Cold War Update from Batchelor and Cohen

Look, I know you've got a lot going on. Keeping track of all the events in your own country is hard enough. However, The New Cold War and represents a serious threat to all of us and you simply must find a way to keep yourself abreast of the situation. To that end, we've been linking these podcasts for over two years now. Please make the time to listen each week.

The situation in Ukraine is rapidly deteriorating and many of the grace concerns we've expressed here are coming to the forefront. The U.S.-installed prime minister, "Yats", has resigned and the U.S.-backed president, Poroshenko, is caught up in the Panama Papers scandal. This political uncertainty makes the situation on the ground very dangerous. So, again, please take the time to listen to this important update from Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen.



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Enjoy this crazy nut job... Scary and hilarious at the same time...

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Things are getting frisky!

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Give Me The 4th

I want My Luck Back. Keep Stacking

Damn 3rd

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drinking my coffee

Silver rizing immedeately after latest raid. Damn I make good coffee!

" resistance is futile " The Borg...

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CRIMINAL Former US State Department Official to Buy Ukraine's...

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Link Didn't Work For Me

Anybody else have a problem with the link ?

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nope - downloaded it and listening to it now. just hit the play button and i didnt even have to leave the page.

of course i use linux sooo.....

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Angry Chef , the link is good

Royal Flush, I'm using good ole Windows 7 and the link works fine. Sobering, but fine. Turd, I don't often comment, but I listen to this show every week. Thanks for posting it and providing the link to the live broadcast. You may think that it's useless and we just blow it off as a 'non-metals' interruption but some of us DO appreciate it. Cohan is pro-Russian and VERY pro-Putin in his OPINIONS, but he gets his facts right and for that and that alone makes this an indispensable part of this site.

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