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Another must listen hour last night with Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen. As The New Cold War grows in intensity and danger, it is imperative that you remain on top of the situation by listening to these weekly discussions.

Here are the show notes from last night's program as found at John's website:

“…Trump alarms Americans of Eastern European ancestry for many reasons. Among them:

He has suggested that America will only conditionally live up to its obligations under the NATO charter and questioned the value of the alliance.

He’s said he’ll look into whether Putin should be allowed to keep Crimea, which he annexed with complete disregard for international law. “Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing,” he said this month.

Just three weeks ago, Trump pleaded directly with the Russian government to find and release tens of thousands of Clinton’s private emails. Asked whether Russian espionage into the former secretary of state’s correspondence would concern him, he replied: “No, it gives me no pause.”

Trump’s campaign chairman until last Friday, Paul Manafort, orchestrated the ill-fated political comeback of Putin ally Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine and is closely linked with other Putin cronies.

At the Republican National Convention last month, the Trump campaign stripped the party platform of language calling for the United States to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine to resist Russian belligerence.

-- This is not some silly political issue. The stakes are enormous. My colleague Andrew Roth reports from Kiev that “Russia is set to hold large military drills on the peninsula next month. And in eastern Ukraine, the use of heavy weapons between Russian-backed separatists and the army has increased as opposing trenches have crept so close that opposing fighters can shout across the breach. … And in Kiev, it is not unusual to hear again that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine.”



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I'll take the first

I'm golden!

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Relevant interview

Here's a good interview with Oleg Tsarevich, a former Ukrainian politician and one who has good sources in both Russia and Ukraine. He makes it sound like Poroshenko's position is tenuous and it might be in his (and the US's interest) to escalate things before the election in the states.

Family still says that it's quiet in Donetsk.

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What The Heck

I'll Take The 4th While I'm Waiting. Keep Stacking

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Porky Is Toast

IMHO Porky is done. Nobody wants to take ownership of this mess. Except maybe that senile old man Biden and his Son Hunter. Glad to hear family is OK, Silver Sooner.

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Marchas got his coveted fourth!  It's going to be a glorious end-of-month!

Nuff said . . .

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Tom Cloud Gold Weekly Update Video

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Hmmmm......... Professor Cohen falling off the turnip truck?

Uh.., did Professor Cohen say Trump "pleaded directly with the Russian government to find and release tens of thousands of Clinton's private emails" and not John Batchelor?  Hard to tell from the show notes.  Trump didn't say that.  He said he hoped the Russians would hack and release more emails, and he said it in a classic dumb-f*ck-Trumpism way of making a political point with one hand and sticking his foot in his mouth at the same time.  But that doesn't change the fact that the media is spinning the crap out of his dumb comment.  You can see this if you review multiple stories and compare the coverage with the actual video of Trump's statement. 

You know, part of what makes Trump successful is that he's a dumbass in a genius sort of way.  It works to further his populist appeal.  In any event, to call Trump's press conference comments as "pleading" for the Russians to intervene is incorrect.  He was being his usual dumbass, bombastic self.  It was typical Trump.  

Also, the show notes are not clear on who proffered the interpretation of the Crimea situation.   One could make the argument that the way the Crimea referendum and annexation went down violated Ukrainian law -  but it would be a lot harder to make the case that it violated international law.  Hmmm... Guess I'll be listening to this podcast this week.  Forgive my rambling before listening.  I sure hope I'm interpreting these show notes incorrectly because it would be depressing to learn that Professor Cohen, brilliant in so many ways, would be demonstrating propaganda marrination of his brain when it comes to Trump.  Like him or hate Trump, that's not the point.  Trump didn't "plead" with the Russians to release the emails.   

I like Professor Cohen - even met him once at a seminar.  He's one of the only Russian experts speaking a great deal of sanity in America.  But he's not perfect, and not above ideology.

Eric Dubin

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Flying Wombat

"In any event, to call Trump's press conference comments as "pleading" for the Russians to intervene is incorrect."

Incorrect ? INCORRECT ???

Try, He's a Damned LIAR !

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Trump lies and spins like everyone, but he didn't plead...

Uh....go watch the video.  

The media spun his dumb remarks. 

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Trump's exact words:

He said, "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing" and when one watches the actual video, it's clear this example is not unlike the example of his gaff about the Second Amendment and, how the media spins his dumb comments.  It's very easy to spin what he said, but the video shows he was being a flippant jackass, a showman.  

In the example of the Second Amendment remark, his flippant, off-the-cuff remark about what the Founders' intent for the Second Amendment was correct, and speaking to his base, his flippant remark seemed on-target to him.  Dumb.  But that's Trump.  He's both genius and duffus at the same time.  That takes talent.

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