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Back on Friday, I had the opportunity to visit again with Dave at the X22 Report. Lots of timely information here so, if you're looking for something to do while the U.S. markets are closed Monday, you might give it a listen.

We cover a wide assortment of topics here, with the discussion ranging from the latest BLSBS to Harry Dent to the gold:silver ratio. Many of these same topics are discussed here at TFMR on a regular basis so, if you like what you hear, feel free to join us by clicking here: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/subscribe



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Great Interview!

Edit: Nailed It! Happy Labor Day to All...

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Woah, weekend action!

Sliding into 2nd?

Hope everyone has a great holiday week end!

Now where is that Marchas...? 

STACKING perhaps!? Haha!

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Come On 4th

Damn 3rd Keep Stacking

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sorry M - 4th in Japan

gomen Mar

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Was one of Craig's best interviews!

Dave is very professional and Craig is, well knowledgeable!


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Looks like Denver Dave has joined the USD/JPY band wagon based on his recent article.

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Lucky 7 - nice Silver Close Friday


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Enjoy his efforts to keep us abreast of the economic news. Short and sweet just like the good ole days of honest business and economic news reporting. 


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Light holiday trading


Nevertheless, silver is back to its highs of the day near $19.60. Remember, the 50-day is near $19.69. Do not be surprised, though, if it's immediately hit for 10¢ or so when the Globex reopens tonight at 6:00 EDT

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VAAXED - The Forbiddent Documentary!

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Re: Vaxxed film

I was watching it. They just took it off YouTube claiming a copyright violation angry

When I click the link above, now I just get a YouTube home page with a bunch of videos on subjects I've watched before.  And, none of the videos have anything to do with vaccines or autism (no surprise there).

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I don't know if anyone has posted this story

forgive me if it's a repeat.  The issue involved is Civil Asset forfeiture that goes back to President (poppa) Bush. 

DEA regularly mines Americans' travel records to seize millions in cash


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@tedc - thanks for posting about Vaxxed

One of my relatives' kids is pregnant about a month. She and her husband are 20-somethings. The young man is a Phd candidate in a bio-science. Your post reminded me to get links about the Vaxxed movie to him and his young, first time pregnant wife. He has the bio-science background to research this further so they can make an informed decision.

The actions we take may reach far beyond what we are directly aware of. Thank you for caring enough to post that. - JW

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Uh what?? Another scuicided proffessional lawyer.

I found it on a site that I would use "grain of salt" with.  I need to go look for corroberation.

Julian Assange's Lawyer Found Dead After Being Struck by Train


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sorry had to post this

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TRUMP gets STANDING Ovation at BLACK Church in Detroit

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Check the date


I've seen that story before. It allegedly happened months ago.

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As much as I despise that woman, it's hard for me to even watch that!

Geeze, some people have some serious mental health issues. She needs to get help, seriously!

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Ah thanks

I started digging and indeed it was.  I don't know where I was looking at the time.

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Think on Your Feet

I don't agree with everything Warren Pollock says, but I like how he thinks outside the box. (I think many of us have run up against the rigid non-thinking of some drone-like people that Pollock discusses.)  His interviews always stimulate my thinking -


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"Well, the only thing that's strong is the artificial stock market. That's only strong because it's free money because the rates are so low. It's an artificial market. It's a bubble. So the only thing that's strong is the artificial market that they're created until January. It's so artificial because they have free money... It's all free money. When rates are low like this it's hard not to have a good stock market."


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I don't know of Pollack well but the interview

was outstanding..really helped me put the final

peg on Common Core which wants group consensus 

which means no thinking especially out of the box


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A few years ago I tutored a couple of high school kids in math and science. When going through some math problems, I tried to show them a better, easier way to solve them than how they were 'taught'. I tried to show them the reasoning behind my approach and why it would work better and save time & effort. (No big deal - just what I'd been taught as a kid.) Neither kid wanted to hear it. They were used to memorization and rote procedures & they just wanted to 'get their homework over with'. One was a 'B' average student, the other had an 'A-' average. These kids are getting screwed over big time.

I also talked with an elementary school teacher who was alarmed at what Common Core was doing to her students, - confusing & frustrating them. She just couldn't understand it. She thought she 'must be missing something'. She would not allow her self to see the truth - - so continued with the Common Core agenda & harming those kids. Even though she truly loves children.

One thing I got from the Pollock interview is that we can't let our wishes interfere with what we see and hear right in front of us. Many of us thought that this fraud would come down years ago. We thought our PMs would protect us from this. No one knows for certain, but this criminal looting system may go on a lot longer than we thought. So, IMO we need to think on our feet and be flexible in our approach. 

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@ sorry had to post this


I think Hilary is damn close to getting out of the presidential race do to cough, cough health reasons.


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I would have guessed 'prison' or 'kennel cough'.

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Spot on, Jim!!

Jim said USA should not show up for the G20 and " they would just be pissed on, ridiculed and ignored"!

Spot on, Jim!!

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Prison, a boy can still dream! smiley

Rikers Island is in her district! She can stay close to home!.

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Ep. 69-Smaul Gld, New York City and Amazon's Student Loans!

Note - Lou of smaulgold starts at 11 minute mark....

1hr 5min


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More Polls Show Massive Trump

More Polls Show Massive Trump Surge: Is Hillary the New ‘Low Energy’ Jeb Bush?

from Sputnik News:

Donald Trump is now leading or tied in multiple major national polls despite a summer filled with controversy and an unrelenting media assault while Hillary Clinton has ignored campaign rallies to focus her attention solely on big-dollar donors in closed meetings.

This time in 2015 the Republican field appeared to have its prohibitive favorite – a candidate linked to not one, but two former presidents. The candidate may have lacked charisma, but had a soft tone and establishment ties that allowed the individual to raise money at rates never before seen as political pundits began daydreaming about a political cycle flush with billions of dollars of campaign contributions.

Read More

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@Joseph Warren

I don't want to write a dissertation or treatise on this subject but suffice to say critical thinking has long been dead in the USA. Absolutely breed out and removed. The average "merican" citizen is no smarter than the average, pick your emerging country, though not India or China, they have our jobs there and here, LOL! Because of Federal Education! 

Man, I was so proud gowning up in NC; textiles, furniture, farming, science and new tech! Went back over the summer, Indians, not natives, looked at me like I didn't belong, Latinos where performing my childhood jobs, yet living 10-15 per house. Lee industries outsourced, furniture manufacturing is almost gone, tobacco is now in SEA, so now they have medical science, who can afford that! Old people!

I'm telling you without doubt! They sold us out, lock, stock and barrel! 

Kentucky hemp, Carolina Pine and Texas Colt, is the only prescription! 

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