Batchelor and Cohen Return

After a two week hiatus, John and Steve returned last evening with a comprehensive update on The New Cold War.

This is a full update on the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East so please be sure to find the time to listen.



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listened to the show

And still get 1st

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Welcome Back Professor Steve Cohen

Professor Cohen & Rock Star John Batchelor, both been great help to me in my growth and understanding foreign policy, international affairs

salute & compai

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now to listen!

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Fort McMurray having a bad time

Massive wildfire/s causing mass evacuations.

People pitching in and helping others, all over the affected area....not for money, but as good neighbors.  Tire store out repairing/replacing tires on highways for evacuees...for free.  Guy with 2000 litres of diesel fuel in a tank on his truck driving around refilling those who ran out and stuck on the road....for free.  No gas to be found in Fort McMurray right now, and airport now out of commission.

Attn USA:  PLEASE, PLEASE, do not send FEMA to "help".

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Walked along the Rhine to Laufenburg, and from the Swiss side of the river saw and photographed this memorial on the German side of Laufenburg to the town's fallen in the last two wars. Let's hope there will not be a World War Three.

Pro Deo, Fide et Alemannia

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Thanks Turd! This information

Thanks Turd!

This information is important, a unique and enlightening perspective.

I very much appreciate you making it available.

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My most useful 40 mins of the week

I agree w/Turd, must listen

I listen once & work; second time when I went home

lots of information to digest

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The "Free Syrian Army" Media Efforts Are A British Government


If you don't want our Central bank. You can't keep you're Central bank....

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J Siefert, on the Rhine

I once rode on the front of slow barge from Mannheim Germany to Rotterdam Holland.   It took a few days to get there and the views from the river of the old castles and other inaccessible constructions made for some incredible sight-seeing.

There were 11 M-1 Abrams tanks in the belly of the barge.  I had my M-16 and 2 20-round magazines with which to ensure the safe delivery of the tanks to the port in Rotterdam.   I was pretty sure my presence meant nothing to anybody who had the wherewithal to make off with those 11 tanks, but there i sat nonetheless, enjoying the cruise and the views.  beautiful place

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@ SS121

I suppose that would have been sometime in the 1990s? Were the M1 Abrams on their way to Iraq to sort out Saddam?

I remember often walking (what you guys would call hiking) in the forests outside of Erlangen, Germany end of the 1970s and seeing large tracks of land in the region used as tank training grounds at the time.

Glad you have good memories of the place.

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thanks for putting these weekly B@C links up. most people i know have no idea what is going on over there.


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yes Sir, it was the early 90s.

The tanks were going back to the states.  just part of draw down of forces from Germany as i recall.

There is hardly any U.S. military there at all now, compared to back in the 70's.

many many good memories of Germany and the German people.

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Batchelor and Cohen Return

I found this Russo-centric view of past and current events in Europe to be more an anti-American discourse than a balanced analysis of world events.  It presents a rather myopic view of recent Russian (a.k.a. Soviet Union) history and trivializes the very real fear of Russia's former vassal states.  I am fully on-board with criticizing United States' or NATO policy when criticism is due, but this is not one of those times. 

The former "Eastern Bloc" countries would likely disagree with the good professor about who is the "threat" to the peace of Europe.  Why do you suppose they all wanted to join NATO?  Does the professor think twelve former Communist block nations lobbied to join NATO because they feared an invasion by the United States or Germany or France?  You could make the argument that the United States should stay out of the affairs of Europe, but you can't minimalize the very real Russian threat to its smaller neighbors. 

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I'm interested to hear why you think today's Russia is still the Communist Soviet Union? And what exactly is Russia's real threat to its neighbors?

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Silver Sooner

The threat Russia is, is not to the Eastern Bloc countries. It's the threat that Russia and the BRICS are to the Eurasian Trade zone. As well as being a major hindrance to the further creation of the " Greater Israel Project " in the Middle East. After all, wasn't it Russia that supported the coup d'etat that Victoria " F the EU " Nuland and her neocon husband and friends installed in Ukraine. Only to overthrow a Democratically ( albeit corrupt but what Gov't isn't ) elected Government and replace it with hardcore Nazi's. Wasn't that Russia's fault ? Why would Russia be concerned about Nazi's being on their border ? Don't you like their cookies and chocolate bars ? And having Joe Biden's son head up the energy conglomerate in the Ukraine and selling off the Ukraine farmland to Monsanto ? Can't you see the threat Russia is to Europe ?

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