The Wizard of Foresight: Two weeks in Turdville

Sun, Jul 31, 2016 - 7:59pm

I want to state right out front that the owner/proprietor of this site, Mr. Craig Hemke (the top dog, big cheese, head honcho, numero uno hombre and Grand Marquise of TFMetalsreport; Mr. Turd Ferguson, all-around precious metals raconteur) was both unaware and not consulted prior to my posting this, AND that it is totally unsolicited. Though come to think of it, if TF wants to drop my name to his buddy, Billionaire and genius investor Eric Sprott, suggesting he take me salmon fishing with him in the Klondike, well that’s his business. Ahem.

But as a part-time contributor and long-time subscriber to this site, I wanted to record for posterity the truly exceptional nature of the prognostication that has gone on here. To put it bluntly, TF has been killing it for a very, very long time now and this virtuoso performance has reached a fairly astonishing crescendo over the last six months, culminating in a frankly scary two week period July 15-30, 2016: a time that has raised the level of prognostication at this site from “Damn, I cannot believe I get this for 12 bucks a month” to “Am I quite certain a small child wasn’t sacrificed to B’aal to obtain this level of insight into the future? Am I going to burn for this?” Those who are subscribers read this and are nodding their heads in agreement, but this is being written for the public- those folks who might not know better, who may have (through accident or misfortune) fallen in with an ugly crowd that has an axe to grind or a few sheep to shear.

I am posting this so that, if you are one of those who DON’T know any better and who have seen the events of the last several weeks pass you by leaving you watching from the sidelines, unsure of how to be positioned, baffled by what is going on or why price is moving as it does, or most importantly how to position yourself to profit, well then this post is for you. Because I assure you, the people in Turdville don’t need this, we are already in our positions, we know where price is headed, and we are not in the least bit confused about what has occurred over the last two weeks. We were given a point-by-point playbook to observe and trade from, AHEAD OF TIME, by our good pal Turd Ferguson. To put it bluntly, if you missed out on this action, it isn’t your fault- you’ve just been listening to, and subscribing to, the wrong people.

Come on in. Let me give you a peek behind the miniscule paywall curtain here in Turdville, check out the narrative we have had front row seats for over the last two weeks and see how that’s played out in the real world. See if you could have made money, had you known what we’ve known. At 12 bucks per month, we think this is the best damn value there is. See for yourself:

On Monday July 18th Turd was fed up with the crappy analysis he was reading on the internet regarding the recent (short-term) downtrend in PM prices, and he posted “Getting It All Wrong” ( noting that in terms of short-term price moves, its all about the HFT’s and the USD/JPY controlling the short-term churn:

Look, please allow me to spell this out again in as clear of terms as possible...

The Comex price of "gold" is 99% determined by the trading whims of the HFTs. When their key inputs (the USDJPY and the bond market) tell them to buy paper gold, they buy paper gold. When their key inputs tell them to sell paper gold, they sell paper gold. When possible, the trading desks of The Bullion Banks also attempt to influence the HFTs through manipulation of short-term price and the charts.

But here is where we see TF separating himself from the crowd of so-called ‘analysts’ in the PM space, because where they are content to explain how things work, TF not only explains and educates, he considers it his duty to give you tradable information. In this case, he identified the primary pattern we would spend the rest of July watching for:

Behold the gold chart below. Here's what I want you to notice...Note that price fell in late January until, roughly, contract "expiration" and First Notice Day of the Feb16 contract. Price then, on balance, rose through February. Price then fell in mid-late March until, roughly, contract "expiration" and First Notice Day of the Apr16 contract. Price then, on balance, rose through April. Price then fell in mid-late May until, roughly, contract "expiration" and First Notice Day of the Jun16 contract. Price then, on balance, rose through June. It's now mid-late July and what is happening to price?

On Wednesday, July 20th the podcast was called the “Sanity” podcast, because people were starting to freak out, and voices from around the internet were calling the top in gold and silver. It was an interesting time… that high-flyer JNUG, junior miner 3x leveraged ETF which has so far this year been portfolio Viagra was suddenly looking worrisome. A drop from 300$ plus per share to 197$ will do that. Gold had topped at 1373, then proceed to shed a hefty 60 bucks fairly quickly to a heart-stopping 1313$.

Take a look at this chart, and knowing that MACD had turned decidedly down, that “analysts” around the internet were calling for lower prices, ask yourself what the people YOU follow were saying. Look up what they were saying at this point in the chart, Wednesday, July 20th:

Turd was singing a very different tune in his “Sanity” podcast: “ I can assure you, there will be a precipitous drop in gold open interest, and the COT will be just fine”. Calm yourselves, TF admonished, as he put this pullback in price into context. First, he noted that the Cartel used the old tried and true tactic from the old Blythe Masters days of waiting until the thinly traded hours on the globex to drive price (cheaply) lower. This sucked an artificially high amount of dollars out of both gold and silver, and the drops looked worse than they really were! Silver was pushed down as low as 19.31 in the day, but here was old Turd in the podcast YELLING “Don’t sweat the tick by tick, this is just small stuff!” Even though the HUI was down 6% that day, even though other “analysts” were talking about momentum indicators, MACD, and major downside, Turd spent most of this podcast telling folks not to panic, assuring folks that price will hold, and most of all assuring nervous investors that they need to quit freaking out. “Believe it or not, nothing significant has happened… copper is holding, and the long bond is holding. This is all just arranged weakness around options expiration, and when that nonsense leaves, price will go where it MUST go.” So Turd was not fooled, and in Turdville, neither were we. PM’s were following the dollar/yen, and the long bond, and since TF had a pretty good idea where they were going, he was telling all of us to chill the hell out. It was a bracing podcast.

“Watch that dollar/yen; at 107 it is precisely at that downtrend that goes back to February. The Euro is on its death legs, negative rates are getting worse and worse, and demand for physical is getting better every day… so when the dollar yen turns around, gold will rise. Period! Again, the big picture is great, don’t sweat the small stuff!!!” He finished by telling people to (1) expect possible weakness and continued flushing of small specs into op ex in gold next week, and (2) once this is in the rearview mirror, gold will take off- this has been the pattern all year long, and it will happen again.

He made this prediction official in his post Thursday, July 21:

So how did all that work out? Well when he wrote that, the HUI looked like it had topped and was headed down, JNUG had rolled over from north of 300 to 197, and analysts across the internet were calling for an end to the PM bull market. Again, look back and see how “your” analyst call that?

The metals slid along just at TF predicted, the Fedlines, were a nothingburger just like TF predicted, Kuroda printed and the market ignored it just like TF predicted, the USD/JPY rolled over like a good doggie, and to top it all off the US GDP print came in at 1.2% instead of 2.4%... boom. No rate hikes, QE back on the table sooner rather than later, and August shaping up to be a dynamite month for PM’s just like TF said.

Op ex passed, then gold rallied like somebody lit a fire under it, the miners were bought heavily all day long, and JNUG ripped from a Tuesday low of 197 to a close of 293 on Friday. And August hasn’t even started yet!

So not to brag or anything, but if your “analyst” told you about all of this in a Friday, July 29 post –you know, after it happened… augmented with a lot of numbers and some bullshit about “here is support, here is resistance, let’s let the market tell us what happens next”, and none of it did you a damn bit of good because all of it was just written in hindsight – then I would humbly suggest you find an analyst with the skill and foresight and the balls to call the action BEFORE it happens. You know, so it might actually help you make a trade? Profit? I know, it’s a crazy notion, but hey. Strange times, my friend.

Turd is taking it easy with his family this week, perfect time for you to sign up. When he comes back next week, think about giving him a trial run.

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Jul 31, 2016 - 8:08pm


damn I was sleepin

Jul 31, 2016 - 8:09pm

Nice Post Pining

Nice post and this service is even cheaper with an annual subscription at a couple of pennies under $120.

Jul 31, 2016 - 8:09pm


edit: now I have read the article. Cleans up any questions someone might have


Jul 31, 2016 - 8:28pm


We are heading Up. Keep Stacking

Great post but I already know how good our Leader is. You my friend still get 10 out of 10.

Jul 31, 2016 - 8:37pm

Holy shit

Just read that great post Pining!

Agree that TF has been on target and dialed in well ! It takes a special craft to convey what 'might' happen, and in a way that others can make use of!

All this while full well knowing if it doesn't turn out as expected, there will most certainly be the blame game gang, looking for any reason to point their finger at anyone but themselves.

I know you can't get something for nothing. The only way independent sights with freedom of expression such as can be found here can survive, is contributing with Both substance and a few bucks!

Now... what number lol?

Jul 31, 2016 - 8:37pm


is right with the world when Marchas gets the coveted 4th position and a man named Pining drops a post on us.

Worth reposting!

As of month-end today, gold is up over 27% from its Dec-15 lows.

This a major milestone – any time gold has managed a move of at least 25% off a major low, it has continued higher every single time with incremental gains ranging from 21%-412%, with the average totaling 175%.

In the chart below I’ve used the vertical, dotted green lines to show any month where gold closed at least 25% off a major low for the first time; the bright green annotations show the incremental upside for the metal until another major peak was put in place following these signals; the red annotations show that gold’s two major head-fake rallies off noteworthy lows – those being the 1993 and initial 1999 lows – never managed to get to +25% off those lows, stalling out just below +24% and +17%, respectively.

Jul 31, 2016 - 8:38pm

Double True

I too am nervous Ol Turd has penned in a herd of goats as offerings for his uncanny run.

While nothing is 100% predictable, we have a script here written by the Cabal and translated by our Number One and sticking to the story until it changes is always a good plan.

What I see as a differentiation is that the analysis here notices when the story, and thus the plan, must change. IMHO, NIRP ensures the same story continues for quite some time.

Nice post P4F

Jul 31, 2016 - 8:43pm

Thanks Gramp

Hey man- is that your old avatar on the face of the drum? From way back in the day? You old-timer you!

And I know that's you right there, Murph- you hit on the waitresses and got us kicked out, you dog.

Edit- Madams... Yup, wind at our backs, me hearty. NIRP plus a truly wretched 1.2%GDP print. That's pm viagra, I'm trying and failing, as my good friend Murph knows, not to go too nuts right now. But damn, planets seem to be aligning for a great rip.

Jul 31, 2016 - 8:44pm

Nuthin' to disagree with there

Craig has been spot on and had the guts to put all on the line every time he's made a call (unlike certain panty waists that need not be named - like Trader D).

Fred Hayek
Jul 31, 2016 - 8:46pm

Good stuff pining

Craig deserves credit for his analysis and prognostication.

Ferd Torgerson
Jul 31, 2016 - 8:55pm

Another Great Post, Pining

Turd has certainly earned his spurs as a prognosticator extraordinaire (excuse my French).

It's almost as if he is the re-incarnation of Carnac the Magnificent. (Obviously, he had to switch headgear to keep from giving himself away).


Jul 31, 2016 - 9:01pm


Glad to call you a long time friend and confidant. I think I am going back to our old theory that the "big boys" are still buying the miners while they continue to increase their massive shorts. In order to keep the masses afraid to jump in. Then add the recent rumblings that some of the big money pension/insurance funds are now moving in, we are looking at an explosive turd summer!

Check out the article I posted above if you haven't read it.

* Always glad to see you too Ferd!

Jul 31, 2016 - 9:10pm

Thanks Buck

I appreciate that, and I am very glad you are here- hopefully to share in the pm (rising price) festivities! I suspect we will always have certain philosophical differences, but it encourages me greatly that you are a staunch gold and silver man (and that you hate the banksters as much as I do).

These days, there is so much disagreement and strife that I'm pretty happy to find even a bit of common ground, so I'm glad for you, Libero, and others who go against the grain continue to choose to post here. Even when I am part of that grain, and agree wholeheartedly with it. Anyway, hope that makes sense to you, and I hope that you know that I can despise an argument while liking the guy making the argument. For years my best friend on my faculty where I teach was an outright Communist, capital C. Posters of Mao, the whole thing. Great guy. Wrong as wrong can be, but a great guy!

Jul 31, 2016 - 9:14pm

You nailed it Pining!

TF has equipped each of us with a lens for seeing how these markets " work", with crystal clear focus, whilst filtering out all the BS. So much so, that us long time Turdites have his voice pop up in the back of our minds when some sort of event is happening in the PM space. He constantly reinforces his basic principles to us, so much, that it almost becomes second nature for Turdites to guess in advance, fairly accurately, his take on things. I'm not saying that we could emulate his analysis, just saying, very few of us seem surprised at his daily messages we receive from the low garden level echo chamber.

Swift Boat Vet
Jul 31, 2016 - 9:28pm

P4F that was fantastic !!

Up and over your usual excellence


Jul 31, 2016 - 9:34pm

Nice job Pining

My account is up 20% over the last two weeks. Not sure anyone on wall street can say that.... But I'm damn sure many on this site could say they had better gains than I over those same two volatile weeks...

Turds analysis and the people who post provide the best site for the money HANDS DOWN!!!!!

Solid team effort with a very solid leader!

Jul 31, 2016 - 9:38pm

Murphy nailed it...

Marchas is 4th

Pining Posts

and options expiration with its coordinated beatdown is behind us...

Turds says:

And if the patter Turd pointed out so succinctly yesterday in a nice chart holds, we will be knockin on the door of 1400 by Sept 12.

Methinks I might trade that one...

Pug Nuggets
Jul 31, 2016 - 9:42pm


Breath of fresh air is this.

Jul 31, 2016 - 9:48pm

Loved this

Thank you, Pining!

Jul 31, 2016 - 9:53pm

July Portfolio

Thanks to Turd, my portfolio was up 69% in July. Love the Silver Miners. Also sleep real Good following old Turd.

Jul 31, 2016 - 10:08pm


Another of your great posts especially regarding Turd's analysis! You always add so much to this site.

Regarding the chorus that TA is useless in a manipulated market? Turd has proven that TA can work in free and manipulated. How else may one " figure" what an enemy is up to unless you analyze the foot prints? Turd is the master!

Thanks, again, Pining.

Jul 31, 2016 - 10:16pm

Pining = Poetry in Motion

Thanks, Pining.

It's a such pleasure to read your words, and then to watch our favorite markets, as if on cue, taking off toward new highs!

James Crighton
Jul 31, 2016 - 10:49pm

Thanks Pining

great post - - - - Turd really has been on-fire of late - always is, of course. Great site.


Jul 31, 2016 - 11:13pm


Pining! I'll grill a steak for you!

Jul 31, 2016 - 11:59pm

My third months membership.

I have been a stacker for years. Until my wife made me stop recently. It was either that, or our marriage was in jeopardy. I'm sure others have experienced this. Alienation from family members etc...

While you guys regale Turd in the upwards spiral of precious metals, I wonder how this site lasted during the years of hunger. Perhaps the true appreciation comes from the hearts of long-time members.

Glad to be on-board.

Aug 1, 2016 - 12:32am

Really glad that you wrote this.

Way to go Pining. I'm also amazed by what I get here for the minimal amount of $. Have not found anything better.

Aug 1, 2016 - 12:32am

At Fandango

You said it perfectly. I've been along for the ride with Turd for almost 3 years now and his leadership and all the like minded folks here have been a real blessing and sort of family when our own loved ones did not understand what we were doing - stacking. I'm glad you found us...this crew is like a well seasoned platoon who has fought in the trenches together.

Aug 1, 2016 - 12:55am

Pretty off topic, but...

Anyone have experience in the Philippines? live in OZ and the Philippines are close by. Might buy an apartment there. Very cheap. Rent it out, and have accommodation when required. Returns on investment are good, but ultimate bugout potential is my concern. Traveled extensively in Asia and was liking the idea most people speak English in the Philippines.

Aug 1, 2016 - 1:20am

Turd is pure gold, Pining's our silver lining!!

The Turdmeister kept me so cool these past couple of weeks, I bought into JNUG too early @243, then averaged down @210... BTF(Shallow)D!! Kudos to Pining for divulging some choice morsels and yet not giving it all away...

BTW, Harry Dent, what you don't get is that Au is the rightful measure of all currencies, not the US$. A student of history, you say? You're Hilarious Harry!! I heartily recommend you take out a subscription, you might learn a thing or three.

As for trader d... ah, forget about it.

Aug 1, 2016 - 1:27am

South China Sea.

I can fly out of Brisbane Australia and land in the Philippines in an hour. Some Americans think the Philippines is next to Cuba. RAH!

Do everyone a favor. Go Away! Everyone's tired of Americas shit.


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