MUST take the time to review.

Nick's tremendous service can be found at his website: He has a subscription component that helps him to pay the bills but he also churns out free information and charts on a regular basis. It is his latest public post that caught our attention when we found it linked to the GATA website earlier today.

I'm not going to reprint the entire thing here for two reasons. One, I haven't asked Nick for permission and, two, I'd rather you visit his site directly to see the charts. He's running a business, too, and if this sort of information is your bag, then you should be sure to consider a subscription while you're there.

The direct link to this tremendous dose of information is here:

Be sure to take time to review the very first chart on the page. Note the timeline of the manipulation and transcripts attached to all of the text and email messages between the conspirators.

For the sake of the discussion here, I am going to borrow just one of Nick's charts and it's posted below. In TFMR parlance, we have long described the almost-daily, early morning precious metals selloff as the work of "The London Monkeys". It's a cute name for a sinister group of Bullion Bank traders that work to lower the price of both precious metals into their daily London fixes. Well now, thanks to Nick, we have quantitative proof of this daily manipulation. (click to enlarge)


Again, please be sure to review all of the charts the Nick has provided. Though the denials persist and the stench of The Cartel Apologists is thick, Truth is finally beginning to see the light of day. We've maintained for years that any structure built upon a foundation of lies, fraud and deceit cannot last. With more revelations, lawsuits and investigations to come, you can be certain that Truth is going to prevail. All of us in this community on the right side of history and we will be the victors in this battle against the destructive and criminal Banks.


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Terp mavens
Dec 13, 2016 - 12:10pm

Thanks mavens

LOL - I know!

That's awesome though - I've been known to make mistakes so I'll compare yours and see if I missed someone =) Always good to have a second pair of eyes!

CC Horses
Dec 13, 2016 - 12:12pm

Steven Seagal: If The Truth Came Out

Steven Seagal: If The Truth Came Out, Obama Would Be Impeached

This speech was in 2014

5 minute video

Dec 13, 2016 - 12:13pm

New Guess Since it's Duped


Thanks Mavens

Joseph Warren
Dec 13, 2016 - 12:16pm

@ Jerome

I agree with you about the CIA, Doc.

It's interesting that the FBI (whoever that is in this case) is reported as saying there is no evidence that the Russian government was involved. Of course, they have the job of overseeing domestic counterintelligence.

Hmmm . . . is someone in the bureau just telling the truth ? Or, is the purpose of this to taint the FBI as politically motivated for Trump. (So, all the anti Hillary accusations are also tainted.)

Machiavelli would love the current USA.

Dec 13, 2016 - 12:17pm

So True, Doc J

In law school, the first thing taught is the method and structure of the western legal system.

Dispute resolution in a peaceful manner requires some structure, that the participants PERCEIVE to be fair. When that perception is lacking, the participants reject the process, outcome, and validity of it all, then typically resort to self-help. What made the western legal system what it is today is that the outcomes were enforced with all due power of the sovereign entity in charge.

The perception was simple. If one became enmeshed or caught up in the system, then the system did what it needed to do to (1) maintain the perception of fairness; and (2) render an outcome that furthered the interests of those in charge of the system.

Self-help was still the preferred method for normal folks. But, criminal matters, and wealth matters like ownership and transfer of real property were all done through the system.

When one studies the system, it becomes immediately apparent that the system, with all its pronouncements and pageantry, and lore, is really nothing but a winner-takes-the-spoils approach.

When words can be "interpreted," by whomever is in charge, then it is really nothing more than a show of intellectual force.

Exhibit A: Justice Roberts striking down Obama care on commerce clause grounds, but upholding it based on it being a tax.

Do I really need to go on?

Anyhow, Doc J, your explanation of the paradigm is spot on.

Most disputes in the common experience involve disputed questions of fact. However, when facts are simple, those cases never reach beyond settlement into an actual jury trial. The reason is simple.

Today, the legal system as viewed from the perspective of the commoner, that is, the jury, is all about philosophy. It is about the value judgment, and policy judgment.

Today's world is vastly different. It is global, based on the fraud of international trade based on fiat currency, enforced with military might. The subjects are managed in a sophisticated manner based on subtle perception, done with nonstop barrage of propaganda. Television is FREE. Content is FREE. The world is interconnected and communications are done on a mass scale, constantly, incessantly, and with absolute rigidity of message by those in charge of the system.

It is for those reasons, that the debate centers on WHETHER the factual underpinnings are true or not. If the masses ever got past the facts, and began to question value and policy, then there would not be enough rope or lampposts. For example, it is inconceivable to me that those in the black community have not figured out that their so called "leaders" are responsible for keeping them beholden on failed government welfare programs, because of the leaders' need to have a monolithic voting block. If that constituency would ever wise up, things would change over night. Until then, though, the facts remain the battle ground, and logic is simply not in the equation.

AIJ canary
Dec 13, 2016 - 12:21pm

Inflation is easy to create

Just just give people an infinite amount of credit and stop trying to force them into an infinite amount of debt

Joseph Warren
Dec 13, 2016 - 12:23pm

Silver rocks

I love billhilly's pic of raw silver ore.

Does anyone know where you can buy 'silver rocks' like that in small quantities (palm size) from a trusted source ?

That would make a nice keepsake and gift.

Dec 13, 2016 - 12:25pm
Dec 13, 2016 - 12:25pm

Shanghai gold

Unlike the COMEX/Globex Shanghai does not trade 24 hours weekdays. Now I know the site "didthesystemcollapse" sometimes indicates that the Shanghai market is closed.

Right now the difference is over $34 but Shanghai is closed. So is this the Shanghai closing price? I don't understand what this site is really showing.

The following site is helpful in showing gold exchange open hours.

Dec 13, 2016 - 12:39pm

Turd: Sorted by $, What About Doubles?

Hi Turd & Crew,

Here's a sorted (by $) list. I guessed the same as another: Should I pick a $ that's not guessed yet, OR leave it be?

(Sorry about sloppy format...not good at this yet.)

NAME Gold/HUI/Silver

Kuchek $ 1,111.00
almantas $ 1,235.55
MrSteve72 $ 1,249.32
AlienEyes $ 1,261.00
Chancey $ 1,261.80
-SilverIsMoney- $ 1,275.66
woodchuk $ 1,276.00
asc2003 $ 1,288.88
remup181 $ 1,294.00
bookers126 $ 1,298.00
Goldencross $ 1,299.50
gold slut $ 1,299.98
MoonShiv $ 1,300.00
Noteriety $ 1,300.13
Outback $ 1,300.57
CBHogan $ 1,300.98
imfd $ 1,301.90
Iceberg Slim $ 1,303.19
goldfanbrad $ 1,305.20
BarnacleBill $ 1,305.50
Rushstyx $ 1,306.50
ag4me $ 1,307.42
Boing_Snap $ 1,310.00
Maryann $ 1,312.20
NW VIEW $ 1,312.99
trx16 $ 1,313.13
AngryCitizen $ 1,313.13
BillD $ 1,314.15
Marcus $ 1,317.71
Boatboy $ 1,319.63
knoxradio $ 1,320.25
Harley $ 1,320.59
silverbud $ 1,322.00
JQuest $ 1,322.00
tolemac $ 1,322.65
BLACKKITE $ 1,324.56
Sagomez001 $ 1,325.50
onesong $ 1,326.19
braincramps $ 1,326.52
ClimbThatHill $ 1,329.47
yesca6 $ 1,330.00
landplanner $ 1,330.33
brokerk22 $ 1,330.40
The Pivot $ 1,333.13
klompie $ 1,333.33
chocolatechiphorses $ 1,333.34
Markedtofuture $ 1,334.29
J Siefert $ 1,335.05
cstacey $ 1,336.81
SilverHunter1985 $ 1,339.01
40 mule team $ 1,340.80
surfeitndearth $ 1,341.33
nadgeskaul $ 1,341.40
zwartjens $ 1,342.13
cashonly $ 1,342.43
Joseph Warren $ 1,342.50
Old Howard $ 1,342.55
legacyelectric $ 1,343.33
PJ Invest $ 1,345.00
Dr Jerome $ 1,345.50
Compwiz4u $ 1,345.67
DOOGIE $ 1,345.68
Age Zilverstra $ 1,346.54
Sound Money Minnow $ 1,347.25
Lugnut $ 1,347.27
gf $ 1,349.50
DeGraives $ 1,353.99
lakemike49 $ 1,355.08
chinaussiedoll $ 1,357.22
boomstick $ 1,357.91
ancientmoney $ 1,358.71
forever20 $ 1,358.88
Angry Chef $ 1,359.32
Robertoe $ 1,360.00
jchantel $ 1,362.26
Mr. Fix $ 1,363.11
Newager23 $ 1,364.00
adonisdemilo $ 1,365.71
Get Smart 086 $ 1,365.82
Oil Can Bob $ 1,365.88
gold way $ 1,366.60
Wingy $ 1,366.95
Chiron $ 1,367.25
@VikingKing6 $ 1,367.40
Montaigne $ 1,368.16
NUGTCALL $ 1,369.69
mausche $ 1,369.96
SilveryBlue $ 1,370.96
Nick Elway $ 1,371.05
Blythesshrink $ 1,371.10
Blackwatersailor $ 1,372.60
Golden Turtle $ 1,372.69
mavens $ 1,372.71
Marchas45 $ 1,373.68
SteveW $ 1,374.53
hindsight101 $ 1,375.00
JustnCase $ 1,375.00
brolgaboy $ 1,375.20
Landowner $ 1,375.50
galen313 $ 1,376.00
Rainforest $ 1,376.24
Ozymandias $ 1,376.42
Terp $ 1,376.70
argentuman $ 1,377.20
Captain Scott $ 1,377.77
TF Metals fan $ 1,378.81
Sheeple-49 $ 1,379.23
bilambiljet $ 1,382.12
Whitecastle123 $ 1,382.40
mike97 $ 1,385.27
RickshawETF $ 1,385.35
Sherpa Bill $ 1,385.36
Lemming $ 1,385.80
tvend $ 1,386.69
murphy $ 1,387.90
eliu $ 1,388.00
lanyonbpl $ 1,388.03
Geter $ 1,388.29
KeynesianKryptonite $ 1,388.42
Benitho $ 1,388.88
Pdever $ 1,389.80
Poundwize $ 1,389.91
JackPutter $ 1,390.70
phil288 $ 1,392.37
mgilbert $ 1,392.60
Ferd Torgerson $ 1,393.00
08Gold-Wing $ 1,393.39
chrtoo $ 1,393.93
Klingon $ 1,394.91
AlexP23 $ 1,396.18
Dirt_Reynolds $ 1,396.51
Biscuit $ 1,396.86
Mikey London $ 1,397.00
Dogbone $ 1,397.11
Keg $ 1,397.60
flipper22 $ 1,397.75
wesley108 $ 1,398.00
flycozy $ 1,398.61
Grey Mare $ 1,399.00
ikhebeenpunter $ 1,399.26
benque $ 1,400.00
kenmasters675 $ 1,400.00
w8n4 Aslan $ 1,401.37
Travis4 $ 1,402.00
huiaid $ 1,402.28
RedRiver $ 1,402.77
Lurker $ 1,403.79
simjojim $ 1,405.00
SilverRay $ 1,405.33
Redley78 $ 1,405.41
bpete $ 1,406.20
KC $ 1,406.53
Human Mushroom $ 1,407.00
NZ-AG $ 1,407.33
Blaggers $ 1,407.50
Hilltopper $ 1,407.51
Libero $ 1,408.10
CONSTANTINE $ 1,411.07
kryton619 $ 1,412.22
mjfinch $ 1,412.30
Bama $ 1,414.14
boomer sooner $ 1,415.00
Rakka $ 1,415.00
honeybrown $ 1,417.50
Antony von Clearwell $ 1,417.79
moosebuster1 $ 1,418.01
Mellington $ 1,418.10
Boggs $ 1,418.66
tedc $ 1,420.00
WingsofGold $ 1,420.48
agjames $ 1,421.08
waxybilldupp $ 1,421.28
Craigo $ 1,421.60
silver66 $ 1,421.70
harley_cowboy $ 1,424.24
lakedweller2 $ 1,425.00
yukon123 $ 1,425.16
97 Rock $ 1,426.00
garth $ 1,426.50
eurobuddha $ 1,427.25
Rooster_Cogburn $ 1,427.51
haef $ 1,427.61
renozep $ 1,428.09
Hans-Dieter_Mueller $ 1,428.27
DPMS308 $ 1,428.60
billhilly $ 1,431.51
Berk $ 1,432.10
hans007 $ 1,432.80
GOLDDOC $ 1,433.77
crylandjr $ 1,441.14
EKW $ 1,442.12
lund175 $ 1,444.51
Coffee Black $ 1,453.12
AmericanSunset $ 1,456.14
Lanikai $ 1,458.20
linz47 $ 1,459.10
Silverhog $ 1,464.75
rajmistryis $ 1,468.20
vincev $ 1,477.77
Blackshook $ 1,481.00
California Lawyer $ 1,492.00
Danforth Coxwell $ 1,492.00
brentb $ 1,493.99
imach1 $ 1,497.50
Clarki Stomias $ 1,500.00
AIJ $ 1,500.00
Casca $ 1,523.02
scoremore $ 1,531.32
ericpro $ 1,538.00
Marcrward $ 1,638.00
What If $ 1,659.12
cyclemadman $ 1,667.19
abguy4 $ 1,800.00
koan $ 2,111.12
infometron $ 2,386.00
MIN $ 1,111.00 total: 216AVERAGE $ 1,391.21
MAX $ 2,386.00

Dec 13, 2016 - 12:43pm

IF Guess Again: 1312.11

Looks as good as any other on the low side....Let the games continue for another year, at least! I need more in my little stack, you see...

Thanks to you two who took the time to list everyone's guess! (You guys have a lot of time on your hands...go play outside for an hour!)

Angry Chef
Dec 13, 2016 - 12:45pm

Russian Hacking

I don't believe it was Russia that hacked the Dem's. And it's unlikely we will ever know the truth. Do these Intelligent Agencies talk to each other ? Yes. But does anybody recall after the 2nd Trump vs Clinton debate ( may have been the third debate ) and someone caught Hillary on camera saying after the debate that " if that bastard wins, we're all going to hang from the end of a noose ".

I believe that there are people inside the intelligent agencies that have detailed information regarding The Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, 9-11, Treason, bribery, and on and on.

Does anybody recall Jim Willie saying that WTC7 contained some 200 billion dollars worth of Russian Bearer Bonds coming due on September 12, 2001 ?

Do the Russians have an interest in revenge against the West ? Yes. Was it the Russians ? Perhaps but they got help from OUR agencies.

This IMHO.

Dec 13, 2016 - 12:46pm

Confidence Post-Trump (To 9 Year Highs)

Sure when the entire business media is pumping the hell out of this for their year end bonuses what do you expect? Nothing has changed, just wait until after the January 1st when all this bull shit so-called news is over come by reality starting with the countries YUGE pension mess....

It's coming folks!

Dec 13, 2016 - 12:50pm
Dec 13, 2016 - 12:50pm

OH, Billhilly, I'm

Gonna need to examine those rocks, personally, to settle the dispute Dr. J and you seem to have going....I promise I'll give rocks back to you when I'm done....(How's that, CAL?)

Dec 13, 2016 - 12:58pm


I made your first chart and would have been #41 on your second with a guess of $1425, but I did not make the cut to the second chart. I could make a second guess of some where around $2500 if that will help?

Edit:. Made angry citizens chart. If that will work, then back at $1425 again.

Dec 13, 2016 - 12:59pm

Intellectual Force

This term by Cal got me thinking about word magic and spells. Interestingly enough this article popped up today in my news feeds.

Secret Spells of the English Language: Our Premiere Life Sentence

By Laurel Airica

So what do I mean by the secrets spells of the English Language?

Well let me share with you, what I call Our Premiere Life Sentence, and it goes something like this:

We awake each morning and go off during the week-daze to earn the living
At various Jobs and Undertakings, until we come to the Weak-end

And this seems perfectly acceptable to most people
However more people die between 6 to 9 on a Monday morning than any other time of the week

So I do what I call a Translation of the English Language
And I spell that T-R-A-N-C-E with the idea that words cast spells

So when you translate that life sentence you remember that:

A-Wake is a funeral party for the dead

Morning is a state you’re in when you attend A-Wake

And you would have to be in a Weak-Daze to earn the living
Since Earns are for the ashes of the dead

We call our Jobs undertakings
Job itself is a Hebrew word for ‘Persecuted’

And what we get at the end of this perverse bargain with life is the Weak-End of the deal
As we become progressively Weakened ourselves

And so our most prevalent greeting to each other is Hell-0
The reverse of which is 0-Hell

And at first I suspected the hands of collusion
Entangling the language to foster illusion

And I think it’s quite true that a culture’s Theology
Has a great deal to do with the word Etymology

And how it evolves over time
To combine incompatible meanings that may undermine the original thoughts it was meant to define.

But now, I don’t think it’s planned

For the thing that I found is that light concepts can gravitate toward the same sound
And vibrate at the rate that our thoughts designate

Because words are Electromagnetic vibrations
Who’s fine Alphabetic Tintinnabulation’s
Can take on the tint of our true Expectations

Which they then imprint on our Metal of Mind
Causing sounds to Adhere when they’re of the same kind.

The power of language. The meaning of words. A Jordan Maxwell rabbit hole if you dare.

Dec 13, 2016 - 1:00pm


Is there an A2A this week?

Dec 13, 2016 - 1:02pm


appear to be galena, a lead-silver compound. I have several examples from when i worked at the Escalante Mine in SW Utah.

Dec 13, 2016 - 1:09pm

Today's post

Dam bwanksters!

They must all have "innies"

Dec 13, 2016 - 1:12pm

Today's forecast (with apologies to Dr. P.)

For the monetary metals, just change "Higher" to "Lower" across the board.

Dec 13, 2016 - 1:14pm

here you go....

I guess since they are out of the PM market they haven't listed we'll just have to use "Dollar" as a measure....

Now, what if they do NOT hike ???? I know, I know, it's a certain guarantee, but ???

Or, what if they grew a set of nuggets and hiked 50 bps ????

God, I really hate that they have such influence over the markets ! Will the day ever come that we will be free of their incessant manipulations ????

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to wake up from my nightmare ! ....okay, maybe a small piece of shiny too !

Dec 13, 2016 - 1:23pm

IF Guess Again: 1322.01

Adjustment my dupe...

Dec 13, 2016 - 1:25pm


Looks like he just called Hildabeast a LIAR.

Rats leaving the ship.

CC Horses
Dec 13, 2016 - 1:31pm

Not Again

In Dramatic Heist, French Robbers Steal $1.5 Million In Gold From Armored Truck

The suspects, operating in multiple cars, surrounded the armored truck and forced it off the A6 highway between Paris and Lyon, a national gendarme service spokesman and a judicial official said.

They then seized the gold, locked the two delivery men in the back of the truck, and set one of their own cars on fire before fleeing, according to the spokesman.

He said the flames spread to three cars nearby and were threatening to engulf the armored truck as well, but local police intervened thanks to a tip off from a witness and rescued the two men in time. The other cars were unoccupied, the judicial official said.

Dec 13, 2016 - 1:38pm


go to EBay, search for "silver ore", shop to your heart's content.

keep stacking!!

mavens lakedweller2
Dec 13, 2016 - 1:39pm


I recall your name being on my list twice. I must have made a mistake and nuked you somehow.... my bad. As I said, I did this all as fast as I could, no C/P, all typed out...

I'll defer to @Terp if nobody can find any errors in that data...

CC Horses
Dec 13, 2016 - 1:44pm
CC Horses
Dec 13, 2016 - 1:45pm
CC Horses
Dec 13, 2016 - 1:47pm

This goes with above charts:

This goes with above charts:

Following news last week of a surge in Chinese retail gold premiums as demand for physical bullion soars amid China capital controls, Reuters reports that the chaos in India has sent people rushing to buy gold, paying as much as a 50 percent premium above official India prices. This renewed surge in demand for physical in india follows reports that India's top importer of gold, Axis Bank, reportedly suspending the bank accounts of some bullion dealers and jewelers following the arrest of some executives over money laundering.


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