Margin Hikes


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I'm humbled by your effort, Pining.

Add- headed out to work on a tub faucet, checked the site, whooohooo!

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Great work and glad you are back with your spin on things

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Very nice Pining

Profits for the little man? Oh no, we can't have that....

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Looooong time since you last posted.....a classic as ever....keep up the good work

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They wouldnt - would they ?

Your poem reeeeeealy makes me start thinking about this.

Would they ???????


Margin Hikes

I'm no guru on any of this but I don't think they can raise margins on the SGE. Probably why the Chinese got their on market, no margins. 

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Positively a hoot!

Pining.  You are one of the most creative in educating by humor.  I really enjoy your stuff!

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Great Work

Just logged on. Great work. Now where's my tinfoil hat again ?

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Hey, thanks folks!

Much appreciated!   I was sitting for hours this morning looking at the charts, thinking about what TF said about all the new shorts added in the face of rising price yesterday, on top of the huge numbers already out there... yet we keep on going up up up, and this whole photoshop just kept jumping around in my head... I guess I needed to get it out.

Plus, I thought somebody needed to put this on record BEFORE it happens, just in case, AND to have something to throw in the face of the deniers if/when this occurs.  Time stamp in the heading, y'all.  Feel free to rub it in, if and when the time comes!  Terry Duffy is the Pres of the CME, and I suspect he has a twitter account somewhere...   if they hike margins to save the banks, it would be nice if he and others heard about it!

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You think that after all the

You think that after all the manipulation.   They hedges will open a trade desk at SGE instead. 

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@Pining, you are truly subliming

But oh my gosh, if this is true

There is not a whole lot that one can do

Except, I suppose, as SS121 would propose

We should just stack more gold and more silver

Of course, I would add, being somewhat obscure

While phyzz in my old age is not much of a cure

Buy more mining stocks, and watch them rock

Only silver and gold miners will truly deliver

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Outstanding Beaver brother!

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Monday May 2nd is a Chinese Holiday so a Sunday/Monday crash may be in the planning, especially if a margin hike is announced.

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SS121 - - - - - - - - - HELP !!!

Help, please, SS121 ....... I have a dilemma.  Surreptitiously have kept some paper (gold and silver miners, including JNUG) which have been doing uncommonly well in the last week.  I know I should not hold these because one day the whole lot will collapse - BUT, my goodness, making lots of fiat at the moment - fiat with which I can add plenty to the stack - next to me on the banks (of the River Time).

So, the dilemma is when to get out of the paper and convert the fiat into further stack?  Now?  Next week?   One month?   The longer I leave it the more I will be able to add to the stack (piled up next to me on the banks).  However, leave it too long and then all is lost.

Decisions, decisions.

jc  (from the banks)

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@Pining Thanks for the


Thanks for the chuckles.

And as you said, we will soon see if the margin rule gets brought into action by the CME members.

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Fabulous Pining

You should be declared the Poet Laureate of Turdistan. heart

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Sell half?

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I've always found the best time to get out of something is either at the peak or the day before the collapse. cheekywink

Hope that was helpful. >_<


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Brilliant Pining.

Truly Brilliant.

Enough said.

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Beautiful plumage the Norwegian Blue

Well done sir! Proud to have known you since you were an apprentice Dr. Seuss. 

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that was very good thank you


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Pining that was Marvelous

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Great, Pining!

Once thought I could be a poet,

But, alas, had not the talent to show it. sad

Your prose has no equal.

You rhyme every time.

When might we expect a sequel? laugh


Who posted twenty-third

(so, do you think I could get anywhere in your league if I work hard at it?).

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Was a most excellent day to renew my annual subscription! smiley

So well done Pining, thank you!!

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Margin Hikes? Manipulation?

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your genius

as usual shines through.

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JC re: what to do

i say go for the right position (phyzz) and don't look back at system charts as a guide. esp now.  jmho

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re: decisions, decisions ....

Thanks for your replies, all.  Much appreciated.

jc    (now standing on the banks - looking up-river for the first of the bodies ..................  )

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@ SS121

If you had a small sailing vessel, either single handed or with a small crew, would you ban the use of charts and the compass? Sort of just sail a favourable course according the way the wind was blowing?
Just asking!

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Awesome Pining!

Brilliant as always :)

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