Sunday reading... How to get out of trouble.

Sun, Jul 24, 2016 - 12:44pm

Apologia: A primer on getting out of trouble.

Lately I have been quite jaded about politics and the current election. I have tuned out speeches, campaigns, and only kept a tiny portion of my attention focused in that arena. But recent events have slapped my face.

A couple of days ago, we learned that WikiLeaks released 19,252 emails downloaded from the Democratic national committee’s hackable server. A mere day later, journalists have rummaged through them already, sniffing out the juicy stuff and tell us a story: The DNC conspired against Bernie to ensure that Hillary got the nomination. That is a pretty serious accusation! If this is true, there are no free and fair elections in America. Democracy (republican style) is dead and your support for your favored candidate does not matter. The preferred candidate will win. If the Democrats are this corrupt, we must assume the Republicans are as well. And where does it stop? Is the general election rigged? Ask Al Gore, he’ll give you an ear full. But given that the DNC is in hot water, what do they do about it? What is the best strategy for their PR team to “put out this fire?” What do they say to the press? Well we won’t have to wait long. Pick up today’s paper. So why not take a look at what the “experts” say is the best way to handle such situations and still retain your honor.

No, we don’t have long to wait.

  • The DNC chair takes a back seat—all but disappears click here
  • Sanders says the DNC must clean house click here
  • DNC accuses Russia of the leak and favoring the Republican nominee click here

That last one is the real strategy. The DNC is pinning this on the Russians. Of course, it was Hillary’s campaign manager who has voiced this claim, keeping the DNC on the bench for the moment. This person concludes by calling the situation “disturbing”--just enough of an insinuation to prompt people to think, but not enough to raise the ire of Russians too much. They are implicitly suggesting that the Russians may have fabricated emails that are evidence of collusion & conspiracy. By the way, evidence for this claim is circumstantial or non-existent. (The chair’s disappearance could be seen as part of the corrective action, making her into a scapegoat. edit: She resigned last night)

Traditionally, when your character is impugned, one must defend themselves publicly. Traditionally this is done either through a duel or a speech--a special kind of speech called an apologia. As much as some of us might love to see a duel, we’ll have to settle for talk. Traditionally, the impugned person would deliver that speech (advised by a PR team), but today it usually an underling under the supervision of that same PR team. And believe it or not, there are scholars who have dedicated their careers to analyze how people can best get out of hot water. They have identified the typical strategies that scoundrels use to remain an upstanding member of the community:

  • Deny or shift the blame elsewhere
  • Evade your responsibility through various means (kids are masters at this)
  • Minimize the seriousness of the action
  • Attack your accusers
  • Do the right thing-admit, apologize, make it right—financially or otherwise— and make sure it cannot happen again .

And what the experts appear to agree on is that doing the right thing is the best approach. In fact, I was once considered one of those experts in my field, and I still keep an eye on the strategies used in the latest scandals. Today, People apologize and take corrective actions. And you know what? The public usually accepts it. Most people are forgiving by nature. We give others a second chance when they own up to their flaws and mistakes, albeit that we keep a close eye on them for a while after the offense. You remember that look from your mom.

Alas, the DNC is NOT doing the right thing here. The chair is taking a back seat and will probably be out of pocket through the process, or just disappear. The “disappear strategy” is not even on the list. Kind of like a kid in trouble hiding under the bed. And the official response of the DNC, via Hillary’s campaign, has been to shift the blame (like Blame the Chair, Blame the Russians, and somehow, blame Trump. We’ll see about that last one.

People see through blame shifting. We learned to see through it when we were kids too. The problem is that too many people never mature and keep using the strategies that worked when you were a kid into their adult lives. But mature people try not to do the wrong thing in the first place, and when they do and get caught, they value their membership in the community enough to want to earn back trust. Apologizing, learning from my mistakes, pay back those who were robbed, set up a foundation or scholarship fund when financial reparations are not appropriate.

However the DNC will go down fighting this, using the childish strategies that we can all see through. And Hillary will stand above it all, innocent, and shocked, I say, shocked.

And what should our response be as a community?

Make a formal analysis of these emails and hold the DNC accountable. Put their feet to the fire, person by person, in an effort to scrape out the corruption. Hold a national primary election between Bernie & Hillary to see who the Democrats really wants as their nominee. But why stop there? Investigate the Republicans and anyone else who seeks leadership and power.

The real culprits are those with control of money who employ these politicians, lobbyists, and even much of the mainstream media—remember them, the professional news-people working in the media industry is complicit in all this as well. Just read the emails.

Let’s put some people in jail.

If we cannot have fair elections, regardless of your political leanings, what’s the point at all of trying. Why not just accept that an elite group of insiders run this nation and keep the citizens in the dark, claiming we have a representative government and free elections, when the reality is much darker: Oligarchical fascism. Is that what we really want? Oligarchical Fascism?

I am not quite ready to give up.

I’d rather live in the light of truth than the shadows of deception. There may not be much that an individual person can do about it, but I’ll know when the right movement comes along and I’ll back it with all I have. According to Strauss & Howe’s thesis in The Fourth Turning, those movements are already appearing with more on the way. The first action that this humble author is taking is to reject the financial system that makes the corruption possible and investing my savings in real, tangible assets—real estate and precious metals. The financiers of this rigged system will not have my assets for their use as collateral for their lending schemes.

Cut back on your Pokemon Go game, your other video games, Facebook, porn, mainstream news addiction, Barbara Kingsolver novels, sports, favorite shows, junk food, your internet carousing (except for TF Metals Report, of course) and all the other distractions that we use to keep ourselves amused. Bring some balance to your life. Get some education. Read some alternative news. Read a book or several. Become aware. And then do something about this situation, however small your action may seem.

Post your views on your local news webpage after the story. Point out these childish moves by the perps. Write a letter to the DNC or anyone else who ought to listen. Join a protest movement.

This week, those of us those of us who keep the amusement flowing and choose to ignore and forget this story, yes, those people, transform this situation into a self-deception.

Though we suspected corruption and rigging all along, the DNC rigging scandal is big because now it is in the open.

And if you want to get out of trouble at work, or at home, grow up, say you are sorry, and do the right thing.

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Jul 25, 2016 - 10:08am

It ain't over till itz over

1m1 minute ago

Hillary claims Putin's working for Trump, buy maybe Assange is working for Biden. It's complicated.

Jul 25, 2016 - 9:08am
Green Lantern
Jul 25, 2016 - 8:42am

Bernie Sanders at times

Bernie Sanders at times garnered more news coverage than any of the other candidates including Clinton. The charges against DNC don't mention it.

Bernie Sanders part of the anti-establishment movement is now establishment. And as a result of being slighted by his own party, continues to endorse Clinton and will speak at the DNC Convention

His anti-establishment status was short lived.

And while his party might have given Hillary prefered treatment, who really runs the party? Echyanher, almost 8 million dollars, Soros, 3.5 million (estimates 2014)

The same people who run the media, control the party, were working Sanders and Trump into your face while lower level politicians and journalists were fighting them right in front of you which brings us to one of AM's previous commentaries.

Sooo .... how much air time is Trump getting thes days? Plenty? None? Any "Ron- Paul-silent-treatment" going on? No?Hmmmm. The media choose to criticize rather than ignore. Giving a platform, a stage of a kind you might say. Who owns that media again?

Maybe they don't know what they are doing.

Maybe they had a "Road to Damascus" moment.

And maybe they didnt.

He goes on to point out in subsequent posts how the same anti-establishment game/facade/trick was played out in Europe. But none of them were anti-establishment, they were put up by the mainstream with the same money supporting Trump and Sanders.

The FBI refuses to indict Clinton despite all the evidence in her emails. Why? Because they give the election to TRump and the election loses credibility because now law enforcement is deciding the outcome of the election.

So now a week or two later, wikileaks, nobody still knows who they are, releases the dirt on the DNC which we already knew if you read AM's blog. Journalists and policital hacks working against him in the party, while the top dogs were working everybody.

As far as wikileaks, these selective leaks to control the outcome of certain events, puts them in a precarious position as informers of truth. Massively powerful hackers able to get into international sovereign computers without impunity while it's owner sits under house arrest. Did the low level republican establishment fight trump in the same way? Hell yes... Where are those papers?

Trump is being installed by the puppet masters. We have no choice.

Joseph Warren
Jul 25, 2016 - 7:05am

@deadcatbounce - re: "What we both could not answer . . . "

" What we both could not answer was why we are doing this to ourselves in Germany, and how much longer that Germany as a nation would continue on this slow motion train wreck. We both agreed that we have more fear of the political changes that may come than the threat of terrorism... " In my opinion, the key phrase above is 'we are doing this to ourselves'. When that policeman, & his fellows in his organization, and all the police and military, and all the people as a whole decide to stop complying with their own destruction . . . it will end. The psychopath puppet masters cannot physically enslave anyone. Look at them. They are nothing but fat old men and hags. We provide the physical arms and legs for enforcing our own enslavement. It doesn't take a violent revolution for people to be free and thus secure. All it takes is is saying "No, I'm not going along with that."

Jul 25, 2016 - 6:34am

RE : Mass shooting in Ft. Myers

2 dead, 15 wounded

If this is what happens on "teen night", what the hell is going to break lose on "veterans night" ?

Looks like another "minority" club but not gay this time.

Angry Chef
Jul 25, 2016 - 6:23am

Every Week Gets More Orwellian..

Bang on I say..... They are going to make things so obtuse and Orwellian in the coming months, to hide this economic collapse, in order to try and deflect the blame from our cowardly leaders onto ANYTHING but themselves. It's going to take a lot of internal fortitude to stay focused and not fall into the fear trap. Anything will be tried to hide the fact that everything and anything these Banksters and Politicians can get there hands on has been stolen....

Every Week Gets More Orwellian... - YouTube

Just watch how stupid things get. And remember they're motto..." Order Out Of Chaos ".

And really, we the people have to shoulder the bulk of the blame for allowing us to be herded into this Animal Farm.

Jul 25, 2016 - 5:16am

Mass shooting in Ft. Myers

Two dead, 15+ shot at bar during teen night.

Interesting that nothing has really come out about this. Not to be to cynical, but it must be gang related since there was no mass media to cover it...

I mean, if it had been terror related, wouldn't they had tons of pics and video posted...

Jul 25, 2016 - 2:57am

Suicide Bomber Attack in Ansbach, Germany...

Last night at 10:00 in the evening, a 27 year old Syrian refugee under indictment for multiple charges in Germany, and who's asylum request had been denied over a year ago (but was allowed to remain in Germany under a "Tolerance Waiver" until the end of the war in Syria), allegedly blew himself up at the entrance to a music festival. 12 People were injured, 3 of them seriously. I had to drive up to take a look. I live less than 20 minutes away from Ansbach, which is a beautiful town of about 40,000.

I didn't get to see much, but I did get a chance to speak to a local police officer who looked close to retirement age and was sort of just standing around alone in front of a closed off street. The "Old Town" was still sealed and many were waiting to get back to their homes or hotel rooms. This policeman was one of those "informed" kind of folks... like us. We talked about ten minutes. I will paraphrase his opinion...

The alleged attacker, had lived in Germany for 2 years... I knew of him and had arrested him once before. The attacker spoke poor English and poor German and was not especially intelligent... so how could a guy like that get explosives in Germany without speaking Arabic? Without connections? Without accomplices? Getting explosives in Germany while speaking Arabic is as good as PROOF that there ARE accomplices. When I arrest an Afghan, or an Iraqi, or a Syrian... I have to fill out the paperwork where I write the nationality of the accused. In cases that do not get public attention, they tell me to write, "non-German"... This messes up the statistics. This will get big attention, so he gets to be a Syrian. Still, I am waiting to hear that he acted "alone"...

What we both could not answer was why we are doing this to ourselves in Germany, and how much longer that Germany as a nation would continue on this slow motion train wreck. We both agreed that we have more fear of the political changes that may come than the threat of terrorism...

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Jul 25, 2016 - 1:53am


I have lived in Germany for over twenty years... many years ago, as Bill Clinton was President, I was stuck in traffic on a hot afternoon in front of a German unemployment office. Bored to death, out walks this kid (obviously American), wearing a t-shirt that said, "MEMBER OF THE VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY"... I looked at his t-shirt, looked at him and grinned, and he looked back at me and said, "what..."

I said, "and what an important part you must be playing..." Thanks for the flashback!

Safety Dan
Jul 25, 2016 - 1:40am

Gov. Deloso claims Chinese

Gov. Deloso claims Chinese military presence in Zambales

by Franco G. Regala
July 24, 2016

Share69 Tweet0 Share5 Email5 Share149

As tension over the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) continues following The Hague ruling, Gov. Amor Deloso of Zambales cautioned yesterday that there allegedly is Chinese military presence in his province.

Deloso told the Manila Bulleting that the Chinese military has allegedly occupied a mountain area in Sta. Cruz municipality, where their missile is supposedly stationed.


zambales map

He said this 500-hectare area was allegedly sold to the Chinese by former Gov. Hermogenes Ebdane, Jr.

“Pinagbili nila (Gov. Ebdane) sa Chinese and tatlong bundok at nakabuo sila ng 500 na hectare of island at dyan ngayon na-station ang missile ng China kaya binabantayan ng American warship yan lalo na’t naging pabor sa atin ang ruling ng arbitration court (They sold it to the Chinese – three mountains that compose a 500 hectare island area where they have stationed their missile; that’s why an American warship has been keeping an eye on it since the ruling favorable to the Philippines by the arbitration court),” Deloso said.

Previous reports say that three Chinese conglomerates namely, Jiangxi Rare Earth & Metals Tungsten Group, Wei-Wei Group, and Nihao Mineral Resources Inc. also operate in the same municipality, and have put up five “minahang bayan (small-scale mines)” through Filipino dummies.

The governor noted that Beijing has already established itself not only in Panatag/Scarborough Shoal (formerly Bajo de Masinloc) but also in the mountains and the mainland. The disputed island is 85 kilometers from Sta. Cruz municipality but only 65 km more or less from Masinloc.

He added: “Pumosisyon ang China sa (Bajo de) Masinloc kasi unang unang may oil sa ilalim. Malaki ang source ng oil diyan. (The Chinese occupied Scarborough Shoal because there’s oil underneath. There’s a big source of oil there),” he said.


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