Guest Post: The Latest "In Gold We Trust" from Incrementum AG

If you've been around the precious metals sector for a while, then you know that Incrementum AG's "In Gold We Trust" reports are always required reading when they are released. Well, here's the latest...and it's another must read!

And this is the "condensed" version. The real deal is 150 pages thick! Regardless, this new report from Ronald-Peter Stoeferle and Mark Valek of Incrementum AG in Lichtenstein simply must be read and digested by everyone with an interest in gold. Perhaps you should print it off for easy reading and to store for posterity? I'll leave that up to you.




In Gold We Trust 2016 Short Version


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ACE !  wink

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Well I'll Be

A 2nd Thread and 2nd at that. Keep Stacking

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Excellent Research and a must read

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing this informative analysis.


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Thanks for Sharing...

I have not had access to these reports before (or I missed them in my haste) so a big "Thank You" is in order. Very in depth. Wow.  

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The Inflation Signal Chart

On page 13 indicates the use of seatbelts may soon be required for the ride up in metals and miners.

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