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Another great show from John and Steve last evening. As developments in The New Cold War twist and turn, these weekly podcasts are the single best way to stay on top of the situation.

In a discussion that ranges from the new McCarthyism of "fake news" to developments on the ground in Syria and Ukraine, Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen once again provide the western media's ONLY fair and balanced conversation regarding Russia and The New Cold War...and they do so every Tuesday at 10:00 pm EST.

We've been posting these recordings every Wednesday since February of 2014 and will continue to do so as long as John and Steve continue their dialogue. This is not "fake news" and the folks at The John Batchelor Show and TFMR are not Russian sympathizers. Instead, we are simply attempting to provide a balanced, weekly presentation of the facts that have led to the single worst deterioration in US-Russia relations since the early 1960s.

Please be sure to listen this week and every week.



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If you don't have much time


Please be sure to at least listen to the third segment. It begins at about the 19:00 mark.

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my favorite listen of the week !

I find JB very informative and insightful.  I highly recommend listening to some of his other podcasts too.  He has a very decent way of delving into issues with minimal bias.  And, he seems to be giving Trump a fair shake...not bad from a New Yorker.  Here is the easy way to download:

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Silver Morning Wood!

Nothing like rising silver in morning. Well,almost nothing :-)

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Oh yeah silver at 17.10

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Bullion Banking: Part I, as per Zerohedge

Contemporary bullion banking operates as a fractional reserve gold banking system in which paper gold is created out of thin air in the same way as commercial banking creates cash out of thin air. The ability of bullion banking to operate in this way is facilitated by the dominance of an unallocated bullion account system which is centred in the London Gold Market. Bullion Banking as presently practiced is concerning for a number of reasons. It channels demand that might otherwise have gone into physical gold into paper alternatives that have little or no impact on physical gold demand. It facilitates a vast and opaque system of speculative trading. And it ultimately props up and protects fiat currency systems to the detriment of the gold price.

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SFC @billhilly.

Agreed, billhilly!  This is one of the two most important listens of the week. Here is the other one (IMHO):

Both shows have such high journalistic standards and are broadcasting the most important information you are going to hear, anywhere!

Make these two hours a week, a must!


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Terrorism? Nope, not here...

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Victory in Aleppo: 1000s of

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Indeed, do listen to this JBSC show

...... from 19:00 onward if you are pressed for time.


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damn great hour - 39 min

This is my best hour of the week; my must listen

I love the podcast, I save 20 min, & can listen anytime

JB & Dr C are Rock Stars

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First Casualty/ McCarthyism

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The UN Has To Go...

Seriously. The UN, who's Charter was originally to stop War, has mestastisized into a Globalist tool for the invasion and destruction of Countries. It is nothing more than a facilitator and partner in the looting of the planet.

They have to go.

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