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Did not have time to listen live last evening so am posting this "sound unheard". However, given consistent high quality of these weekly discussions, I'm certain that this latest edition is a must listen.

As long as The New Cold War continues, we'll keep posting these podcasts. As long as we keep posting them, you need to keep listening.



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Thanks Craig!

One of the two most important hours in the week.  This is getting real scary and still the MSM can't be bothered to drag itself away from the more important tasks of ignoring Hitlery's criminal acts and drumming up false stories to discredit Donald.

Pretty sad state of the world.


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poping in. Go get 'em Marachas

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With Turd away the underlings

With Turd away the underlings can play.


This week's audio chat will be a conversation between the well known and highly regarded Pining For the Fjords and myself Argentus Maximus.

Sorry guys and gals - Turd didn't leave all his toys in the sandbox so we "no-can-do" with his handy live questions during the meeting thingumajigger!

So instead please send in your questions before time to and I'll get them included "in the list" for you.

Don't let us down. smiley

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@chrtoo - go for the jugular....

Chrtoo - the solution is to recognize who is at the very root of the problem and then go for the jugular - with vigour.

On the other hand, be patient, silver will do the job.


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Thanks Turd for putting this up.  The best information available on the pre-war. 

Sad, makes me believe war is certain if Hillary or Biden is elected.

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