JBSFC Return

After taking a week off to end the summer, John and Steve returned last evening with a thorough update on The New Cold War.

The New Cold War has many fronts and without these weekly updates it would be nearly impossible to stay on top of the situation. This week Mr. Batchelor and Prof. Cohen update the situation regarding:

  • the G20 meeting last weekend
  • Ukraine and the crumbling Minsk Accords
  • the war in Syria

Please be sure to listen this week and every week as it is vitally important that you remain alert to changes in this dangerous conflict.



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can't afford it

a wwIII... we've used up a lot of our stores of missiles and bombs in aghan land and syria.

The dollar wont be able to purchase anything of value soon anyway.

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Boom... in there

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Thanks Turd!

For continuing to follow this vital outlet for real news about this conflict. All the light that can be shone, helps.


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Thanks, Turd

Appreciate you posting these JBSFC podcasts.

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YouTube about Russia, Crimea and Ukraine

A history of how the Zionists have tricked Russia since 1907.
Someone in Germany sent me this with little explanation of who is speaking (in English) and since all the text is in Russian I can't read who it is.
Still, it's interesting and maybe worth a listen.

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Yes, - Westerners are That Stupid

Pardon me, I posted this somewhere else but thought it would be good here on the Batchelor/Cohen thread covering Russia -


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