Guest Post: "DeutscheBank Turns State's Evidence; The Floodgates Are Now Open", By Rory Hall of The Daily Coin

Rory called late Friday and asked for an interview. We were happy to oblige. The audio here is straightforward and presicent and I strongly encourage you to listen.

Craig Hemke: Silver & Gold – DB Turns States Evidence, The Flood Gates Are Now Open!

by · April 16, 2016

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The tinfoil hatters have once again prevailed. What has been called theory turns to fact, once again. It seems the people, citizen journalist, market analyst and financial advisors, that actually do the necessary research and present an alternative view are being vindicated on an almost daily basis. All of the naysayers will now have to put down the kool-aid and take another look at what is being reported on the internet. While there are equal amounts of garbage to offset the truly great information, isn’t it the same with mainstream media? Is there any difference in what we see on TeeVee or hear on the radio – equal parts garbage balanced with great information?

With the revelation of Deutsche Bank (DB) admitting, in a court of law, their bank has been manipulating both silver and gold markets for several years. This is one of the biggest stories of our life time and the mainstream media is completely mute on this subject. It goes right to the heart of the opening paragraph. Why would the mainstream media be completely silent on this topic?

Craig Hemke, TFMetals Report, has been following, analyzing and reporting on these rigged markets for close to a decade. His tireless efforts and painstaking determination has shown time and again the blatant criminality in the precious metals markets. While he has learned their movements, and put this information to work for himself, and the Turdites, to turn a handsome profit, it does not take away from the criminality.

Oh, and as you will hear, this was recorded on Friday April 15, 2016 Craig said the “flood gate of lawsuits was now open” is the confirmation on Saturday April 16, 2016 of Craig said was going to happen.

Billion Dollar Lawsuits Filed Following Deutsche Bank’s Admission Of Gold, Silver Rigging

Overnight, two class action lawsuits seeking $1 billion in damages on behalf of Canadian gold and silver investors were launched in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

I spoke with Craig about the situation with DB and the implications for the markets and our world.


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Wow Turd!, you are working overtime for us.  Much appreciation for the education received here.  

Oh and Second!

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Come On 4th

Did I get IT???? Keep Stacking Dang 3rd O! Well now to listen.

Good one Turd, I can't wait to see what happens next week. Keep Stacking, I did. I just bought a little.

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= Da Man

(Honestly, love his prose)

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@Craig- Bonus Saturday Post- Thanks

Craig,  It's been a while since I said "thanks" for the obvious hard work, dedication and above all the high ethical standard you provide here at TFMR.                 The broader PM community is picking up on this too.  I'm sure Eric Sprott can get about any help he wants.  


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Max Keiser and Michael Kriegerr is a good listen.

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what is wrong

with us, we listen, and we seek the truth, but the truth is we do not see either. when put in front of us, we see what we what to see, and we hear what we what to hear. as the world falls down around us we sit back and just watch. who the fuck are we. mabey barfly was right. when do we put our  balls on the line, stand up  and with one voice say no thats all i can stand and i can stand no more. understand i am the last person you want to listen to. can not spell . and can not pucutuate . do not care.  old ugly and beat up. sick and tired of the coruption , one thing saves me, this site, you guys, so many different points of view up down over under and side ways. you help bring the true world  to a lot of lost pepole. rant off.

spell check would work, but that is not me,. from the heart or not at all, hope i did not offend. 

stack  and then stack once more, it is the only way out of this tunnel. 

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How and when I first knew

...that the gold fixing by the LBMA was due for eventual collapse.
This was in 2004, and I quote from Wikipedia, "In April 2004 N M Rothschild & Sons announced that it planned to withdraw from gold trading and from the London gold fixing."

These days I cannot manage to get all of the minute details into my head so I just try to go for the big picture events. One such event was twelve years ago when the Financial Master of the World, the global Über-Jude, decided to get out of the international gold fixing process.  I knew then that though still some way off London's gold fixing days were coming to an end.

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BTW Turd

...that was an excellent podcast by you and Rory. I consider Rory is one of the best interviewers out there and he did well to move on from cooperating with SGT who never let him finish a sentence.

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As deadcatbounce67 stated

...on April 15, 2016 - 1:50 pm.

"So much happening right now.  It seems to me that the timing is just too perfect.  Too many elites are setting themselves up to be able to say, "I told you so".  Too many parasites are coming clean... Maybe the best time to come "clean" with your dirty laundry is just before you know that a bigger distraction is on the way.  No one dwells on dirty laundry when they are more concerned about the broken washing machine.  Just a speculation.  Thanks to all of you for all that you do to make this place great."

Since I can't improve on that I've copied and posted it to this thread where it is also relevant.

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Chinese yuan gold-backed and non-USD convertible?

anyone else seeing this reported elsewhere?

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Frog in a pot

Great interview.  Love Rory's interviewing style and southern drawl.  This analogy of a frog in a pot gradually coming up to the boiling point is well applied here.  Thanks Craig!  

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Dow 20k and beyond

get ready for a new round of QE. That's my best guess. They will open the money gates again sooner or later in order to prop financial markets up. By doing so they try to reach their goal: Moving Hitlery Clinton into White House. Higher stock markets does mean that they will proceed with their precious metal manipulation game. Obviously it doesn't play major role how much physical they have or not for manipulation gold and silver paper prices. It hasn't been the case for the last 5 years, and it maybe not important for the foreseeable future. Of course, I may be totally wrong here. But that is my gut feeling.

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re : Chinese yuan gold-backed and non-USD convertible?

I must have heard or seen it mentioned in seven or eight places. At least three or four here on TFMR (and I was the first here). I've also heard or seen it mentioned on no less than three or four other financial news sites in the last seven days.

After selling about  a trillion, why would they want that garbage back by excepting a huge amount of $USD right back into their foreign reserves in an exchange for non backed $USD ?


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Clif High - bitcoin will "shine" when gold "no bid"

Presentation from Clif High (15 April) on silver, gold and bitcoin.  He sees the emotional tie of silver to bitcoin changing later this year to one between bitcoin and gold.  This he feels will be on the basis that gold will become unavailable and, at that stage, the emotional attachment of investors to (unavailable) gold will transpose to bitcoin.  Interesting:


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Bill Black

Bill Black, lead prosecutor during Savings & Loan banker convictions, joins Sanders campaign.

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A few Cliff High Tweets / Cliff ain't boring.....

34m34 minutes ago

ACK! Local coin shop boys freaking out! Phones going crazy! People crowding into store! NO GOLD! NO SILVER! Sold out!

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  • 14h14 hours ago

    ACK! inquiring minds want to know! What does IM data say about next week?!? It says: "Hi Ho Silver, and Away!"

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AIJ - Clif_High

Thanks for posting AIJ - all rather encouraging, eh!

Trust you watched the analysis of BTC by the Japanese feller - $30,000 !


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JC Thanks. I will listen to it in a few. Think about how much AG you could buy with BC at 30,000!

A whole lot of these...

100 oz Silver Bar Royal Canadian Mint RCM .9999 Fine Bullion Ingot

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@TF - Possible A2A

Bill Black, prosecutor during Savings & Loan crisis and Professor at Univ Missouri Law school,  Kansas City, near TF, has joined the Sanders campaign as economic advisor.  Great A2A, particularly with confession of DB.  Black has been very vocal about Wall Street fraud and Obama's failure to prosecute and Hillary's support from Wall Street.

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Any of you Bitcoin guys into Digix?  Just curious. 

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Cubish - Digix

Hi Cubish - thanks for asking.

No, sorry, don't knw much about Digix / ether really - just enough to know that bitcoin and Ethereum fulfill different functions - both well (in their own rights).  Bitcoin is the gold-standard for money - Ethereum the gold-standard for smart contracts.  Of that I am confident.  As such, I have invested only in bitcoin but I would not be surprised if an investment in ether will be good too.  You might pick up a hint that I am not as cofident for ether as I am for bitcoin - and that is because bitcoin is clearly into the untouchable zone - i.e. un-hackable, by virtue of its wide acceptance - the numbers involved mean that no computing power on Earth (or anywhere else in fact) can break it.  When one understands that, one has complete confidence in bitcoin. 



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My thinking  goes along the lines that it takes a lot less currency to get ether from 9.30 USD to 20 USD, than it takes to get Bitcoin from 430 usd to 860 usd.  Odds of a double just seem higher with ether.  I am pretty biased on this however, since Ether is already a 10 bagger for me. 

Can't wait for that Keith Neumeyer interview...last time he was on here I picked up a whack of First Majestic shares at 3.91 CAD, they are now worth 10.55 CAD!  C'mon Turd, post the interview already.  I got obligations this afternoon.

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I've tried


Almost had him once about a year ago. Now, with his involvemnet in Sanders campaign, it's highly unlikely.

Response to: @TF - Possible A2A
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This should be "no offer"


With "no bid", things go straight down. I hope that's not what Clif was implying...

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