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This week, John and Steve discuss some of the signs of growing détente between the U.S. and Russia. However, The War Party is still in charge so the danger remains high.

Though the New Cold War has been moved from the front pages due to all of the election coverage, the situation remains tenuous. As usual, John and Steve provide an excellent rundown of the current events as well as look forward to what possibilities may come forward with the new Trump administration.

This was an extremely important and helpful discussion. Please be sure to give it a listen.



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Guess everyone is eating turkey, now to listen.

Good luck all,


PS for some lighter thanksgiving fare after listening to this podcast check out the Thankgiving episodes of Bob's Burgers on Netflix, there are 4 of them - each about 20 mins long, family friendly.  I like "Dawn of the Peck" from season 5 the best.

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Thank you

Turd - THANK YOU for all you do! I am grateful to be able to benefit from your insights, analysis and wisdom as well as the  enormously insightful and intelligent group of forum members. Wish you all may blessings and good fortune!

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Anyone else feeling like a little Charlie Brown?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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This Charlie

Will Take 4th Happy Thanksgiving

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