JBSFC Discuss the "Panama Papers"

For a larger perspective on the news of the "Panama Papers", you must be sure to listen to this week's update from Batchelor and Cohen.

Not only are the Panama Papers discussed in the context of The New Cold War, there are Cold War updates here as well...from developments on the ground in Syria and Ukraine to the potentially significant new front that has opened in the South Caucasus between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

As always, please find some time to give this update a thorough listen.



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Oh my! 

 I was going to mention the Panama Papers to a friend of mine, but I knew I would get that blank stare... 

And as Marchas says..  keep stacking !!

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Two Mainers On Top

Keep Stacking

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Turd, appreciate you taking the time to post the B&C link for us every week.  We can listen and add it to our mental "stack of papers" for prosper.  It has also allowed me to enlighten a few other folks that only watch msm.

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How about this?


While Ukrainian troops were being encircled and wiped out at "The Cauldron" in the summer of 2014, the US-installed Ukrainian president was filing his papers in Panama to avoid paying Ukraine income taxes.


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Dittos to Tin Hat.  The

Dittos to Tin Hat.  The Batchelor/Cohen updates add great value to this site!

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Good stuff loved the reluctant praise for Trump

I loved where Cohen went so far as to say that he doesn't know anyone in his family who likes Trump at all but then says, look, he's the only one asking serious questions about U.S. foreign policy.

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Great Show

Thoroughly enjoyed this one.  Keep Stacking

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Pepe Escobar perspective


'Then there’s NATO. Many a key player across the Beltway is absolutely fed up with turbulent “NATO ally” Sultan Erdogan. Yet the impression is being created – by the Masters of the Universe lording over the lame duck Obama administration – that they are turning to Turkey to reinforce an already anti-Russian NATO, with the whole process covered up in “terrorist” rhetoric. The fact that Ankara is for all practical purposes blackmailing the EU is dismissed as irrelevant. This is a classic misdirection policy.'

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Panama Papers reveals. . .

ancient white dragon leaders have been using multiple accounts to circumvent Limit One Purchase Per Customer restriction on the Little Caesar's weekend BOGO special...

The Faith-Shaking HORROR of it all !!!!

Pizza Pizza Little Caesars

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