On Again with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

It was a pleasure to visit with Greg Hunter again late last week.

Greg and I covered a bunch of relevant topics over the course of this 29-minute discussion. Greg has posted a full summary on his site here: http://usawatchdog.com/fed-goons-will-not-raise-rates-until-2017-craig-hemke/

As you prepare for another volatile week in the markets, please carve out some time to give this a listen. 



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Holy crap Batman!  First!

Edit - now to listen, well, save for a lunchtime treat tomorrow anyway.

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All is well

2nd! Playing the game.

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Good post Turd!


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For me

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Long popcorn, pitchforks, and torches.


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Great interview

So why don't I watch your interviews and save my 40 cents a day on the site?

Oh, I know, I get the narrative first here and there are all those well informed folks posting in this community.

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Gaps up 57 cents at open, so will gold fall when it opens in the next hour?

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Was expecting this when I saw:

  • Kuroda late Friday talking about deeper NIRP
  • Goon Fischer flapping gums today.

Gold down $5+ at the open? We'll see.

Response to: USD/JPY
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Last Week I sold....

  • All my large cap pm stocks
  • Went short the GDX
  • Went short the SlV
  • Went short a specific Gold stock
  • Will sell a few of my Jr Miners tomorrow
  • Bought more bitcoin

I believe that this next short correction will be about a month ending at

  • The SDR Yuan coming out party on Oct 1st? 

I believe the 4th QT will be fantastic for the PMs.

Will I be right?  Who knows.....

I have not nor will I ever sell any physical metals unless needed to survive. Paper only....

Does it make me nervous that I'm going short when Bo is calling for a drop?  YES! But, I'm only betting on a small fraction of my portfolio.  Go away Bo.....you scare me.....

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The strongest bullish force in the known universe for PMs

Bo Polny turning bearish.

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DR P Metals / Bo

Yes,  and nothing would make me happier to exit my short positions early at a loss at a huge silver spike.  Then my SLV LEAP Jan 2017 calls would be so profitable that I wouldn't care about any hedge losses.  Here's to a Polny silver spike! 

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USDJPY still up 46¢


Gold to open $3-5 lower? 

More in a minute.

Response to: Yes
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Silver down 35¢ at the open. Ouch!

Gold down $3....with more to come, no doubt.

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Silver Cartel working hard


So far, silver's drop is 10X the percentage of gold. 

Move along now. Nothing to see here.

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Repeating again


As discussed in Friday's podcast...Will be very excited and pleased to get a shot to buy phys AND paper at $18.50-18.60.

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I'm glad somebody's keeping an eye on this


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Now fix

Everyone knows that's absolutely and completely just normal trading of real physical silver.

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One of these things is not like the others...


Thanks, JPM!!!

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Me thinks

someone calculate the bank op-ex sweet spot incorrectly...seems to be lower than thought?

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Actually, no


The sweet spot is still below $20.

It's also above $18.50. As you can see below.

Response to: Me thinks
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They HATE silver.


new features in the upper left (paywalled).

They have pushed AG to 1.00 diff (granted at the time of this posting the Asian market show closed on the site.)


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Big pops on the open in currencies and metals, hopefully they reverse by tomorrow morningsurprise

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Silver in backwardation

It was a CRIMEX silver operation as usual. Silver is now in backwardation (spot higher than Sept CRIMEX contract)

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Other weird going ons

What the heck happened with Silver Eagle sales in July??


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Other weird going ons

What the heck happened with Silver Eagle sales in July??


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Good article from Peak Prosperity

Q: How much is my house worth?

A: Whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay for it.

Those of you who took an introductory Economics class in high school or college may remember learning that prices are set "at the margin". That's a fancy way to say that prices are set by the person (or people) willing to pay the most.

This person willing to pay top dollar is called the "marginal buyer". Most of us don't really think about him much, but he (or she) is very, very important.

Why? Because the marginal buyer not only determines price levels, but also their stability and degree of volatility. The behavior of the marginal buyer, as well as the degree of competition for his/her "top dog" spot, sets the prices of nearly every asset class held by today's investors.

Imagine for a moment an auction room, filled with people holding their bidding paddles. A rare Picasso painting is brought to the block. Paddles all around the room compete furiously as the auction starts; but as the bid price rises higher and higher, fewer and fewer paddles participate in the bidding. Pretty soon, it's down to just two bidders dueling back and forth with one another. Then, after a stunningly high bid of $106.5 million dollars, no more paddles are raised. The marginal buyer has been found. No one is willing to outbid his price. (For the record, this is exactly what happened back in 2010 when Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves and Bust came up for sale.)

This example contains several important elements for price-setting. First: the marginal buyer's last bid is what ends up setting the final price. And second: the intensity of competition determines how high the marginal buyer's bid will go (if no one else was willing to offer more than say, $10 million, it's unrealistic to expect that the marginal buyer would have still put in a bid as astronomically high as $106.5 million).

Now imagine what would have happened if our marginal buyer above hadn't shown up the auction. Maybe he got stuck in traffic, or decided he'd rather own a tropical island instead of a wall hanging. How much would the painting have sold for then?   READ MORE AT PEAK PROSPERITY

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I am running real low on fiat right now. I used to indulge but no more... 

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I appreciate your willingness to go on other peoples sites to spread your knowledge, I think it's smart and the right thing to do...I think you're a great father, I think you're a a person who holds his integrity closer than a dollar, and most of all...you tell the truth.  

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Let's do it!!

"It's Not Some Barbarous Relic" - Trump Adviser Urges Return To Gold Standard


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