Another Great JBSFC

Last evening's program was excellent, as usual, with a discussion of the US election in the context of the New Cold War.

As we do every week, we urge you to take the time to fully listen to this entire podcast. You simply won't find this kind of dialogue anywhere else in the western media.




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And please take the time to read this article


My intention has never been to be pro-Russia or anti-US or anything else. The goal is simply to present a fair and objective analysis of this extremely dangerous New Cold War.

To that end, no one should have the impression that Putin is a good guy or is otherwise benevolent. Please see this for a stark reminder of the events that brought him to power:

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Some additional background regarding coup attempt in Turkey

Jay Taylor had William Engdahl on his "Turning Hard Times Into Good Times" program recently, who gave some interesting background details on the recent events in Turkey and the Middle East.

Here is a description and link to the program:

"William Engdahl uncovers the pro ISIS relationship the CIA has fostered over many years and addresses its role in the recently attempted coup d’état in Turkey"

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I am very grateful for your

I am very grateful for your postings of these conversations. It was a big reason that brought me over here..

It's very important information.

Recently asked a neighbor if the cause of all wars was economic, she said no and I just smiled.

I am hoping she will think about it.

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