On With Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

Yesterday, we had the honor of visiting again with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog. Much of what we discussed is covered here on a daily basis but you might find it fun to watch, regardless.

A full breakdown of the discussion can be found at Greg's site and I encourage you to click this link. Greg does a great job and you should add his site to your favorites list. http://usawatchdog.com/financial-system-held-together-with-bailing-wire-chewing-gum-craig-hemke/



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Wow, what a lucky break.

Some of us have been having a deeply thoughtful discussion on DOTS, with considerable evidence supporting many counter narratives as to what's been going on lately.

I was just going to post this one,

Wikileaks Is About To Expose The Turkish 'Coup', But Someone Is Trying To Silence Them

Wikileaks claimed Monday it was under attack after it announced it would release hundreds of thousands of documents related to Turkey and the failed military coup attempted Friday.

Even the peanut gallery at zero hedge has a widely diverse set of opinions on this one issue.

I must say,

TFMR sure is a great platform for discussion.

Thank you Craig for all you do here.

Have a nice day. smiley

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Top 10


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Thurd! Ag really taking a

Thurd! Ag really taking a pounding...it's almost like it's....rigged(!)...or something!!

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Sorry, Marchas!

Silver was taken to the woodshed . . .

It's a great day to stack!

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Great Interview

Very well spoken and explained. And Yes 5th. 

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mr. ferguson

Spectacular interview on what I consider one of the most important and meaningful sites in the alternative media.  Sometimes a person crashes headlong into a calling that his life experiences and genetics are  perfectly suited to.  You are an example of such an impact.  Your delivery is flawless and your thoughts are so crystallized that the explanation of complex and mysterious concepts becomes an "oh I get it" revelation.  It took a ton of cojones to start the watchtower and then TF metals report.  You couldn't have done it without the support of Mrs. F  and the LT's.  I have been remiss in not acknowledging their role in our great site, but I thank them very much now.

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Thanks for the kind words


Very much appreciated. I asked Greg afterward if I had gotten too deep into the weeds in trying to explain how HFT controls all paper "markets". He didn't think so. However, in reviewing some of the YT comments, it appears that I may have. Oh well, what are you going to do. People often hear only what they want to hear and you can't save everyone.

Response to: mr. ferguson
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The "stock market"


In this interview, we once again mention how "80% of the NYSE volume comes from HFT". See below. This looks like a full 90% of NASDAQ volume is HFT...at a minimum!

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@Turd - 12:47pm post

You've got broad shoulders Turd - and, to boot, are focused on the essential task of revealing the dishonesty in Wall Street / The Fed - we know you will continue to fearlessly speak and reveal, despite the disparaging remarks faceless people on forums may make.


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another great interview, you spoke great truth in a manner that the average investor can easily follow. I hope a lot of people will see this interview. Seems like the vast majority of feedback was positive. I'm sure the critics of the world will crawl out from under their rocks to fling mud, it's to be expected.  Now off to the coin store with my nephew to BTFD with some mercury dimes.

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It Was A Great

Interview. I enjoy Greg Hunter's interviews. That was cool seeing your video interview. Did you call him from the echo chamber? 

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Great interview

And comments for the most part.  I couldn't watch Craig with the audio out of sync with his mouth. Made me dizzy and nauseous like looking at a strobe light.

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Here's a good summary of why


Here's a good summary of why studying Turkey became a "hobby" of mine 10 years ago.


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