Sugar Daddy FED Creates Generation of Prostitutes

Sat, Jul 9, 2016 - 11:47am

Economics is based on human behavior. “One of the central tenets of economics is that people want certain things and will change their behavior to get those things – in other words, people will respond to incentives.”

Applying this to the FED’s policies, and ramifications, should then yield logical connections between the results of the FED’s policies, and their intentions in implementing them, then, right?

Stated differently, the FED intends the consequences of their actions, correct?

If the consequences are unintended, then, it means that the FED’s actions were lacking intellectual rigor, meaning they stupidly did not consider the outcome before acting. Or, nefariously, instead, the FED’s claim that the consequences were not intended is but a lie, as the reality is that the FED intended that which occurred all along.

So, with this backdrop, let’s look at some consequences of the FED easy money, in a way that exposes the FED as a corrupt organization hell bent on saving the too big to fail banks at all costs.

The FED’s easy money policies have given those with first access to the money enormous sums of paper fiat, which has in turn driven up asset prices, boosted the stock market, allowed big corporations to buy back their own shares, artificially boosting price and giving those corporate big wigs outsized bonus payments and stock option windfalls. This reality of artificially boosting stock prices has not worked to stimulate the economy, but instead has only created a larger gap between the haves and the have nots.

The easy money FED has also done generational damage, priced in terms far to large to quantify. The FED has, through years of reckless, low rates and centralized planning, created a perverse incentive structure for young people in general, and young women in particular.

The FED has so thoroughly and so completely skewed the normal business cycle and the destruction phase of capitalism, that there is no longer any business incentive to create real jobs. Coupled with the inept federal government and its elected officials that are either too corrupt or too timid to enact real economic reforms, but instead doling out even more easy money in the form of student loans, home loans, etc., this has worked in combination to drive up the costs of college, and saddle college kids with enormous student loan debt, that cannot ever get repaid absent some miracle of a high paying job.

So, in a self-fulling cycle of desperation, young women fresh out of college cannot get a real job, or can only get one with low pay.

In a very rational application of economic theory, the incentive structure as discussed above, the recent graduate has a choice: take a low paying job if it is even available, or find another way to pay bills other than getting a traditional job.

So here we are. The new economy. Thank you Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, and especially the Keynesian apologists like the bearded-dunce Krugman, who is the modern-day Joseph Goebbels, spouting his Keynesian gibberish that gets a ready audience from his sycophant elected officials caring only for the next election cycle and how much free shit they can give away.

It is with this backdrop, that I am not surprised at all to read an article that speaks openly of the “new prostitution economy.” This was on Drudge recently, in a major publication. It is not Taibbi writing an excellent expose or saying scary things in a way designed to frighten people. No, it is right there for the consumption even in the highest circles of the moneyed class in their ivory towers.

So, why did the FED unleash this new economy, and turn a generation of young women into prostitutes?

Was it intended?

Was it not intended?

If not intended, then how could those ivy-league educated Ph.d’s NOT have seen the natural outcome of years and years of easy money?

I say they DID realize the outcome of their easy money policies would lead to generational paradigm shifts, like turning 20-something women into whores, and despite this foreknowledge, they embarked on their free-money plan because to them, anything else would have been worse!

See, they care only about their own kind: The TBTF banks. Some middle-aged couple’s daughter is not something they care about. Some old man getting a shot of leg, from a comely 20-something hottie, well, that is right in their wheel-house, and why should not captains of industry and the elite moneyed-men realize a little pleasure after decades of doing God’s work?

The reality is that with the Fed printing to infinity, the economy has so severely hampered real job creation, and artificially skewed prices, that such has had profound, societally-corrosive effects.

(1) Wealth is enormous to the elites, such that there are tons of older men paying for sex with 20-something women. And, the same is true for older gay men paying for sex with young men.

(2) College graduates are NOT seeking to earn their way to the promised land with hard work, sacrifice, no. Instead, they are seeking instant rewards, with no stigma or judgment, or real consequences, just like the Fed with its QE to infinity. They want the benefits, with no effort.

But, us normal folks, laboring at the base of the ivory towers, pitchforks in hand, know better. There is no free lunch.

The only way out of this is a return to sound money. Savers are to be rewarded. It is from savings that a society reaps rewards, not beggaring thy neighbor in a race to the bottom, run by centralized planners who wreck all that they touch to keep their place of special privilege.

Read the Vanity Fair article, and try not to become enraged at the banksters. It is a cultural watershed eye-opener of a topic. It flows with the narrative that we live in changing times.

As we have all been witnessing, we are living in a fourth turning, with upheaval about us every day, incrementally becoming more and more apparent, coming with a fury and vengeance just as sure as night follows day.

As I started writing this a week ago, we have had the Minnesota shooting of an innocent black man by militarized police, have had our gun rights come under attack again by calls for gun control, and in a natural cause and effect result, watch as the populace reacts to out of control law enforcement lashing out in a fit of outrage and targeting cops in Dallas and Louisiana, with more on the way in Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri.

Indeed, the populace is waking up, and the consequences of easy money are going to be realized as the end of the Keynesian experiment collapses of its own enormous weight.

Welcome to the Summer of ‘16.

Please prepare accordingly.

Stack silver and gold, and get yourself in shape, healthy, spiritually, mentally, be ready. We are living in interesting times.

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Jul 9, 2016 - 5:02pm

Not I...

That must be the other guy named Jerome.

Great article Cal Law. I, for one, would enjoy reading more of your thoughts when the muse visits you or you feel the need to rant.

Jul 9, 2016 - 4:28pm

Spineless politicians

Great post Cal, but I see it as only one side of the coin. The other is those spineless politicians who care only about themselves (and their insider trading) and not about the good of the country. I guess they have never asked what they can do for their country but only what their country can do for them.

With this mindset there has been no opposition to the corporate/military complex and Washington has been a completely subjugated vassal for many years. Thus we've seen the off shoring of the legacy heavy industry, now called the rust belt, followed by the claim that a vibrant service economy was developing.

As populations stabilized and economic growth reached a plateau the elephant in the room showed itself in the form of peak debt. As the world reaches it's Minsky moment the flaw of purely fiat currencies is revealed. They are Ponzi schemes requiring ever growing participants and ever increasing amounts of currency.

While you see the Fed as nefarious I see them largely trapped by the scheme they started in 1913, funding government for their own benefit, and desperately trying to hang on for a little while longer. It's a losing battle.

Jul 9, 2016 - 3:52pm

Great post

Thanks CaL, that was just dead-on brilliant. And thanks Maryann for making the connection of a degraded economy to a degraded family. Given Keynes' involvement in the Bloomsbury group (read Rothbard's bio on Keynes), maybe his economic views are just another tooth in the cultural marxists' gear box designed to destroy the family and anything perceived to be the normative morals of a healthy family-centered society. Man I love this site, and it's because you guys really help to articulate the true nature of the seismic changes going on around us. The ground is very much moving under our feet, but this place will help you stay balanced. Thanks again.

Jul 9, 2016 - 2:40pm

Re: Comment on WSJ

All right! Which one of you Turdites wrote this?

jerome ogden18 hours ago

“…if gold shoots far up from here, it won’t be following the precedents of the past. It will be violating them.”’

Unless your wife’s maiden name is Rosy Scenario, Mr. Zweig, that statement appears to be contradicted by your own preceding statement:

“Adjusted for inflation, gold remains 35% below its record highs of 1980…”

With all the Black Swan cygnets nesting near the markets—Brexit, PIGS, elections, currency food fights,overdue recession et al-- I would rate the chances of chaos approaching, possibly exceeding, that of the early 1980s as better than even. 35% seems the minimum gold is likely to rise sometime in the next few years.

Jul 9, 2016 - 2:07pm

Seven Fed members will speak next week.

Pet Rock's smiling salesman.

Jul 9, 2016 - 1:47pm

The IDIOT from the WSJ doubles down

In the end, this is VERY bullish for all of us. When this buffoon finally figures out the "gold market", you'll know we're near the end. For now, just another contrarian indicator, just like his original nonsense from last year.

Jul 9, 2016 - 1:33pm

Re: Financial Prostitutes

The Little Foreclosure Heard Around The World

Linda Nash Winter Park, FL

In 2004 My home was badly damaged by the 4 hurricanes that devastated Florida that year. Many hundreds of thousands Floridians suffered the same fate. As homes were rebuilt and our state was recovering, Countrywide Home Loans was claiming to assist people in putting their homes and lives back together by offering them “America's Wholesale Lender” Loans..

I later learned that America's Wholesale Lender was nothing more than a registered advertising slogan trademark. It was Not a NY Corporation as stated in the mortgage. It was NOT a member of MERS. It DID NOT have a business license or Mortgage Lenders License and it WAS NOT a legal entity of any kind. This is fraud, and with all cases of fraud you need only to follow the money to find the perpetrator.

The money to fund these mortgages came from the pockets of investors in mortgage back securities. Countrywide (Now B of A) did not put their name on the documents as lender, nor did they place these loans in a trust as required, however, Countrywide and later Bank of America collected the monthly payment and kept it for themselves. In order for this scheme to work, it was necessary for these loan to be designed to fail and the house to fall into foreclosure That way the bank would take possession of the home and no one would be the wiser.

In spite of the fact that I proved this fraud, in a trial in the Seminole County Florida, three judges from the Florida 5th District Court of Appeals overturned that lower court's ruling and not only disagreed with the Lower Court Judge but ruled in favor of Bank of America, and awarded them a judgment of foreclosure, stating that even though Countrywide's name did not appear anywhere on the documents and no one involved had a License to do Mortgage Lending, it was a valid loan. Because the 5th DCA did not return this case to the Trial Court, my constitutional right to defend my property was violated

If you or anyone you know had a Countrywide loan, between the year of 2002 and 2008 you may want to check to see if it was an “America's Wholesale Lender” originated loan. There were reportedly 3.5 Million of these loans, issued nationwide and I believe several hundred thousand of them in Florida. I have all the documents to prove this fraud and offer them to anyone who may need them as well as to Pam Bondi, Florida State Attorney General, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), to do a criminal investigation regarding Countrywide/Bank of America's egregious violation of the Constitutional Rights of the citizens of Florida and this nation. I am also asking for the OCC to grant an injunction on Bank of America Corp and Bank of America, NA to stop the sale of my home based on this fraud against myself and other homeowners.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Florida State Attorney General
    Pam Bondi

Read the letter

Jul 9, 2016 - 1:30pm

Thank You CaL

Awesome grasp and ability to express.

I think that at one time the Fed/bankers/elite did have a grasp on what they thought they were doing, control of the nation (and western civilization) via control of the economy ("If the consequences are unintended, then, it means that the FED’s actions were lacking intellectual rigor, meaning they stupidly did not consider the outcome before acting.") but their hubris and growing senility has presented them/us with grotesque consequences that can no longer be stopped even if they could admit the reality of what they've unleashed. Dementia is is a sad thing whether in a loved one or in one's ruling elite.

Train wreck in progress; driverless vehicle careening out of control, a predicament whose only solution rests on individuals doing what they can to survive the coming storm and emerge on the other side with the where-with-all to rebuild a different world.

Dinosaurs and empires and civilizations die slowly but die they do; history has many examples, some more painful than others, and the passage can be eased with awareness and will.

edit: I think the "race" issue is really an economic/class issue; we just can't bring ourselves as a country to admit we have a profound class issue, race is so much easier to sell to the masses.

Jul 9, 2016 - 1:29pm

CL Yes....

You are absolutely right CL... and dare I say the system's depravity is but a reflection of our own? Well, we can't make choices for anyone else but only for ourselves, "as for me and my house..."

And one of my choices as you say is to save with real money.

Jul 9, 2016 - 1:14pm


Not politically correct at all what you say. The truth is as you see it.

The simple fact is that with fiat money, the incentive structure has been perverted.

Savings and investment are disincentivized. Period.

Financial engineering, paper shuffling, and busywork, done at the trough of the government handouts, whether through salaries, or subsidies, is the norm now.

The financial fiat numbers are staggering, mind bending, and when put in context, show the depravity of the current system.

For example, how much value to society is, say, a new hydro-electric mega dam, that will both collect water for human use, and generate power as well? Tremendous value you say? I agree. The price tag? $4 Billion. Years of construction work, high paying jobs, decades of societal benefits, right?

Yet, how much did Deutsche Bank pay in LIBOR fines alone? Way more than $4 Billion that is for sure.

So, instead of taking human labor and imagination, applied to capital, and adding value to society in the form of investment, such as infrastructure, our society has become, through fiat currency, a paper scheme, centrally planned, devoid of merit, but instead infested with corruption, by power seeking narcissists bent on control of the masses at ALL costs.

Your reaction and your son's reaction, are normal, and healthy.

Incremental change happens at the margins. If people save and invest, with bullion, not paper, and deprive the fiat masters of that which they crave, I.e., your participation in their paper schemes, then marginally, perhaps imperceptibly at first, then like an avalanche later, the system will change without staggering disruption and tremendous carnage both in human and other terms. Otherwise, the central planners will accelerate their efforts in a hyperbolic manner, as the system crashes to be replaced by who knows what.

The Goebbels reference is done on purpose, as we are firmly in an era of propaganda. It worked then, and it is working now, but not for everyone. Resist, teach, and implement your own solutions, then maybe there will be change? Keep preparing.

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