Cold War Heats Back Up

After the optimism of a cease fire in Syria last week, this week's Batchelor-Cohen update is back to full Cold War mode after the US struck Syrian army positions over the weekend and an aid convoy was also attacked by unknown forces. This mess only seems to worsen by the week, which is why you need to listen to these updates every week, as well.

Besides the usual, comprehensive situation update, be sure to catch two other noteworthy items:

  • In the first segment, Professor Cohen mentions a NYT editorial that made my jaw drop. Can't find a link so you'll just have to listen.
  • In the third segment, Professor Cohen describes how Russian "elections" work. Fascinating stuff about which I had no idea.

Again, these updates consistently present a fair and balanced discussion of The New Cold War. You should be sure to listen each and every week.



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Send in the chechyans...

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didnt you mean clowns?

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Third Time's A Charm Again


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Please be sure to catch the part where Prof Cohen discusses the NY Times editorial where it states that the US military was/is ready to IGNORE the commander-in-chief's orders to work in concert with the Russians against ISIS.

That's incredible if true.

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Craig, That adds strength to


That adds strength to the comment within this post:

If The US Was Really Targeting ISIS Would They... See 1-6

6.The US needs to take action to end the internal bickering within its own government.  International diplomacy is impossible when agreements negotiated by diplomats are undermined by other governmental agencies.  Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and other US government figures should be fired for insubordination and replaced with figures that allow the administration to speak with a single voice and so that negotiated agreements can be assured of implementation.

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No Link? How about a title?

How about at least a title to that Turd.  Not going to drop my adblocker.  I'm too computer ignorant to mess with a thing without one of my sons close.  frown  Also,  maybe someone can offer a quick outline of Russian elections.
  Thanks in advance.


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Special Forces revolt re ISIS

I read this yesterday.

Did not save link.

There was an article pub'd in a mil mag. Could have been underground.

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Special Forces Sabotage Administrations Syrian plans

Summary of article from subscription US Army Special Forces soldier website -

(Its also enlightening to read the comments posted after the article.)

P.S. - It sounds like the NYT  continues their job as the azz wipe of record. It doesn't sound like its the guys there refusing to go after Isis effectively.  Again, its the politicians and careerist rear echelon muther f*ckers that are the real problem.

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More on the Special Forces story

Source is Russian and, of course, they have their own agenda. All sources need to be looked at with a critical eye -

You gotta try real hard from high up the chain of command to create such a FUBAR situation.

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More on Convoy Attack

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