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The negotiated cease fire in Syria has the potential to bring a ground-breaking new partnership between the US and Russia in the fight against global terrorism. However and as you might expect, War Party opposition to this arrangement is stiff and threatens to derail its prospects.

There is opportunity here but history is replete with examples where The War Parties on both sides prevail against any effort that threatens to disrupt their hold on power. More recently, as the ongoing crisis in Ukraine will attest, even the slightest hints of cooperation and rapprochement have been met with stiff War Party opposition so optimism is not high that this current Syrian agreement will hold.

As always, we beg you to stay on top of the situation by listening to these weekly discussions. Mr. Batchelor is a brilliant analyst and Professor Cohen is one of the world's foremost experts on Russian history and affairs. Their conversations represent one of the few outlets in the western media where a fair and balanced presentation of the facts is a regular occurrence.




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For the taking

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i guess

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Looking forward to the next Sec of State.

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I like

Listening to this show. Thanks for linking to it. 

Putin and Trump being on the same page makes me chuckle. It appears, very preliminary, that the Russians are keeping 1) very tight reins on Assad during the cease fire as in don't you dare F this up and 2) They are monitoring like a hawk the infractions by the US Rebs. 

This is more promising than the last attempt so far. 

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Lots of unrest in everything....here and aboard.

I'm gonna sit on the sidelines for now and wait for a trend to appear. I'm mostly out of the metals, I'm holding 25% of my positions for now and will wait for the skies to clear.

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Not very funny...

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Not very funny

Just ask the f-ing btch if she has Parkinson's or some other neurological disorder.

Of course I know she is going to LIE, I get it, I am not stupid. But at least if an email(please Assange) comes out showing otherwise she is disqualified, or if by chance she wins, and subsequently, its discovered otherwise, she loses all credibility to govern. Just ask her, she has Parkinson's.......make her lie to the whole country.....their is no way to spin her actions in a positive light

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you have to first have credibility, in order to lose it...

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Taxidermist ???

What ? Is she going to get stuffed ?

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AC - 09:14pm post

certainly not by Bill

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Turd said: The negotiated cease fire in Syria...

Turd said: "The negotiated cease fire in Syria has the potential to bring a ground-breaking new partnership between the US and Russia in the fight against global terrorism."

All other countries that have entered into agreements with the USA have lived to regret it. According to Paul Craig Roberts the US has broken all the treaties made with other nations, including even going back to those signed with the Red Indians.

Is it not a case of "Forked Tongues"?
Why should that suddenly change with Russia?

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Red Indians

We prefer the term First Nations or Native Peoples or Native Americans. Not offended, we are just not from India.

1/4 Cherokee, 1/4 Seminole.

But to your point, the USG in a treacherous lot and cares not for the rule of law, treaties, pacts, protocol, agreements, human rights or our own Constitution!

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