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Wed, Oct 19, 2016 - 9:14am

The next 48 hours in Syria will be important as a "humanitarian pause" has been declared around Aleppo in order to allow some residents safe passage out of the area. Will this initiative proceed or will it end in flames, as the "humanitarian convoy" did a few weeks ago.

Syria is now the most visible and active front of The New Cold War. Not only are the US and Russia deeply involved there, in the past few days Vice President Biden has promised that the US will soon "send a message" to Russia over its alleged involvement in hacking the DNC: As you can see, relations between the two countries continue to worsen.

And The New Cold War is not just contained to Syria. It actually began in earnest in 2014 in Ukraine following the US-sponsored "revolution" that led to the ouster of the elected president, Viktor Yanukovych. The current situation there is also quite volatile following the assassination last week of Arseniy Pavlov, a military leader in Donetsk:

So, please be certain to listen every week to these podcasts as The New Cold war twists and turns...and endangers all of us.


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Dyna mo hum
Oct 19, 2016 - 9:23am
Oct 19, 2016 - 9:25am


OK I'll be Turd...

Ferd Torgerson
Oct 19, 2016 - 9:47am


Wake up Marchas!

Are you there?


edit: Well shoot. Got 4th. Hope Marchas isn't too upset. Maybe he can demand a re-count and have my vote thrown out.

Oct 19, 2016 - 9:50am

@smoke screen

It's called "gas lighting"... 

Demoncrats are the best at it. 

Edit: I forgot another one of their favorites


Oct 19, 2016 - 9:55am

Smoke Screen...

I believe this whole "Russia is trying to undermine US elections" is an emergency political diversionary smoke screen to cover up the REAL election fraud by the Democratic Party, it's to try and cover up the election fraud that came out in the WikiLeaks emails. The Dems have to get that story off the front page, it makes perfect sense and is so obvious just start beating on the war drums with Russia!

ChaCha Mars
Oct 19, 2016 - 10:03am

1st -- With prayers for Aleppo

Thank you, Craig. Without your site I wouldn't have known about Batchelor/Cohen Tuesday nights. They remind me those bombed-out buildings we see once contained men, women and children.

To paraphrase Bill Still: still listening -- with a big grain of salt, given B/C's Eastern seaboard NYT/CFR orientation. Always good in FlyoverLand to know what those folks are up to.

Image result for bill chelsea clinton

How globalism-oriented is CFR? Bill & Chelsea Clinton are members; there are no Trumps: For the curious: There are 2.3 million Bingies on "Council on Foreign Relations" "globalism" -- but only 40,900 Googlies.

For me and mine, good to listen -- remember the world, then turn back to simpler, localer.

Dr. P. Metals
Oct 19, 2016 - 10:07am

They just want an excuse

to nullify it in case trump wins. Nothing more to it.

Funny thing though, I'm sure the election won't be deemed "hacked" if Hillary wins. Strange that is...

isn't everyone getting sick of the schemes of man yet? After 6o00 years, not a single thing has changed.

Oct 19, 2016 - 11:07am

George Soros Mentioned Over 50 Times In Leaked Hillary Campaign

Lets see the guy who owns voting machines in 16 states has 50 mentions in emails with DNC operative John Podesta....

Mr. Fix
Oct 19, 2016 - 11:13am

Calling the election a fraud is already baked into the cake...

By openly undermining the cornerstone of a democracy, the pretense that votes matter, has been destroyed.

Prof. Cohen still has a huge blind spot as to who is calling the shots, he never references the Zionists, the banking cabal, Western religious authorities, the military industrial complex, and the deep state.

He acts like an ignorant child who believes in Santa Claus, thinking that the western puppets have any real control over anything. We watch them all come and go, but the agenda of human enslavement proceeds unaffected.

Of course war crimes are being committed, and his constant rationalizations excusing western leadership for their crimes against humanity reeks of a planted narrative with no basis in reality.

Unprecedented evil has been unleashed on our planet, and by supporting the organizations and power structures controlling Western civilizations, we are all guilty of aiding in these crimes against humanity.

The United States government was hijacked by the most malevolent forces on planet Earth decades ago, and we are witnessing their best attempts at consolidating their power globally.

This election is meaningless, as both major candidates are simply supporting a globalist agenda. Even Trumps "truth bombs" come from a well-established counter narrative espoused by a controlled opposition.

As long as people are content to vote for the lesser of two evils, evil will always rule over us.

I don't think our illusory "right to vote" will be maintained to the end of this cycle.

The economic collapse will be severe enough to greatly reduce the global population. But the puppet masters still need a scapegoat to pin it on.

It looks like Civil War is one of their few remaining options. Their preparations are all in place.

Prepare accordingly.

Stack what you will need to survive.

Oct 19, 2016 - 12:13pm

The MSM is a complete failure allowing what outcome?

I simply don't think there are any honest people left in the mainstream media except maybe clerical and janitorial staff. The rest should be put on trial with the Bankster NWO crowed when the reckoning begins.

What gets me is with the power of the internet, there are much larger numbers now that are aware of the chicanery going on. The news staff in higher positions are either pretty sure of the way the BS will go down or they are cowards fearful to come forward and expose how bad the corruption and breach of trust to the public really is.

Stephan F Cohen has stated many times since the Ukraine unraveling began, how the journalists back in the old Cold War days debated positioning and strategy of both sides, as events unfolded then, which we never get anymore. I do remember opposing journalists views of the Cold War issues back then. If nothing else there was always respect for the power of destruction the Soviets could unleash.

A few well placed EMP's over the US and we are back to the 1800's. A large portion of the population would likely not survive in less than a year and how would anyone know who actually did it? Seems like an approved outcome by at least some of the elitists. They could blame it on Putin or go with Obama's Executive order Space Weather sun flair scenario and our connections would be lost.

They just bunker down in their underground facilities, and in a year or so after emerge and go about their business with a small resistance at that point in time, I would think it would be a much better outcome than the devastating, long lasting nuclear fallout situation of a real nuclear exchange. Much better way to get rid of those worthless eaters.

Perhaps this is what the MSM guys have been promised, a place in the temporary sanctuary. I'm screwed up here and hanging around this site connecting dots has become second nature, but somebody tell me why this couldn't go down?

Angry Chef
Oct 19, 2016 - 1:55pm

The Murder of Motorola – questions which must be answered

And by the way Goldcom. Your theory sounds perfectly plausible but highly unlikely to me. Why ? There is way too much of the Earth left to plunder. There are massive amounts of riches to be had in Eurasia and Africa and South America. You can't enjoy the fruits of your labour when you're sitting in an underground bunker for years to come. The elite would have to resurface now and then even if it's just for finding new babies to eat....

Joseph Warren
Oct 19, 2016 - 5:56pm

@ Mr Fix

O.K. I'll say it. Prof Cohen is Jewish. Does that create a blind spot in him ? People are often labeled with the 'anti-Semite' tag if you even mention the internationalist banksters (Rothschild, etc) and their debt Ponzi scam. Many people 'will not go there'; they censor their own thinking. I know this because I did this myself for a very long time. Criminals are criminals no matter what particular group they happen to come from. The Jewish people I know are as clueless on these matters as most other Americans, and are likewise victims of the fraud.

IMO unless this central Ponzi issue is dealt with, Humanity will remain in the mental Matrix prison. If we could somehow snap our fingers & have every person around the world understand all this, it would end within a day.

Oct 19, 2016 - 6:19pm

Joseph Warren

The word, 'anti-semite' simply means 'doesn't like jews'. The bizarre thing about it is that about 90% of semites are not jews. They are Arabs....which makes jews the biggest anti-semites of all. Ever seen the word 'pro-semite' ? There is no such word....probably because it would mean pro-Arab & Jew.

In Nazi Germany, 80% of jews were Marxist/communist. It got them killed. Today, in America, 80% of jews voted for a communist (Obozo), twice. Personally, I think jews are nuts because of tribal inbreeding. There is no law or social requirement that one MUST 'like jews'. I do feel sorry for the 20% of jews that aren't nuts. The other 80% can burn in hell forever !

Oct 20, 2016 - 8:00pm

@ Mr. Fix: Prof Cohen's blind spot

is necessary to be able to appear on radio.

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