JBSFC Cold War Update

John and Steve return for another comprehensive update on the situation in Syria, Ukraine and across all fronts of the New Cold War.

As usual, please be sure to make time to listen to this update. Nowhere else in western media will you find such an objective and balanced review of events.



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1st again

On my way to Gainesville Coins.

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Sliding into second

Sliding into second! 

Wakey wakey Marchas!  Haha

   Though we have our troubles on this side of the Atlantic,  there has been an uptick of nasty events in Europe and mid east.  

Hate to see it happen anywhere.  Funny how our talk and bluster all but disappeared once the the ruskies stepped up in Ass- Shod's support.

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THURD!! Okay, that's a 1st,


Okay, that's a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the last two weeks. I guess persistence really does pay off....appears TPTB have learned that lesson all too well! Another day, another Ag raid!

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Sex Segregation

...being introduced on a German train service because of Middle-Eastern predatory men. (Near the end of the report).


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Now this is weird

4h4 hours ago

Everything you need to know about millennials.

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Cost of Mercenaries.....

just doubled.

Response to: Whoa! See this!!
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RE : I don't know but...

1) Could be the Army and State departments think ISIS is planning attacks all over Turkey.

2) Could be that Russia gave us a heads up on their plans to bomb the hell out of Turkey.

3) Could also be they got wind of a coup or a hit planned on Erdogan.


We won't really know until the State Department starts sacrificing their guards....again.

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Ballistic Missile In Syria

I just looked at the demo of the ballistic missile system supposedly deployed in Syria. And all I have to say is...Oh ya !!! Well we've got Twitter, Facebook, AND the IPhone bitches !

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Nuclear capable doesn't mean "has" a nuke warhead.  Might just be as conventional and innocent as Jamie Dimon's putrid, evil blood suck/pump organ.

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Good stuff

It pains me to hear of how stupidly, almost openly mendaciously the U.S. government operates.

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