A Cooling Of The New Cold War

With the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, many of us hope that The New Cold War begun under the Obama administration will be stifled. This is the hope of Batchelor and Cohen, too, and they took up the topic last evening.

As usual, this week's discussion is a must listen. John and Steve consistently offer the only fair and balanced coverage of the crisis and your best way to stay abreast of the situation is to listen each week.



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What Did I Just Stumble Over?

Was it a First!?

Now to listen.  Thanks for bringing these to us, Craig.


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Alternate link for JB/SC interview


I am only posting this because Turds link just shows up as an empty box for me (and has for the last few months).

Turd, question for you....Do you have a timeline for the updating of this website?

Thanks for all you do!

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It's getting closer


Ron and his team are building the new TFMR as a part of an entirely new platform for their businesses. As far as I know, we are still on track for Q1 of next year.

And re the "empty box"...try refreshing the page a few times and the audio may magically appear.

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this is well worth the time to listen

a bit of hope?

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For the newer TFMR site.  Put the option to hat tip at the bottom of the box. And never ever lose the bumper music. 

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