Sugar Daddy FED Creates Generation of Prostitutes

Sat, Jul 9, 2016 - 11:47am

Economics is based on human behavior. “One of the central tenets of economics is that people want certain things and will change their behavior to get those things – in other words, people will respond to incentives.”

Applying this to the FED’s policies, and ramifications, should then yield logical connections between the results of the FED’s policies, and their intentions in implementing them, then, right?

Stated differently, the FED intends the consequences of their actions, correct?

If the consequences are unintended, then, it means that the FED’s actions were lacking intellectual rigor, meaning they stupidly did not consider the outcome before acting. Or, nefariously, instead, the FED’s claim that the consequences were not intended is but a lie, as the reality is that the FED intended that which occurred all along.

So, with this backdrop, let’s look at some consequences of the FED easy money, in a way that exposes the FED as a corrupt organization hell bent on saving the too big to fail banks at all costs.

The FED’s easy money policies have given those with first access to the money enormous sums of paper fiat, which has in turn driven up asset prices, boosted the stock market, allowed big corporations to buy back their own shares, artificially boosting price and giving those corporate big wigs outsized bonus payments and stock option windfalls. This reality of artificially boosting stock prices has not worked to stimulate the economy, but instead has only created a larger gap between the haves and the have nots.

The easy money FED has also done generational damage, priced in terms far to large to quantify. The FED has, through years of reckless, low rates and centralized planning, created a perverse incentive structure for young people in general, and young women in particular.

The FED has so thoroughly and so completely skewed the normal business cycle and the destruction phase of capitalism, that there is no longer any business incentive to create real jobs. Coupled with the inept federal government and its elected officials that are either too corrupt or too timid to enact real economic reforms, but instead doling out even more easy money in the form of student loans, home loans, etc., this has worked in combination to drive up the costs of college, and saddle college kids with enormous student loan debt, that cannot ever get repaid absent some miracle of a high paying job.

So, in a self-fulling cycle of desperation, young women fresh out of college cannot get a real job, or can only get one with low pay.

In a very rational application of economic theory, the incentive structure as discussed above, the recent graduate has a choice: take a low paying job if it is even available, or find another way to pay bills other than getting a traditional job.

So here we are. The new economy. Thank you Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, and especially the Keynesian apologists like the bearded-dunce Krugman, who is the modern-day Joseph Goebbels, spouting his Keynesian gibberish that gets a ready audience from his sycophant elected officials caring only for the next election cycle and how much free shit they can give away.

It is with this backdrop, that I am not surprised at all to read an article that speaks openly of the “new prostitution economy.” This was on Drudge recently, in a major publication. It is not Taibbi writing an excellent expose or saying scary things in a way designed to frighten people. No, it is right there for the consumption even in the highest circles of the moneyed class in their ivory towers.

So, why did the FED unleash this new economy, and turn a generation of young women into prostitutes?

Was it intended?

Was it not intended?

If not intended, then how could those ivy-league educated Ph.d’s NOT have seen the natural outcome of years and years of easy money?

I say they DID realize the outcome of their easy money policies would lead to generational paradigm shifts, like turning 20-something women into whores, and despite this foreknowledge, they embarked on their free-money plan because to them, anything else would have been worse!

See, they care only about their own kind: The TBTF banks. Some middle-aged couple’s daughter is not something they care about. Some old man getting a shot of leg, from a comely 20-something hottie, well, that is right in their wheel-house, and why should not captains of industry and the elite moneyed-men realize a little pleasure after decades of doing God’s work?

The reality is that with the Fed printing to infinity, the economy has so severely hampered real job creation, and artificially skewed prices, that such has had profound, societally-corrosive effects.

(1) Wealth is enormous to the elites, such that there are tons of older men paying for sex with 20-something women. And, the same is true for older gay men paying for sex with young men.

(2) College graduates are NOT seeking to earn their way to the promised land with hard work, sacrifice, no. Instead, they are seeking instant rewards, with no stigma or judgment, or real consequences, just like the Fed with its QE to infinity. They want the benefits, with no effort.

But, us normal folks, laboring at the base of the ivory towers, pitchforks in hand, know better. There is no free lunch.

The only way out of this is a return to sound money. Savers are to be rewarded. It is from savings that a society reaps rewards, not beggaring thy neighbor in a race to the bottom, run by centralized planners who wreck all that they touch to keep their place of special privilege.

Read the Vanity Fair article, and try not to become enraged at the banksters. It is a cultural watershed eye-opener of a topic. It flows with the narrative that we live in changing times.

As we have all been witnessing, we are living in a fourth turning, with upheaval about us every day, incrementally becoming more and more apparent, coming with a fury and vengeance just as sure as night follows day.

As I started writing this a week ago, we have had the Minnesota shooting of an innocent black man by militarized police, have had our gun rights come under attack again by calls for gun control, and in a natural cause and effect result, watch as the populace reacts to out of control law enforcement lashing out in a fit of outrage and targeting cops in Dallas and Louisiana, with more on the way in Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri.

Indeed, the populace is waking up, and the consequences of easy money are going to be realized as the end of the Keynesian experiment collapses of its own enormous weight.

Welcome to the Summer of ‘16.

Please prepare accordingly.

Stack silver and gold, and get yourself in shape, healthy, spiritually, mentally, be ready. We are living in interesting times.

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Jul 10, 2016 - 9:25pm
Sound Money Minnow
Jul 10, 2016 - 9:11pm

Dyna Mo Hum

Priceless. Loved it. Good stuff.

Dyna mo hum
Jul 10, 2016 - 8:02pm
Jul 10, 2016 - 7:08pm

I'll lay 100 : 1 odds

I'll lay 100 : 1 odds that he is wearing his wife's / husband's silk panties under his dress.

Sound Money Minnow
Jul 10, 2016 - 6:08pm

Infometron-I can't even watch the news any longer

The propaganda is so thick. I never thought our country would be so devoid of any substance or truth. What do we stand for? We have virtual everything right now, so I guess a virtual country is the next step.

I take part in a home church right now and today we discussed the principles of sound money. I shared a video clip from "Anonymous" that one of our comrades in Turdville posted about the Federal Reserve. We also viewed one of Mike Maloney's Hidden Secrets about the Deflation. Sound money, gold and silver are mentioned all throughout God's Word. What better place to share economic sense and sound money principles than a home church.

Our kids are not learning the truth in schools, or big institutional churches. Unfortunately we don't discuss these topics in most big churches because they are too controversial. Some probably worry about losing tax exempt status if they get too close to the truth.

I am spending less time in front of the propaganda idiot box, and more time learning the truth. It is amazing what we find when we stop being mindless sheep to normalcy.

I really appreciate everyone here. Even those who don't share my faith or beliefs have interesting perspectives. I find more principles in here than I usually find in most other settings.

Jul 10, 2016 - 6:00pm

Mariann, CaL You Are Not Alone

in your views. I think many in "silent majority" agree with your views and are busy raising a family despite the influence the guberbent and the culture that would like to impose themselves on us. Donated the TV about 25 years ago and don't regret it at all. That was the big first step out of that sphere of influence. Second was the professional teacher wife decided to teach our own and charge to teach others. Hugh payoffs like full-ride scholarships and well rounded, critical thinking kids are the result... not to mention working for yourself at home...

Doing the right thing, in spite of the tide's flow is the name of the game...Live (& stack) on, "love much, laugh often," enjoy today.

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Jul 10, 2016 - 5:48pm


"Everyone is being played right now to point the finger at each other, while the true psychopaths pull the levers." And since God knows when... divide et impera

Sound Money Minnow
Jul 10, 2016 - 5:18pm


No doubt there are bad cops. I am not so naive to think that none have abused power to their own end.

It does however sicken me the amount of folks that use race baiting to increase their power and influence. This is often done before anyone is afforded the same protection of a common criminal.

I disagree with pre-judging the facts on the basis of a video. President Obama is complicit in the lynching of the law enforcement officer before the facts are in. Obama helps incite the violence that leads to further division.

President Obama, and race baiter's like him, are telling lies in regards to the statistics in regards to police related shootings. We have a 24 hour news cycle that can amp up the rhetoric on what are for the most part isolated incidents when viewed in context to the enormous amount of police/citizen encounters.

I am not justifying any individual incidents. Things happen with tragic consequences that don't neatly fit in to the socialist utopia all our dear leaders wish for. If you really walked in the shoes of law enforcement for a career, you know that. Yes, there can be a "us against them mentality" when dealing with the daily depravity of man, that spills into bad conduct and abuse of power. It is called human nature and the herd mentality.

I am not as smart as many subscribers here, so please forgive me if I am not speaking eloquently on this topic. I am however a lover of justice who is accountable to the God I believe in. It pains me to see so many honest, just, fine people, grouped in to the definition of an easily manipulated mob.

Everyone is being played right now to point the finger at each other, while the true psychopaths pull the levers. The break down of families, and the results of the absence of fathers in the minority community isn't the fault of law enforcement. Most of the over the top consequences of police encounters are the result of complex situations that escalate as a result of the confusion known as the "fog of war". I don't mean war of police vs. citizens, but when conflict occurs between law enforcement and the public it is always an armed encounter. Making the police feel the public doesn't support them just makes the tension rise to a level where more over reaction takes place.

The good cops retreat to their neutral corner, and are not willing to take a risk that can have career ending or life changing consequences. Then you have Chicago, and now Baltimore, played out in the the urban centers around the United States. I guess that is okay for most because no one says anything if its just black folk killing black folk. The true victim is the person living in abject poverty that faces the brutal streets with no one arriving in time to save them.

Cops usually arrive after the show is over, picking up the pieces, and then try to navigate a criminal justice system where snitches get stitches. Yet, these urban race baiting leaders want even the law abiding to surrender their guns because the police and special people should be the only group armed. Yeah, that's the ticket, trust your government to protect you.

Top Leadership in urban law enforcement is usually appointed by the elected Mayor. Elected Mayors are usually progressives who check all the boxes when it comes to diversity. They are rarely the best street cops, and more often the best yes men to the elected politician. So crime becomes an afterthought to political correctness, race baiting, and apathy, which perpetuates more violence and lawlessness. You see there are less chances for an armed encounter if the police stop doing their jobs. Less mistakes, just more tragedy for those who live in these communities.

I am glad I am not out there any more. I wouldn't stick up for the man, anymore than you would. I felt like I was trapped between two evil forces, the violent criminal and the empty suit politician pulling the strings. All I can say is it is over for America if we lose our individual right to bear arms. My experience in law enforcement was that many noble people get skewed by their own personal experience after they are on the job. Some take the high road and some don't. Those taking the high road that are truly serving the public get the most grief. Sitting on their hands isn't acceptable, nor is becoming a tool for the system to oppress the people.

I can tell you this though, the background investigation for law enforcement is more stringent than the Office of the President. I will take the character of a cop over that of a President any day of the week.

I served 20 years and 1 day. That was plenty for one lifetime. We had better hope that we still have the average street cop on our side in the future. The psychopaths in power in Washington, and the states like Cuomo in New York want law enforcement to be their own personal brown shirts. FBI Director Comey exposed where his loyalty exists when the rubber meets the road, and he sold out the rule of law. I maintain the belief that the overall character of the men and women I served with in New York were of a much higher standard.


Swift Boat VetOrange
Jul 10, 2016 - 5:01pm

20 Year Old Hottie

I HAVE my 20 year old hottie, proud to say. I married her !!! ..............................................................................................................(33 years ago)


Jul 10, 2016 - 3:20pm

Thank you Cal

Evil men will continue to do evil things until there are enough good people to stop them. Usually, the good men only wake up once things are so severe as to affect their ability to survive. I think we are nearing that point and expect it to get really bad once these elections have passed. I think last week should signal that Hitlery is their choice and they are going to keep this patched together until then.

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