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Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen return with their latest update on the New Cold War. Sadly, this situation continues to deteriorate and you must stay on top of the current conditions. These weekly podcasts from The John Batchelor Show are the best way to do it.

With President Woody and other NATO "leaders" convening in Warsaw last week, The New Cold War to an even more dangerous turn. To that end, Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen spent the hour last evening bringing everyone up-to-speed and providing an accurate summation of where the conflict stands.

As an example of the level of lies and misinformation out of NATO, Professor Cohen points to this link and asked everyone to review it:

Once again, please make time tor listen to this podcast. It is imperative that you remain alert and aware to the forces aligning for war around the globe.




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World War III is just going to be digital

Just stay out of the way, and let the geek squads battle it out.angel


Make sure your virus protection is up-to-date! wink

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Numero dos

Second!  Sweet!

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And Mr Fix Made a Funny laugh

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BOOM! Trump Reveals His Pick

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Sanders’ False Political

Sanders’ False Political Revolution Provides A Glimpse to Trump’s America Great Again Rhetoric

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Brandon Martinez talks about WWII & Germany

I would not even try to tell my version of the story of WWII since it would appear biased in the eyes of Americans, indeed even of many Europeans. After 70 years of the victor narrative, of Hollywood and media propaganda it would be difficult to convince anyone otherwise.
However, by chance yesterday I found an mp3 recording from a young American alternative-media journalist who sketches over some of the important background events of the WWI & II period.

Brandon’s version is, to the best of my limited historical knowledge, a fair representation of real events.

Recorded: 2015.04.17 - Starts at 24:55 minutes into the recording and ends at 1 hr. 05 min.
Part 1 - Brandon Martinez talks about WWII & Germany

Keywords: WWII Germany Israel Britain America Zionism Holocaust Russia

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Correction - Brandon Martinez

... is a Canadian.
Sorry, apparently my ears need a re-bore. indecision

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