Post-Obama JBSFC

Though this was recorded last evening before Trump was declared the winner of yesterday's election, it's still required listening today.

Time was precious last evening so John and Steve were only able to record an 8-minute segment. Yes, the Trump victory clearly brings hope that The New Cold War will be defused, but there's still a long way to go before relations between the US and Russia improve. Putin has congratulated Trump and hopes to "restore relations":

So, let's see where this all goes under the Trump Administration. In the meantime, don't forget that we still have to live through two and a half more months of Obama.



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Robert DeNiro et al

Please stick to acting, and leave the important matters to those who actually THINK.

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thanks for the early post


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Right behind



Guess not. Sleeping in buddy?

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Interesting that...

Today's date written European style is 9.11 !

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Taleb tells who got burned

But the problem is the one-eyed following the blind: these self-described members of the “intelligenzia” can’t find a coconut in Coconut Island, meaning they aren’t intelligent enough to define intelligence and fall into circularities?—?but their main skills is capacity to pass exams written by people like them. With psychology papers replicating less than 40%, dietary advice reversing after 30 years of fatphobia, macroeconomic analysis working worse than astrology, the appointment of Bernanke who was less than clueless of the risks, and pharmaceutical trials replicating at best only 1/3th of the time, people are perfectly entitled to rely on their own ancestral instinct and listen to their grandmothers (or Montaigne and such filtered classical knowledge) with a better track record than these policymaking goons.

###########FU Ivy league trained to be Pavlov's dog for their master one Nassim

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Could all you good xristians now quit praying~!!!!!!!

"By tomorrow, we hope and pray that some certainty will allow us all to get back to business as usual."

Could all you good xristians now quit praying to git back to business as usual ?~!?

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frkn thing won't copy #$%%^&

trying to add to the above post the current gold chart @ -50 bucks~!!!

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I'll take it.

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